Grid with a circle…

On a table top, I have a part of my extended altar in which I have a circle of 12 points like a clock with diameter of about 12”. Within this circle. I have my singing bowl (but a cauldron, fancy plate or bowl will also suffice) and put all my magickal spells to ‘cook’ in my bowl or anything I want to re-energize. All you need is 12 quartz points to make your magickal clock. I have the 4 quarters in bigger points than the other 8 and then join then all together with a 13th point which is the largest (controller). You don’t have to start off with 13 from the beginning. I collected mine over time but now this magick grid is the mainstay of my altar and everything else goes around it. It is my circle of power and you can create one too. It is so simple. The points all face inward to empower the centre of the circle. When I place anything in my bowl, I simply draw a circle, clockwise from the ‘12’ over the points with the controller three times, to link the circle together, then spiral it upwards like a cone and off it goes.

Actinolite – Witches finger;
what do you get if you take Actinolite, Mica, Tremolite and Rutile surrounded by quartz?
Actinolite helps you fight resistance on your spiritual path, acts as a psychic shield and brings about harmony within the body – very helpful! Tremolite calms anxiety whilst providing answers to questions that is causing the issues…excellent!! Mica is a great intuitive stone linking to the highest spiritual dimension calling them to help and Rutile, the energising protector, goes straight to the issue and points to how to sort it. Add the all-seeing, all-dancing quartz encompassing them all and increasing their abilities and this is some stone!! What is it, I hear you say? It’s a Zambian Witches finger…no, really!! I thought my supplier was joking when he said he had the crystal that was right up my street!! But no; turns out he was absolutely serious!!
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