Closure update 20/10

By: GreenWitch
Posted: 14th September 2020

Since the freak tropical storm on 11 August, and the flooding it caused to our village, we have been closed.

The building, after 7 weeks, has been declared dry, but the total flooring is gubbed and needs to be replaced. This will take about 4 weeks once the insurance has given the ok and the shop has been packed up.

We do not know when that will be but I'm not allowed to re-open temporarily in the meantime as may public liability is null and void. In the meantime, until we can re-open, which looks like 2021, you can collect what you need at a pre-arranged time or items can be sent in the post, as we are in 3-4 days per week.

2020 - the year that just keeps on giving!

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