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By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Every year I keep meaning to do an item on study aids for you exam goers, and always forget until it is too late and the exams are upon us. So, this time, I made a note and here we are. It can be a stressful time for those of you sitting exams and preparing for them, so here are a few useful items for you.

The crystals for the actual exams are either tiger eye (your ideas and dilemma stone as well as good luck) and/or hematite (your confidence and go-for-it stone). I personally would take both just to be on the safe side but you may find that you use them differently but I have seen a lot of trembling students rely and pass with the help of these stones and that includes other things like interviews, etc, where that little bit of oomph is needed. At £1 each for a nice chunky one for the hand or the desk, what have you got to lose? Another good one if you find this time difficult is Amazonite – the stone the Amazon warriors took into battle – it may just give you that bit of extra courage you need if it is a bit lacking.

When studying, burn or inhale either my favourite oils of rosemary or Petitgrain – both stimulate the brain and get rid of those cobwebs, but Petitgrain is better if burning the midnight oil as it doesn’t then prevent you from sleeping when you are done, whereas rosemary is preferable in daytime and up to about 7pm. Others like to use basil but it actually isn’t one of my favourite aromas – it is all a matter of preference.

If exams stress you out, then I suggest you start on a course of lime flower tincture for the 6 weeks prior and during the exams, which will calm you during this stressful time and help you to simply get through it (some people I get in just go to pieces when it comes to exams). If you are sleepless with worry or an absolute nervous wreck, then Valerian tincture for a couple of weeks may help – it will give your whole system a tonic too. Another tip is to simply put marjoram on the pillow and in a bath and that will shut the brain down to allow you to sleep peacefully – after all, a good night’s sleep makes all the difference and the extra worry may mean lavender simply isn’t strong enough. Also, don’t forget if you start to feel under the weather, a boost of Echinacea or Thyme tincture will help keep those bugs at bay which always get in when you are overworking or run down – you have been warned. All items are available from the Green Witch.

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