Give a heart to the one you love

By: Green Witch
Posted: 28th April 2020

You can spend a fortune on scentless flowers that will last a week or give someone you love a crystal heart that will last forever for less money but more meaning! Which one will you give to make someone’s day, whether on Valentine ’s Day, Mother’s day or any other day just because…:

Rose Quartz heart says “I love you and am thinking of you” and also says “Sorry” whatever the situation

Clear Quartz heart is for mind, body and spirit, lifting vibrations and enhancing intuition – does the lot

Amethyst heart as a gift brings happiness, good fortune and spiritual connection

Chevron amethyst heart is for soul connection and soul mates

Tiger eye heart helps the receiver determine the past life connection with the giver

Lepidolite heart creates harmony and connectedness between giver and receiver

Aventurine heart draws luck in love and abundance in opportunities

Carnelian heart opens doors to success and aids healing of family issues 

Smoky Quartz heart keeps you safe and protected and removes emotional blockages

Sodalite heart creates inner harmony whilst easing outer conflicts and creating positive goals for the future

Rhodonite heart helps release your emotional fears and helps you achieve maximum potential

And these are just a few… Which one will you give the one you love the most?

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