Green Witch Lockdown 2021

It has been a long journey since the dramatic storm last August which blessed my enterprise with 9 hours Water and Earth (flood and mud) egged on by Air and Fire (thunder and lightning)...but we are back!

From 2nd March, the online shop has returned (though will need lots updating) and we are doing Click and Collect for essential shopping such as Tinctures, Supplements and Essential oils for your Physical and Emotional Well-being.

Should you wish a collection, please e-mail me at at least 24 hours before, with a day and approx time that is good for you, plus a list of your essential needs, and I will get back to you. Not all lines are back in stock, so I need time to prepare them for your collection. You will get a 15 minute time slot so you can take a few minutes to add any extras you need.

Hopefully, this will be happening for a short time as we begin to try to get back to 'normal', so if you are just wanting to wander and have a look at the new Green Witch premises, then be will have to wait for restrictions to be lifted before shopping is back to normal...sorry.

Don't worry, once I have worked out how, I will post pictures of the journey from flood to date so you can see why we have been gone so long.

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