Doing the rounds again so here is my offer of help

By: GreenWitchAdmin
Posted: 11th July 2015
There it is, that dreaded word: the spots, the itching’ the sleepless nights…oh I remember it so well because I caught it off my children, so we were all down with it together!
Chickenpox was one of those childhood diseases I had never managed to pick up and back when I was a kid, you played with anyone who had something catching just to get it over with!!
This childhood illness strikes with no warning. The child has been infectious for a couple of weeks before you realise so everyone you know who hasn’t already had it will soon have caught it. I was 33 when I got it and was covered from toe to neck…never went out of the house for weeks!!
By the time my 3rd child caught it, I knew what to do to prevent what I went through.
Calming the itching and avoiding scarring is the main issue so here is my magickal bath and lotion remedies to help…
To a warm bath, add 1 cupful bicarbonate of soda. Then, dissolve 8 drops each tea tree & lavender in 5ml vodka, full fat milk or bath dispersing oil and add to bath. This dose is for 8-12 year old, so adjust down for younger children and up for older. Let them soak in the bath for 20minutes.
Dissolve in 5ml alcohol, 10 drops tea tree, 10 drops lavender and 5 drops chamomile and add to 50ml rosewater and 50ml witch hazel. Shake well and use as a lotion on the spots, applying it with cotton wool over the entire rash. It will help stop the spread of the infection whilst helping to speed the healing process of the spots, greatly reduce the itching and prevent scarring.
This wonderful mix of bath and lotion should be carried out 3 times per day with extra lotion every time they start to scratch. It is very effective, my son having no itchiness at all by day 4, (day 1 being when the 1st spot appeared) the rash having stopped and all areas healing, most of which never even went into blisters. In fact the only blisters turned out to be those spots that appeared before we realised what was happening and started with the remedy. If only I had made up the mix when I contracted it, I wouldn’t have had lots of sleepless nights itching!!!
Vitamin C is natural anti-histamine so give your child 500mg daily to also help internally with the itching on top of a child’s multi-vitamin as soon as you think they may have even been in contact with the virus. Ensure plenty of fluid in-take, especially when they have a raised temperature and keep them cool – they will be less itchy if in a cool room as opposed to a warm one.

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