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By: Green Witch
Posted: 16th December 2015

A Home was always somewhere that was blessed in every corner with protective symbols hung from every ceiling, nook and crannie. Even doorways and chimney-breasts were covered in horse shoes and brasses, to psychically protect the home from unwanted visitors. My aim is to bring a little help to you so that your home can become your own magickal fortress where your family can relax in a magickal cocoon safe from the troubles of the outside world and where dreams can be transformed into reality…well, with a little magickal luck too!!

Cleaning and cleansing your home:

First we must remove the physical from our space. Sprinkle either Frankincense or Juniper berry oil into a bowl of hot water and use to clean, to remove the dust and grime of every day living. This is the physical cleaning.

Then, in a pottery or cast iron cauldron (or any pottery dish), add salt, sand or earth. Add a charcoal block in the cauldron and place a match to it until it begins to spark, then glow, and then add either Clearing or Purification incense, which will then begin to melt and smoke. You can use a sage smudge stick if you prefer but I think the ritual of the cauldron is important. If you prefer to use the smudge stick, light the stick with a match, and when it is burning, blow it out. The stick should then glow and keep glowing every time you blow on the bunch of tied sage and this will produce the cleansing smoke

Now we are going to cleanse your house psychically. First go round each room clockwise with the incense, clockwise room by room round your home. If you have a smudging feather, use this to direct the incense smoke into the corners etc. When you get back to where you began, go round clockwise again, this time opening all the windows and doors to let the smoke out of the house. This removes the negative energy from the rooms. Next, go round clockwise closing all the doors and windows, then repeat the ritual again, going round once more with the incense leaving doors and windows closed and the psychic cleaning is also done. The charcoal block will go out if left and ensure, if you’ve used a smudge stick, that you stub it out on a saucer to stop it smouldering!

Next, clean your windows inside and out with water containing vinegar – not only will your windows sparkle, but you are magickally inviting the wind to bless your home. This cleansing routine is a good ritual to do when you have moved into a new home, when something bad has happened to one of the family, there have been arguments or simply been a run of bad luck, and it cleanses your own aura too. Follow daily with positive incense (good quality sticks are fine) and scented candles. Make sure you burn them for whatever positive vibrations you would like in your home (relaxation, love, harmony etc), and these will help maintain this balance.

Add crystals such as amethyst, smoky or quartz clusters to your home to absorb negativity and fill the area with good vibrations to calm the area. Rainbow crystals hung in the sunny windows will ensure a rainbow of light flows into your home uplifting the vibrations. You should feel the change instantly

Protecting your home

We all need to keep our home safe and protected from the outside world and here are a few tips I use or have used to keep me and mine safe.

A simple but effective spell that you can do for your home is “The Witch’s bottle”which I found years ago, written by Scott Cunningham: gather together old pins, needles and rosemary needles and put the mix of ingredients in a small jar and, when full, fill with red wine. While doing this, state whilst you work:

Pins, needles, rosemary and wine, in this Witch’s bottle of mine,

Guard against harm and enmity, this is my will so mote it be

Cap or cork the jar and seal with the drippings of a protective red or black candle. If possible bury at the top end of the garden or at the front door, but if you have no garden, then hide it away in an inconspicuous place.

The Witch’s bottle destroys negativity and evil. The pins and needles impale negativity, the wine drowns it and the rosemary sends it far away from your property.

Once you have done this, we will place a magickal circle around your home. Obtain 2 flint or quartz pebbles per window and door; quality doesn’t matter so get down the beach or riverbank as well as your local shop! Now place one pebble on each side of the windowsills and doors, stating “I lay this stone to protect my home” as you lay each one. If you have had a run of bad luck, throw some salt on each sill too to absorb and change it. When they are all in place, use a crystal point to join the crystals to make a barrier against anything bad trying to enter your home. Start at one stone and touch each stone with the point whilst visualising a blue light joining the stones into a circle. “I join these stones to protect my home, keep it safe for me, so mote it be” will complete this ritual. The outside of your home has now become a psychic fortress. Complete the magick with a hedge around the perimeter or trees such as holly or rowan in the corners of your boundaries. It is done!!

On the inside of the house, above the front door if possible, hang a protection sachet along with a rainbow crystal, a crystal cluster, a holey stone and a pentagram (or whatever symbol you feel comfortable i.e. celtic cross, ankh, etc. This is where you would also hang your St Johns wort at Midsummer and your Midwinter’s Mistletoe. Another wee tip for the home to keep it safe and hang alongside this collection is to place a psychic lock over the door. Find old keys that don’t fit any doors you now have and you will need as many as you have doors in your home. Touch each door with one key until all the keys have touched one door each whilst visualising steel doors coming down at each external and internal door. Now tie the keys together with red ribbon, hang above the door and say “These keys protect this home for me. This is my will, so mote it be!”

Leave the psychic lock in place permanently.

In your front window, place a dragon or lion as a magickal defender of your home. If you have been to the shop, you will have seen the extremely large Chinese dragon that sits in my window!! In the centre of the window, hang a spherical rainbow crystal. This will bring a rainbow into your home and make your walls dance, energy flow and the atmosphere come alive!! Keep it clean to keep the flow alive and the atmosphere happy!

Somewhere on the front or back door, whether above it or on it, hang a horseshoe with points upwards as this only allows good to enter the home. Do the same with the chimney-breast; horse brasses or shoes should also decorate these to keep the home safe and secure. In front of any fireplace with an open chimney, keep a horseshoe or cross the poker and tongs in front of the fire to prevent negative energies finding their way in.

Place candles and crystals upon the fireplace, as this should be the family altar – even if you have one tucked away somewhere else; my personal one is in my bedroom but we still have one in the lounge where candles are lit daily surrounded by crystals. Burn incense daily on the altar to increase the vibrations of your home and place some of your favourite crystals to bring abundance, love and light to you and yours.

Problems can be accidentally created when you hang a mirror. If you can stand in front of and look into the mirror and you can see through into another room, you can also access another dimension!! Negative entities can enter through that portal, so ensure all mirrors are hung correctly to keep trouble at bay.

To absorb negativity, it is very useful to place a salt or selenite lamp in the busiest room of the house. Not only will the wonderful warm glow fill your home with light and warmth and look terrific, it will help absorb any negativity in the home and keep the environment cleansed, balanced and protected. Any more problems within the house and place salt in the corners of the problematic rooms and natural black tourmaline in each room and carried by each person within the house. Black tourmaline stops add-ons so nothing can be being brought into the home unknowingly.

Sleeping safe and sound is something we take for granted, but for some, the night can bring bad dreams and unwanted visitors. The above should keep bad spirit from the home but there are some things extra that can be done to protect you whilst you sleep.

Firstly, check the direction of your bed. You should sleep east to west ideally but that isn’t always possible. Definitely don’t sleep with your head in the south; it will cause nightmares.

To ensure you sleep safely and dream good dreams, place a knife under the bed to psychically warn any intruder and keep bad dreams away. Place amethyst under the pillow and on the bedside table, and hang a holey stone or lodestone on the headboard and a mirror above. Sprinkle your mattress or bedding with lavender oil to fill your bedroom with calm, peaceful vibrations. Burn an incense stick daily in the room to purify it and add calm relaxing vibrations to the room. If you still are having problems, place a piece of black obsidian by your bed (and if possible spray your room and self with black obsidian spray as black obsidian helps you face your deepest fears, and surround your bed with a circle of salt. Then when laid in your bed, close your eyes and visualise a blue sphere coming from your belly button and surrounding you and your bed (or even home) in a sphere of `amazing blue light’. You and yours are now completely safe and no ill will come near whilst you sleep. The sphere is a great magickal protection to remember any time you feel uneasy…and so simple to do!!

Finally, a spell to bless your home to complete the clearing and protecting:

Get together bowl sea salt, a rose quartz, love incense, a happy candle, a small bowl of water and Geranium oil

Light the incense and the candle on your altar/fireplace. Hold the bowl of water in your hands. Close your eyes and see your home and family happy within your walls. State “Bless this house”. Now add the salt, the crystal and a few drops geranium oil into the water. “Bless this house”. Hold over the incense for a few minutes. “Bless this house”. Hold over the flame of the candle. “Bless this house” and stir the water with your right hand.

Now walk around the house and sprinkle the magickal water in each corner of each room and say:

My Lord and Lady, Bless this house, May it be full of love and laughter and keep those safe who dwell within,May the walls resist the dangers of man and beast and may they keep negativity out & positivity in, May the the roof be sound and the walls be sturdy and may they ring with the sounds of happiness & joyFrom this day forward, so mote it beLet the incense complete its burning and snuff the candle when ready. Continue to burn daily until done. Pop the rose quartz on the fireplace by a family picture and pour the water to the earth. Enjoy your fab ‘new’ homeThe Green Witch, 59-61 High Street, ABERDOUR, Fife, Scotland, KY3 0SJ, Tel: 01383 860106, Web:

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