Emerald is the green part of the Beryl family, along with Aquamarine (blue) and Morganite (pink). I have crystals in a sparkly mica base as well as tumbles in the stone, and this is the stone of pure love. We all want to be loved. Love makes the world go round! It stirs the blood and fires the imagination of writers and poets everywhere and none of us want to be without it; it’s what makes us ‘human’.

Emerald helps attract love into our lives. Purchase a special crystal that is purely to help enhance your love life.

Cleanse it first and keep aside in a pink pouch until needed. When ready to receive love, hold the emerald next to your heart, tell the crystal exactly the type of person you are looking for, and ask the emerald to help attract that special person to you. Then carry it daily next to your heart to attract love into your life’. You can either put it in a spiral and wear around the neck over the heart, or hide it in a top pocket or bra.
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