Hypertension – a shocking statistic…

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Did you know that an estimated 10million people in the UK suffer from high blood pressure? Isn’t that an awful figure!! So, time to do something about it me thinks…

even with the stresses and strains of 21st Century living, as high blood pressure is a major risk for cardiovascular disease so let’s not wait shall we… and as I attack everything from inside and out, we will use herbs, oils and supplements as well as crystals and lifestyle changes where necessary, as per usual.

One herb renowned for helping hypertension is Gingko Biloba. Used to treat and delay all age-related problems, the Chinese have used this for centuries. It keeps the mind active, the blood flowing and the senses working so is a very useful herb for memory, concentration and keeping the blood pressure balanced. Valerian is another useful herb for hypertension, being nature’s tranquilizer, it is to calm the whole person if stressed, so if your life is stressful and causing your blood pressure to rise, then this is the remedy for you. It helps you cope in the day and get all you have to do, done, but at night, it helps restore restful sleep. My Stress and Fatigue tincture blend will give you both of these herbs plus immune system support too.

One of my favourite oils for sleep and sore muscles (following gardening or belly dancing) is sweet marjoram but this is also great for high blood pressure, in the bath, inhaled from a tissue and added to your pillow at night, again ensuring restful sleep. Lavender and my Restful Sleep blend are also useful to promote good sleep and less stress, as is Ylang-Ylang, which calms the heart in panic attacks and palpitations, so use these regularly to help rebalance your blood pressure. Another oil that is actually taken as a supplement is garlic and this is great for hypertension, so add garlic to food at every opportunity to help your circulation.

Calcium and magnesium, which are generally supplemented for bone health, but this time also helps to lower blood pressure whilst also benefiting the heart and blood vessels, and Vitamin C, which we take as an anti-oxidant and for colds, also helps to lower it too. Your omega 3 (fish oils) are essential too, and if you have tried everything and if it still isn’t going down, then try COQ10 which protects the heart (just so you know, I take all of these already…so I should live forever).

Crystal wise, the best thing for hypertension is to wear apatite next to your heart (the job of a necklace) – this is the stone I introduced to you on the last newsletter, but if you have green fluorite, bloodstone or even amethyst (to deal with the stress), these will all be helpful to wear or carry.

If high blood pressure is a constant in your life, then a life reassessment may be in order, as it is fine to be stressed occasionally as our fight or flight kicks in, but living constantly in stress-mode is bad for the body. Do you need to lose weight? Are you a smoker? Do you take exercise – not go to the gym particularly but take walks daily after tea? Do you get time to just sit out in the sunshine for 20 minutes a day (Vitamin D is essential in maintaining blood pressure)? Is your diet healthy with 5 portions fruit and veg a day? I know I nag but Lammas is a time to set your aims for the winter and it could be simply to set about improving your health – after all, you don’t want that cardiovascular disease to become a reality, do you??

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