Dealing with death the Celtic way…

By: GreenWitchAdmin
Posted: 26th June 2015

I thought it was time I covered it briefly. I have lost several people who played an important part in my life and a witches view of death isn’t the same as the Christian belief and it helps people deal with the death of a loved one much easier.

Witches believe in reincarnation; this is the birth and rebirth of the soul over many lifetimes. So, when we die, we don’t just die and that is it. We “shed the physical coat” of that particular lifetime and move back to the ‘Summerland’ in the world of spirit, a happy and beautiful place, where we re-evaluate the life just lived and begin our life in the next world whilst we await re-birth back onto the physical plane once again.

The Karmic records are carried with the soul; in other words, you will have to put right things in the next life that you may not have completed or done correctly in this. And, because a loved one is gone, it doesn’t mean you won’t see them again. If you are meant to, you will, whether they stay around you in this life for a while or you meet their souls again in the next. In nature, everything must die; it is part of the circle of life, and it always leads the circle back to rebirth and new life, so although it is always a sad time for those left behind, it is a joyous time for those leaving this plane as they begin a new and exciting life but on a different level.

As the saying goes, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, so witches prefer cremation and their ashes scattered in a favourite place. To honour the spirit of the deceased, replace life with life to complete the circle. Hence why it is popular to plant a bush or tree in memory of the deceased or get a new pet when the old one dies.

It is also normal for a loved one to check on those left behind so remember, you can still talk to them, shout at them and send them messages on a letter that you then burn on a fire or in an ashtray…simple ways to stay in touch and help you through.

Apache tears are crystals found on apache land said to be the tears of the women as their men went to fight the cavalry and never returned. These are very supportive to those who have lost someone in their lives. The stone is black but, if you hold up to the sun/bright light, you will see a glimmer of light through the stone to say “No matter how dark it seems, you will eventually get through this dark time and out of the tunnel back into the brighter days”.

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