Keeping well this winter…so watch your tongue!!

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

When I was young, the doctor would always ask you to put out your tongue as part of his analysis of treatment. Why? Well, you would be amazed at what the tongue can tell you about your health on a daily basis. Once you get used to checking out your tongue, any problem coming can be easily spotted.

When you look at your tongue in the mirror, it should be salmon pink, smooth, no cracks with a thin white moist coating. If there are teeth marks along the side of the tongue, your tongue is probably swollen which suggests a need to upgrade your diet as it shows signs of poor nutrition, lack of water and an overworked liver.
If there is a thick white coating on your tongue, you may have a viral illness going on, and if the white coating is at the back of the tongue, then you need beneficial bacteria to aid your digestive system – start on acidophillus.
A brown coating suggests excess smoking and constipation so cut down if not stop smoking and eat more fibre.

Now for colour: a pale tongue points to deficiency in the body including vitamins and minerals, a red tongue is an angry system, a red tipped tongue a stressed system and a purple tongue indicates a poor circulatory system.

So, make friends with your tongue and any alteration to its normal state gives you an immediate sign that something is not right and you can quickly bring your system back to health.
Take Vitamin D all winter to make up for lack of sunshine and help keep pain & inflammation away, Vitamin C for clearing those free radicals and fighting infection and tea tree in your bath to kick the immune system from the outside. Take echinacea and burn Witches Gold at the first sign of any infection and also inhale it from a tissue. Eat plenty of vegetables & fruit and keep the diet as good as possible, cutting down on the convenience foods and help your body to help you stay well this winter…

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