Family pot of Love

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

I am lucky in that I have the fireplace, which the family still insist on sitting on (cannot help themselves), so I thought it would be great to incorporate a Hearth in everyone’s home for the family!!

Here is what we are going to do:

Gather together a red pillar or similar candle (fire), 1 x terracotta or slate tile (hearth) and a small jar (family pot). Place the tile on a flat surface somewhere within your section. Take a small quartz point and have everyone in the home, if possible, write their initials within a single large heart inscribed on your candle. Carve symbols for wishes for the family i.e intertwined hearts for love, £ for abundance, scroll with an ‘A’for exam results, then hold the candle within your ‘magick mittens’, close your eyes and feel the power whilst visualising the family gathered together in your home chatting, having a laugh and everyone getting on with each other and also with their life. Let the power from your hands flow for as long as possible then place the candle on the tile.

Now add the small pot/cauldron/pretty jar to the tile next to the candle. This is to be your ‘family pot of love’.

So, once prepared, now for the spell itself;

Mix together florals such as rose petals, rosemary, chamomile, lavender, heather and any other dried plants, plus cedar or sage for purification, in the bottom of your pot, stirring with your wedding finger, and say;

‘A mix of magick into my little pot to keep misunderstandings at bay

So my loving family will return to my hearth even when living away’

then add small family momentos such as hospital baby name band, baby teeth, small photos, holiday memories etc, small crystals such as Lepidolite negative family issues, carnelian peace and harmony and chrysoprase for friendship and bliss to the pot and others of your choice, saying as you add them;

‘May my love for the family be honest and true and felt by all loved ones herein

And our gatherings filled with laughter and love, no anger to ever begin’

Now hold the pot, sprinkle the top of the mix with pink fairy dust and say…

‘Some last minute sparkle makes the magick complete,

So its Merry meet, merry part and again merry meet’

Kiss the pot and add to your ‘family hearth’ next to the candle. Light every time the family are together or when you are missing them to help keep them close.

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