“Do it yourself” infused oils

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

We have covered infusions and decoctions previously, but what about infused oil? St John’s wort can make very useful carrier oil if this plant grows in your garden. The same goes with pot marigolds which make excellent Calendula oil…just use your imagination and the possibilities could be endless.
Take some fresh flowers/herb etc and place in a lidded/sealed jar. Cover herb with oil such as almond or apricot kernel, with additions of jojoba or Wheatgerm if wanted. Shake the sealed jar and leave on a sunny windowsill.

Shake daily for the next 3-6 weeks whilst the herb infuses into the oil. At the end of the time, your oil will probably have changed colour – in the case of St Johns wort, it will have gone bright red…

Drain the oil through muslin into a clean container and voila…your jar of infused oil which can be applied direct to the skin or essential oils added for additional health properties. You will all be planting lots by the spring in preparation of what you can make now, and herbal cooking oils can be made the same way, with olive oil so get playing….

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