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Posted: 26th June 2015

This can be confusing, so I hope this explanation helps. I don’t worry about what days, planets etc are best – if you have to do something, do it as it is needed. Don’t wait until the moon is right or it is a Friday etc. If you really have an emergency, then get your spell done at the time – that will make the time right.

Which element??

Got a spell to do? When I do them, I use the correct element for the objective. That is why my magickal incense and oils all have sun, moon, earth, air, fire and water. These, as far as I am concerned, are the strongest and most powerful helpers you have and mainly use them for all my needs as these 6 variants contain most of the answers.

The sun lights up our day and the moon our night, whilst earth, air, fire and water are the elements we need simply to live.

The Sun comes up every day and heats our world. It is energy; it is protection (major fire), courage, study, business success and jobs, travel, getting rid of bad habits, negativity and illness and all the male areas.

The Moon, however, is the feminine aspect and rules, sleep, dreams, fertility, psychic stuff, love, dreams, friendships, sex, looks, money, healing wounds and ridding stress.

Earth is the feminine element beneath our feet and where we live and is where we find our help for abundance, prosperity and wealth. It is green in colour, the dark of winter for the season and North in your circle.

Air is the male element needed for life, for creation, so therefore it is the area for knowledge, for the creative process, for divination and the psychic realm and for travel. Yellow is the colour, the hope of spring for the season and East the direction.

Fire gives us warmth but can also destroy and the change is quick. This is a powerful male element and can be used for all types of magick including passion, ridding negative trends, energy, purification and much more. Fire is red, the heat of summer and the south of the circle.

Water flows fast or slow, just like our emotions so this is the feminine element for relationships, friendships, happiness, sleep, dreams, pleasure and all those emotional areas. The colour is blue, like the sea, the autumn and the west of the circle.

Is that clearer. Now do you understand why I don’t complicate it more with planetary rulership?

The Element of Earth:

We walk on it every day, our food comes from it and, at this time of year, it is coming alive once again as spring advances. Walk barefoot and you feel grounded and stable. Smell the aroma of compost and you have Earth at its most basic. Earth is the source of our food and plants, our animals graze on it and without the support of the earth, there would be no trees, so no oxygen, so no us. When we have finished on this plane, we are even returned to earth for burial. We find our prize crystals and gems within the earth so it is a source of beauty and riches. Not only that, we find our minerals in the ground too, which are vital for the human body to survive and should be passed to us through our food. It is even the home of our herbal medicine, vital to healthy living. It is so important in our world and is the element we use for fertility, growth, employment, houses, prosperity and abundance.

If you come into my shop, look above the door and you will see my prosperity pouch, which has been there since I began the shop (and I am still here haha). To make your own prosperity pouch, simply take a 6” square of green cloth and a small aventurine crystal, go outside on a sunny day (that way to get the power of the sun too) and dig up a handful of soil. Place it in the centre of your cloth and add the aventurine to the centre. Tie up to incorporate the earth, saying something like:

“Cloth of green, scoop of earth, to new opportunities please give birth.

Bring success and prosperity to me; this is my will, so mote it be.”

Hang above the front door for a home or business full of success and prosperity – remember, this is more long term than a quick fix, so don’t expect to be millionaires in a week!! However, my business is still going…

The Element of Air in detail…

Without air, we would die, so imagine how important this element is in magick. Air is the breeze in our hair, the warm wind that tans on a sunny day and the tornado that destroys whole areas when nature gets mad. But what can we utilise it for in magick?  We can use it for divination, travel, study and communication. It is the realm of thought and the first steps to decisions, ideas, and intuition. It is the tool we use magickally to bring change. It is symbolized by incense, sound, aroma, feathers and anything else associated with air.

The element of air is invisible but during a stormy November, you can certainly feel it as it whips leaves off trees. Without Air we would die yet it can cause such havoc when its temper gets up and turns into a tornado or hurricane. Up here in Scotland, we can certainly feel the difference between a north wind and one from the south. One thing I love to do is to stand in the wind arms and legs outstretched, and let it blow right through me for a few minutes. If it is blowing from the north, it will magickally help ease depression, tension, stress and anger, and all those negative emotions that can tire you out and run you down. Do this and you will go home feeling exhilarated. With things such as they are at the moment, we could all do with a little less negativity don’t you think!!

Another great little spell to utilize the element of Air is to go to a high or open spot when the wind is blowing, taking along a pen in your pocket. Find a leaf with which to write on – not one that has been dead a while or it will just disintegrate, but one still with life in it but that has already fallen from the tree. On the leaf, draw a symbol of your need whilst visualising your requirements (£ sign if you need to pay the bills, sold sign if you need to sell the house – you get the drift). Once you have done that, as seen in the film Practical Magic, hold the leaf in the wind whilst visualising your need, then let the wind take the leaf. If it transports happily along on the air, it is done. If it falls to the ground and fails to take off, begin again with another leaf.

This is a great spell that I have used many times before and costs absolutely nothing to do and you get exercise walking to your chosen spot, so all win as far as I can see. So, the next time it’s blowing a gale…

The Magick of Fire:

Have you ever stared into the flames of a bonfire or coal fire and wondered what life would be like without it. It warms us in the cold, cooks our food and heats our water. It is the element of transformation, creation and destruction. Life without fire would be pretty miserable and I wonder if man would have survived had he not been intelligent enough to work out how to make fire by literally stealing it from the heavens.

The hearth was the magickal centre of the home as, unlike today, it was the family focal point and not the TV! So much magick surrounded the protection of the hearth and the fire. Even our most famous visitor would enter via the chimney at Christmas so imagine what else could come down the chimney!! I have a horseshoe sat on my fireplace to provide luck and if I feel there is negativity around, I will cross the tongs and poker in front of the fire to prevent evil entering. There is lots of divination around fire too. Staring at the embers is one way, making symbols from what you see. Sparks acting in certain ways were omens – golden sparks on the back of the fire would indicate money, blue flames indicated cold weather coming whilst a brightly sparkling fire would show rain.

An old saying says “a chimney that smokes denotes a happy family life for those who live within…” yet “a new house will never be lucky until its chimney is blackened with smoke!!”

Fire plays such an important part in my life. Maybe it is because I am a fiery Sagittarian, but the centre of my home is the fireplace containing a real live fire, and those who have been in my shop know it is the centre of there too, with me perched in front of it most of the time (office, canteen & home extension). The fires are both lit most days as part of my daily magickal routine, made with 13 sticks each representing the moons in a magickal year. At home the fire heats my water as well as the home, so we cannot be without it and have to prepare for winter by chopping kindling and storing and drying logs to ensure fuel until spring – something most of you will not have to do in your centrally heated homes, but it is all part of living with the seasons, and of connection with the seasons that most of you have lost because of the modern day home!

As a child, my day began with the lighting of the fire that mum would set up the night before. Coming home from school to the coal fire in winter was a joy, with corned beef legs a daily occurrence (ask mum or gran!!) and steamy windows because the washing had been drying in front of it all day. Families spent a lot more time together, because the living room was the only heated room in the house, and was literally the heart of the home. Today, youngsters have heating, telly, computers, mobile phones etc all in their room and the sense of family being together during the evening has all but disappeared (we don’t have central heating so seldom an issue in my house). What happened to families toasting crumpets in front of the fire on a Saturday night, whilst fire gazing at those fantastic images – can’t be seen within a gas fire!! Then again, no more ice on the inside of your bedroom windows and having to get dressed under the bed covers because it was so cold…so not all bad eh??

The element of Water…

Our bodies are made up primarily of water and without it, we die. Our blood, cells, muscles and even bones are made mainly of water. We can go three weeks without food but only three days without water. It is an essential part of our lives and we certainly should drink a lot more plain water than we do. Magickally, water, is the element of the emotions which we can tap into for help – peace, beauty, pleasure, happiness, love, friendship, fertility, purification and psychic awareness – all are in the domain of water.

You don’t have to work hard to figure out what water brings as you listen to the rain on the window or the sea lapping on the shore, and drift off to those imaginary places or work out your problems, as I do, by the sea. Water is feminine and rules the West. Water brings peace and contentment, is romantic and your problems can simply drift away with the water.

A quick purification if you feel in danger or something needs to be driven out or away from within is to cross water, whether you drive over a bridge, jump a brook or step over a puddle. Evil and danger cannot cross water which then leaves you now “safe”. So, there you go, those poor commuters who have to cross bridges daily at least psychically are safe and well!!

Elemental crystals:

I was recently asked to supply a list of crystals for each element for a customer, so figured it would be extremely useful for anyone who needs to carry the elements around or have representatives of each element in crystals on the altar so here are a few suggestions for you:

Earth:      Coal, Jet, Malachite, Kunzite, Peridot, chrysoprase, salt

Air:          Aventurine, mica, pumice

Fire         Amber, Carnelian, Quartz, Sunstone, Ruby, Garnet, Diamond

Water:    Aquamarine, Beryl, Azurite, Lapis lazuli, Mother-of-pearl, Pearl, sapphire

Keep a note of these in your book of shadows just in case you ever need it!!! You never know…

Which colour???

When you are performing fire magick, or crystal magick, there is a colour for every area, and this can make magick very simple, providing you know which is for what. Here is my simple method.

RED                sexual love, passion, enthusiasm, courage, strength

ORANGE        magickal energy, physical energy, luck, justice

YELLOW        divination, clairvoyance, studying, the conscious mind, communication

GREEN            money, luck, prosperity, fertility, prosperity

PINK                love, friendships, relationships

BLUE               Peace, healing, tranquillity, meditation, happiness, harmony

PURPLE          power, major healing, psychism, connection with the spirit world

WHITE             peace, truth, purity

BLACK            ridding negative energies, grounding, destructive addictions and habits

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