Garnet varies from a lovely raspberry red to a strawberry red to pink and green. Garnet actually comes in 6 different varieties. Tsavorite is my favourite, which is a bright green grossular garnet, known as the King of Garnets and in my view, is a much prettier green than even Emerald. So garnet has become one of my favourite stones. But what is it for? Well, it is a stone of health as it helps eliminates anything that attacks the body. It is also a stone if you need to commit to something – person or purpose or even yourself. It helps you to express love and understanding to your commitments whatever they are. It is both protective and stabilising and therefore wards off anything that could be disruptive or chaotic – very helpful in these days as we all rush around doing twenty different things at 100mph and anything that calms this down would certainly be welcome!
Magickally, garnet helps you tap into extra energy for any magickal work should you need strength and endurance in some way. So, if you are overtaxing yourself, this is the stone for you. It is also protective, especially at night so whether you want those night terrors to stay away or you have to walk home at night, programme your red garnet for protection and you will have safety during the dark hours. This stone is also the stone to keep two people magickally attached so if a dear friend is going away, carry a piece of this each and you will meet again, it is promised.
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