Every crystal has its time and I have been suddenly drawn to Jade. Jade is regarded as the “stone of heaven” in China and is the crystal of Kuan Yin, their goddess of compassion, and is used for their magickal and spiritual carvings and medicinally in every kind of way. The spiritual green stone of the Maori people is also jade and the Egyptians believed Jade was connected to Maat, Goddess of truth. For them it brought luck and good fortune if received as a gift.

Magickally, it is said to bring love, long life, abundance, friendship, wisdom and protects against accidents.

If you have business dealings, hold your Jade and let its prosperous vibrations run through you before you make any business decisions. As is supports self-sufficiency, any working for yourself is bound to be helped. Jade helps bring out the virtues of the individual – virtues such as courage and wisdom, whilst calming the body and healing it back to balance. It can also help dysfunctional relationships, so if your relationship needs a little help, carry a piece each and those negative issues will be calmed so you can move forward with your partnership.
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