This is a witch’s magickal stone of power, crossing from conscious to sub-conscious mind and back again. It may look a dull grey stone, pretty boring really, until it winks at you, but hidden is vivid flashes of fire and water in yellow and orange or bright blue. Every piece of this stone is different and is all about balance: night and day, sun and moon, light and dark, fire and water, male and female: it helps us balance our lives; something we all need at times. I love the stuff and wear it always. It fills in the gaps in the aura further than any other stone, and keeps it balanced and clear with no energy leaks, especially when tires or stressed. It helps us focus on what needs to be done, and get on with it!!. It helps connect you with the universal energies, and enhances your own magickal power. I think this stone helps you regain control of your life and helps turn things back to run more your way – you know the sort of synchronistic magick when you are late and all the traffic lights change in your favour and the parking space becomes available as you pull up to park – we all need a little of this help so get your Labradorite on your person and watch for the changes happen. Wearing Labradorite helps you to realise your destiny and continue along your chosen path with faith, strength, patience and perseverance. It also helps promote and understand psychic and intuitive thoughts., whilst reducing anxiety and stress.
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