Kunzite is a gentle pink stone belonging to the Spudomene family. To me, it provides peace and tranquility no matter how chaotic the environment. I call it the “drug” of the crystal world as it seems to help you to ride over your troubles instead of fretting or worrying over them, helping you get on with the day in a positive way rather than negative. I carry some in my pocket most of the time to help me deal with whatever obstacles life throws at me and it does help heal issues that may prevent you from moving on in your life.

It can heal emotions and lift moods and as it is good for the heart both physically and emotionally, and can help relieve emotional depression and panic attacks too. I love it and am calmed just by stroking my bit! It calms against fear, nerves, stress or anger…just rub it and see!! Physically, Kunzite’s ability to protect your energy field is helpful against all this wireless “stuff” if you are prone to sensing it – attach a small bit to the mobile phone, especially for kids to help keep their little brains from harm!! Keep some in the car to rub to de-stress in traffic or have some at work if that is a stressful environment for you! It will protect and relax you…honest!! To help you keep calm, present your loyalty card in the shop or order online to receive your wee calming Kunzite; be free of fear…
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