It's what we feed them!

By: GreenWitchAdmin
Posted: 26th June 2015

I was watching “Driving mum and dad mad” on TV re badly behaved children and how to change the situation. The parents are at the end of their tether but every time they’re eating, not only do they all eat separate whilst watching TV or playing computer, but I have yet to see a healthy meal with greens. It is all pizza, chips and fizzy juice.

Have people not got it yet? If you feed kids crap, they will behave accordingly and having been the mother of three children, one with intolerance to lactose and sucrose, another who reacted to certain E numbers and food colours, and the third, without anything that upset the first two in his diet, became high as a kite on aspartame and other colours, so don’t tell me diet doesn’t affect them, because it does.

Do you remember, as kids we just got half portions of whatever our parents were eating… so why do kids today have a special menu of cheap crap food…is it me??? Nowadays, kids expect to have nothing but this convenient cheap crap at school, when they are out and when they are at home and their body just can’t function properly, and what is more, for peace, they get it! It’s our fault and it's up to us to put it right, otherwise there is no hope, as they’ll ultimately be in charge of this country one day and then we’ll be really screwed!!

Rant over….for now!

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  1. Totally agree. One of mine got high on any squash but Robinson's because of additives. They did not eat anything not home cooked from scratch, and grew like weeds, now 6'3 and 6'5. Not bad for two. Premises! No McDonalds or chocolate before they were five and then only a rarity. Can't control them now they are grown, but they had a good foundation!

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