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By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Spell for abundance

You will need:

A flat palm stone plus a tumble stone in one of the above crystals or a Pyrite Sun and piece of pyrite, plus a green candle and a glass jar to hold it in, bag of money powder, & a real/play bank note or blank cheque.

Cleanse your crystals in the sunshine outdoors if possible, or hold in Earth or prosperity incense. When ready, take each above item individually, hold in your “Magick Mittens” as per last newsletter and see golden £ signs flowing through each item and spilling over into sparkly golden rainbows. You are now ready to set in motion:

Sprinkle your Money powder (new product) in the shape of a small £ sign on the altar and place the palm stone or Pyrite sun on top of the powder. Place the folded currency or black cheque on top of the stone. Draw £ signs on the green candle, annoint with Earth or patchouli oil and put into the glass or jar part-filled with soil, salt or oats, and place the tumblestone in the jar alongside the candle. Put the jar on top of the currency or cheque.

Holding the jar in situ with your Magick mittens, see your credit cards stamped PAID, see your bank account in credit and your savings account increasing steadily with “spare” money. Light the candle as you say:

“At the end of the rainbow lies a pot of Gold or so the Leprachauns would have us told

Let this flame commence the pot to pour and fill my purse for evermore, so mote it be”

Light the candle regularly & put the tumble in your purse to carry the spell’s abundant vibration with you. Replace the candle when finished, light incence regularly & with thanks to the Universe let the luxury commence

Your own Pot of Gold…

Another addition is to symbolise that pot of gold by making your own. Take a small clay pot/plant pot. Decorate it with gold paint, gems and sparkles if you want, then fill the bottom with soil or oats to link it to the Earth. On top of that place a small lodestone or a magnet. Next, put together any gold items you have – old gold buttons, old jewellery, gold coins off costumes (belly dance etc), old foreign currency, gold fairy dust, chocolate coins in gold foil and anything golden you can find, and then add the gold items to your pot on top of the lodestone…

Hold in your Magick Mittens and visualise bright golden sparkly money flowing out of the pot. Say:

Pot of gold, please bring to me, abundance and prosperity,

Let my savings mount up for me, this is my will so mote it be

Add to your magnificent abundance space and let this small adjustment in your home’s prosperity corner tap into that never ending Universal Pot of Gold. When it begins to overflow into your life, say thank you and enjoy!!

Money Bottle

Find a wide-necked clear bottle or an earthenware jar and make this your Money Jar. Mine is a large whisky bottle and it sits by my altar.

Now, you know the saying “find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck”. Well, when you find a penny or coin in the street, put it into your pocket and take it home, kiss your lucky penny and place it in the jar saying something like:

I place this for luck in my jar of need. Help me fill for need, not greed,
May prosperity soon come to me. This is my will, so mote it be.

Now, on a daily basis, add something to the jar. No matter how small, add something on a daily basis to help your money jay to grow. Have a “need” in mind for this prosperity. Copper coins generally make things materialise faster so I add mainly bronze with the odd silver thrown in for good measure.

You should find that the money will appear for the thing you have in mind. So far, I have kept adding to my jar (two years now) and never emptied it yet as the “need” has always been met.

A word of warning: don’t use it as a change machine for the family dipping into it here and there, as you will break the spell. Your prosperity has to be allowed to grow. So start your jar for your specified reason and see how things materialise.

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