Helping Calm your fears and make decisions

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Sodalite – stone for calming inner turmoil
A mix of dark blue and white, sodalite is a stone of Venus and water and is a darker blue than lapis with no bright flecks of pyrite within. Magically, this stone dispels guilt and fear, and stress and anxiety, calming that inner turmoil, especially when self-esteem and thoughts are a little low. It helps heighten your own internal instinct or gut response, making working or dealing with others easier. Sodalite aids working on the now and not worrying about something you have done in the past or may do in the future. Alleviating this pressure, it is also a stone conducive to helping you meditate or dream for answers to questions about your current path or journey and which way to go next, so if you have problems that disturb your sleeping, this is the stone for you. We all need those fears melting away, so this little stone will calm you, and a bigger one can help calm the rest of the household, making solutions easier to find and such problems can be solved and life can be moved forward.

So how do we Calm the fears…

Firstly, if you haven’t cleansed your home with a smudge stick or incense, then do it now and get all that negativity out of your house – all it does is feed more negativity back to you… so get it shifted.

Place relaxing oil in the burner to uplift the vibrations of the home, such as my Sunshine blend of bergamot and Melissa – bergamot is uplifting and sunny and Melissa lulls the racing mind and calms raging emotions.

Once the ambiance is created and calm, create a relaxing candlelit bath with some nice bath salts and oil such as Geranium, Clary sage, patchouli or Ylang-ylang to soothe and de-stress, and soak in it until the pressures of the day have all dissolved from your body.

When ready, take your polished Sodalite and sit it on your forehead (3rd eye), thinking of all the issues going round in your head whilst in this warm, womb-like environment. When your head has calmed down and you can feel you are now completely relaxed, take the stone off your head and, in your own time, get out of the bath and get ready for bed.

Take the stone to bed with you, place lavender, sweet marjoram or restful sleep oil on your pillow and enjoy a good night’s sleep with the Sodalite nearby, watching your dreams for any answers that may come through to help move your troubles forward. Repeat as often as required.

If you don’t have a bath, then create the ambience as above, take a shower adding your chosen favourite de-stressing oil to the shower gel and let the shower de-stress you. Get out and dry off in a nice warm towel, retreat to your bedroom, lie down and put the Sodalite on your forehead and relax. You just need to adapt to your own situation. My bath is my chill-out zone and I forget others don’t have them…!!

Stones for decision making and focus

Crystals can be of great help to focus and make your life-choices. I use crystals for everything, as you know, and wear them constantly. When you have to search your soul for the right answer, the right crystal can be of great support to obtaining insight to make the correct move.

Lepidolite isn’t a stone I would reach for very often but for decision-making, this lilac stone is very useful. Magickally, it eases the stresses and strains of everyday living and soothes and dispels negative emotions such as anger and hate, whilst mentally eliminates confusion and speeds up decision-making, sharpening the analytic qualities of your brain and removing distractions. Once decisions have been made, it encourages you to achieve your goals without outside help. That way, any advancement in your life is all down to yourself!!

Lapis is an extremely beautiful stone if you get a piece at its very best and helps you through the darkest days of despair and into the light. It will help you take charge of your life once again, by removing obstacles in your way. Lapis will give you focus and help you concentrate on what you need and then help support you to gain insight as to how to get there. Try sitting in the quiet and using it to meditate, asking the questions you need answers for and by knowing the stone will give it to you. It also helps self expression and value in your opinions and removes cruelty and suffering – no more the martyr or victim for you – you are back in complete control!!

Charoite is another stone not used very often but for spiritual insight and soul transformation, this is the one for you. It helps you cope with change by removing the fear that prevents you from changing your life. It gets rid of stress and worry and helps you relax so that you can work out your needs for the new you.

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