This blue stone is certainly a calming and healing stone, turning chaos into peace and pain into harmony in its search to find hope and bliss and bring it into your life. Just holding it and looking at its peaceful colour is like eating chocolate – the worry, stress and tension just melt away and helps you see how to actually enjoy life – something some people just don’t know how to do!! If there is a problem to solve, then it helps look at the situation from all angles and not just one – again something sometimes needed in order to solve the issue at hand. You can use Celestite to channel, astral travel or remember dreams – especially if trying to solve a problem or get an answer. It may even help to see the fairies and enlist their help. If you are arty or musical, then this is the stone for you, as it seems to help you communicate to others through your art what it is you are trying to manifest in your product, whether music, paintings or design. See what I mean about this stone so don’t waste time and miss this opportunity as it may not be available like this again.
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