This stone is a beautiful blue and compares to very little and up to now, if I have had 5 pieces in my cabinet, I was doing well. However, I have managed to purchase some beautiful Larimar that is smaller than the average piece I have had before and more affordable for all. I love this stone with its beautiful colour and soapy texture. It attracts customers into business who wouldn’t otherwise be drawn to it so you can always see how broke I am as to whether I am wearing one piece or two!! Sometimes called Pectolite if more white to grey coloured, it allows you to gain your freedom where you have restrained or chained yourself to something or someone. It helps you admit guilt, dissolve fear and find peace in being truthful and when placed in a room, helps that room to be a place of calm and serenity. It helps you find your true self and path, inspiring you to go forward and reach for things to improve and take control of your life.
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