Find your “Happy Stone”

By: GreenWitchAdmin
Posted: 26th June 2015

By my bed sits a beautiful bright green Chrysoprase tumble. Don’t ask me why it came about as I have no idea…I just put it by my bed when I first got it.

I call it my happy stone, and everynight when I go to bed, I hold the crystal and thank it for all the fab things that have happened that day.

Your task is to find your “happy stone”. You might already have a stone you really like – it might be a lump off the beach or a beautiful tumble from a shop…it must be a stone that makes you feel inspired, joyful or makes you smile, or is simply one you like to feel in your hand, or maybe you are yet to find it.

Either way, when you have your special crystal, hold it in incense and name it you happy stone. Every night, thank it for the good things of the day. Being thankful for what you have got will attract more good things to you, or so I have found with my beautiful apple-green stone. Try it yourself and watch your faith in your ‘Happy stone’ bring wonderful things to your day and to your life.

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