Gynae Issues

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Women are plagued by gynaecological problems these days, so here is a page that may help one or two of you…

Featured here is Infertility, Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome…hope this info helps.


This occurs when the tissue of the lining of the uterus grows in other places such as the tubes or ovaries.

Because the lining cannot be shed like the uterus, it accumulates in the pelvic region.


heavy bleeding, infertility, painful periods, pain during sex.

It is often associated with Candidiasis as the prime triggers: complete Candidiasis diet to see if it helps.

Stress an also be an issue, making the condition worse.

Oestrogen dominance is also a primary cause of this problem.


To reduce oestrogen, take chaste berry, raspberry leaf or ladies mantle tincture to balance hormones.

Lot of pain, take motherwort.

Overburdened liver will be remedied by calendula.

Massage abdomen daily with geranium, cypress or clary sage oils to balance hormones and relieve worry.

Also use chamomile and lavender oils.


Avoid caffeine completely.

Avoid alcohol and junk food as much as possible.

Take full vitamin a-z supplements, including Vitamin E, B complex, C Complex, EPA/GLA and zinc (15mg daily).

Calcium/magnesium in the 2nd half of the cycle may reduce PMT symptoms too.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


This affects one in 5 women and includes symptoms such as unwanted facial hair, skin eruptions, difficulty getting pregnant and bloating and weight gain even though you diet and is caused by hormonal imbalance and too much testosterone.

Doctors prescribe Dianette or similar and this will worsen the condition, though it will appear to help in the short term.

The hormonal balance must be corrected to avoid diabetes later on in life and reduce your now increased risk of heart attack and high blood pressure.

Sufferers make too much testosterone and too much insulin. Weight control is of primary help to controlling PCOS.

Sufferers are also resistant to their own insulin. The cells do not respond to the pancreas, the organ that makes the insulin, and the amount needed doesn’t respond. The body then stores the calories from your food as fat. Too much insulin in the body acts on the ovaries to produce more testosterone and so the cycle continues.

To help yourself, eat smaller more frequent meals to keep your blood sugar balanced and eat less carbohydrates (which your body stores as fat!!) This way, the sudden rushes of blood sugar will be avoided, so less insulin will be produced and this should help prevent your weight gain. Try to eat a little protein with every meal as this also helps stabilise insulin production. Try and also follow the Candidiasis diet as this also helps – cut out all refined carbohydrates (i.e. biscuits, white bread etc) and take exercise daily to maintain your weight.

Try the Polycystic Ovarian tincture as this may also help relieve the symptoms – now with added Saw Palmetto (testosterone adaptagen) to help deal with the high testosterone levels.

Fertility or infertility, should I say…

I have noticed a rise in the amount of people experiencing problems getting pregnant over the last few years, and not always the women with the issues either. It must be heartbreaking not being able to achieve easily what other women take for granted and the more you want it to happen the less likely it will. So I thought as it is appropriate for Ostara, I would cover the advice I give to ladies that arrive here at the shop:

1. Candida diet: The first advice I give ladies is simply to stop trying…easier said than done I know but instead, I persuade the couples to follow the candida diet (get it off my website or from the shop) and rebalance the body. Hormones are all over the place these days with too much oestrogen in our food, so balancing the body is extremely important and this is the case for any hormonal issue.

2. Supplements and tinctures: I also suggest that ladies take a female vitamin supplement (more balanced to female nutrients) and the man the male version (more zinc etc), plus the recommendations off the diet sheet. I also suggest chaste berry as a tincture. The action of this herb balances the oestrogen against the progesterone which is the pregnancy hormone. The tincture also supports the corpus luteum which is responsible not only for the release of a healthy egg but also ensures its journey to the womb – the rest is up to the male and his swimmers (the zinc helps with those little fellas). The body has to first create and then support another life in its most important stage – and although we appear to be so much healthier than say wartime, we actually are not. These suggestions help pull the body back to health for this purpose.

3. Fertility crystals: The crystal I advise is moonstone. This is the fertility stone and linked to the moon so should be carried/worn as jewellery during these important stages.

4. Magickal advice: The final tip is to sit in the full moon for a while and ask for her help. The full moon is the pregnant moon, the mother stage of woman and she can also be of great help in this vital time to a couple. I have even made a magickal fertility pouch for above the bed which incorporates all the magick I know in this area.

5. Reading:  Nat Solutions to Infertility by Marilyn Glenville

Now I ranted about her Menopause book and now she has a book for fertility written for all those who want to get pregnant and ensure how to stay pregnant and overcome any problems in the fertility area as now they reckon 1 in 6 will have problems conceiving and going on to have a healthy baby…astonishing or what? So this book helps you prepare your body with diet and supplements for pregnancy but also covering miscarriage and its prevention etc right through to helping you conceive successfully with IVF treatment. So, if you are in the group wanted to get pregnant, this is a must

Hopefully, my 5-step procedure will be the end of your problem…and I have met quite a few of the cute results!!

Now the man’s turn…and help with male fertility problems

I have covered female fertility issues previously, yet we are also seeing another problem that can be helped in a lot of cases: getting the little guys swimming strong and straight and lots of them. The 21st century diet seems to be causing sperm a few problems, so here is some help for those trying to have a baby and get the chaps up to the job:

I usually recommend a multi-vitamin specifically for men – I stock Solgar male multiple – it contains extra zinc: white spots on fingernails show a zinc deficiency and this can sometimes affect sperm count. Selenium is also necessary for quality and motility, but this is in the male multiple too (£12.75 per 60 tabs).

L-Carnitine is a natural amino acid and is essential for normal functioning of sperm – the better the l-Carnitine count in the sperm, the better the mobility and count. It is also helpful in preventing abnormal sperm.

L-Arginine is also necessary to increase sperm count and mobility – research has shown an increase in good quality sperm and indeed pregnancies when this has been supplemented but this cannot be taken if he suffers from cold sores as it increases the virus. I keep both of these supplements in stock too.

Saw Palmetto helps treat male hormone imbalance…it increases/balances the testosterone levels and that can help with fertility, so this tonic will be useful to take for a while, as will the Omegas 3 & 6 as sperm is made from  essential fatty acids and you need to supplement these to help the little fellows.

All these supplements need to be taken for 3-4 months to get built up and help increase count, motility and quality.

Finally, if he smokes…that too must stop and with the help above, the chaps will be on course in no time.

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