This stone is totally unmistakeable with its blue/turquoise/green colour. I remember a sphere I got in that was fantastic and looked just like the earth from the moon – that is its colours. It grows alongside azurite and malachite and sometimes a stone can contain all three. It has always been looked upon as a stone of luck and prosperity. This stone is a friend of woman, enhancing femininity and self-confidence in the feminine aspect of ourselves, so chrysocolla helps women to feel their best, be their best and get rid of any doubts or negative thoughts they may have about themselves. It dispels PMT, balances the hormones and the emotions and relieves tension and stress. It teaches women that, rather than try to fit in with everyone else (what I call the put up and shut up attitude), that they should attempt to “mould” those around to fit in with them instead – strength of the female – woman doesn’t mean weakness. It inspires truth and wisdom and brings joy instead of guilt (that emotion that seems to plague women these days). It can also motivate to do what you want to do and not what is expected of you – two totally different things so helps to enhance your personal power! Wearing this stone also magickally helps to attract love into your life and can help stabilize rocky relationships if directed to do so. What a beautiful and very clever little stone!!
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