Jasper Red
This Native American stone magickally represents the planet Mars, the element Fire and the root chakra so is used for protection, strength and passion. It has been used for centuries in Amulets and charms as it defends against others, sending negativity back to source. It is used by the Native Americans during childbirth for protection of both Mother and baby and also the pain and shock to the system!! It is also used to enhance stamina, balance emotions and stabilize health. If you have been ill, this earthy stone will help recovery of the physical health and will help your exercise routine have greater effect. It is a great grounding stone that helps you deal with the practical issues of life and brings that head out of the clouds with a bump to face reality.

Jasper yellow
Native Americans love the jasper family (which is an opaque form of chalcedony, a member of the quartz family). Jasper arrowheads carved by them was used to bring luck to the carrier, and mothers held it whilst in childbirth to facilitate labour and ease pain. It will make you feel more energised physically and more determined mentally. Jasper helps the creative processes of our brain, aiding us in helpful projects and rejecting ideas which may be dangerous for us, buts it protects us in the process anyway, as it does in most situations. It will also keep us safe from all the wireless “stuff”!!
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