One of the first crystals I obtained, and continue to wear always, is the sunshine stone, citrine. This is the stone of health, wealth and happiness, and one of the commonest I have found to be given as a gift for someone else. The stone doesn’t hold onto negativity so never needs to be cleansed (one of only three to do that, the others being Kyanite & Super 7). It influences business pursuits and education matters, so good for direction and is a solar plexus stone – the centre of our very being and our conscious mind – helps with problem solving and study. It is also referred to as the Merchant’s stone, so a piece always remains in my till as a just in case, so that wealth and prosperity are always attracted to the business. A point to note, however, is that this is an unscrupulous world, and the majority of citrine on the market is actually heat-treated amethyst so beware and buy only from traders you can trust (like me). A Cluster of citrine are a natural giveaway… Citrine clusters are very rare, so unless they carry a hell of a price tag, you will know the shop is selling you a product that isn’t what it says it is.
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