This unusual and beautifully clear sparkly stone looks like quartz but is completely different and slightly pinkish in some cases, and my stone of the moment now it is back in stock after a few year’s absence, because it is not a common crystal or easily available. The points are flat tipped a bit like a chisel and bright and sparkly indeed, like ice in sunshine. It has a positive and enlivening feel and makes you feel that you can do absolutely anything, and then help you to do it…on a daily basis. Its enlivening ability fills you with energy, again making you feel you can get through anything…but I mean daily stuff that might otherwise overwhelm you. You seem to be able to think quicker and get on with stuff, seeing a way to get through issues minus the stresses and strains… in fact, it fills you with a sense of calm, so much that when you hold it and close your eyes, you can feel the calm wash over you, especially your mind... it calms the chatter!! As this is a time of transformation, this stone will help to complete the matter in hand, bringing about change…like wiping the slate clean and starting again, maybe changing direction or getting rid of stress or simply to bring about some inner peace!! I love it
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