The peaceful blue of this stone is exactly what is needed to calm tension down. It was one of the first in my collection and is very useful. Not a hard stone, my favourite type of Kyanite is a bladed form mixed with mica and quartz which makes a lovely calming vibration within a lounge or bedroom, especially as it never retains any negativity, so never needs cleansing and is working for you all the time. However, the crystal variety is the only type that is strong enough for daily wearing. Like its colour, Kyanite is the stone for attaining inner peace, whether for meditation, inner calm or ridding yourself of self-doubt. It aligns all the chakras and brings about a feeling of tranquillity and calm, whilst opening the psychic channels and connecting you to your guides or intuition. It also helps in ridding you of anger and frustration to ensure mental clarity (has kept my head with computers…), and helps you to speak the truth, by cutting through all the issues such as anger, confusion or stress. So, make use of this wonderful stone and it really is worth every penny. Spread around the house and see how it helps calm the chaos.
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