Corundum family…Ruby & Sapphire;

Not all of you may know of this group, but it is actually just 2 gemstones and they are the 2nd hardest crystals on our planet. The family of Ruby and Sapphire has a Mohs’ hardness of 9 and can be marked only by diamond itself, which is the only 10. Ruby is the pure red member of the corundum family: everything else is called sapphire. Blue is the most common but it also comes in other colours. I gave yellow sapphire to my attendants at my wedding to represent the midsummer sun, I own a green sapphire ring, a pink colour change and a blue as well as a ruby ring (so am a bit obsessed really), plus a string each of ruby and blue sapphire and have a need to wear at least one each day plus have rubies everywhere, so figured you might want to know what it’s all about.
As you can see from your elemental crystal list above, Ruby is fire and sapphire water (that’s me then, with my sun sign of fire and my moon sign of water, no wonder I use them, as they must in some way, help maintain the balance). Not all rubies and sapphires have to cost a fortune as you can obtain low grade ones and beautiful polished ones as well as high grade jewellery (the Victorians discovered how to grow rubies in a laboratory so most jewellery is synthetic and absolutely no use for magickal attraction). But what do they attract?
Ruby attracts wealth to the owner as in “whosoever owns a piece of ruby, wealth will never leave”, and there are many ways your life can be rich so don’t presume carrying one will help you to win the lottery. It is also protective and will warn off any threat, from negativity to evil enemies and even the plague, so ruby helps to strengthen the body’s own defences, both physical and psychic whilst ensuring success in all endeavours (I keep it in my till and on the counter too - every little helps). It will warm the body and banish sadness, producing joy, power and confidence and the ability to fight any battle (it is ruled by Mars!!), thus ensuring you reach whatever state of bliss you seek. As a bonus, it helps to alleviate the effects of caffeine and toxins, so I sleep with a piece under my pillow enabling me to enjoy my beloved cup of freshly brewed coffee twice a day and my bottle or two of wine at the weekend. A definite favourite crystal of mine and one I attune to no problem.
It attracts friends into your life to have fun with, and instills a passion for life and for living. If you want to enhance passion in your relationship, purchase a ruby just for this end, and keep it aside in a red pouch until needed. Cleanse and, when you want to inspire more passion with your partner, take out the ruby and hold it next to your heart. Close your eyes and see you and your partner together in a passionate embrace, and ask the crystal to help restore the passion that you had earlier in your relationship. Place next to the bed. Leave there over the next wee while until passion has been restored and fun and frolic are back. Place back in the bag and put away until needed again!
Sapphire is similar but different. Ruled by the Moon, it helps expand our psychic ability and attain the peace of mind required for meditation, thus allowing us to seek wisdom and inner peace. It is defensive against psychic “stuff” and will return any negativity to sender. It is also very useful in legal matters and litigation as its protective ability helps to help those in the right. Sapphire is also protective for health and great for energy levels too, plus an addition to any witches magick as wearing this during rituals will strengthen ability and power (I have a star sapphire pendant on a ribbon for major ritual and circle work – star sapphires are even more potent).
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