Yule 2021

Yule Newsletter 21 December 2021

Well, it’s been a tough year but we have made it through 2021. As with this global pandemic, now to make it through the winter without the new variant spreading too much throughout the world would be fantastic and we would know that it is all good from here…but only time will tell!

As the days grow darker and colder, and we have had our first frost plus a slight dusting of snow, we are on our way to the shortest day. This is usually also heralded by the shops playing your favourite festive tunes sang by Michael Bubbles or Mariah Carey, and the windows lit up with coloured lights and sparkly trees. Maybe, Santa will make an appearance with his elves or team of reindeer or maybe the fairy godmother with sparkly wings will appear at a school near you. Regardless of your belief system, this time of year is all about family and spending quality time with them (if not cut short like last year) and also about the magick of Christmas. Kids may seem to grow up sooner these days, but this is the time we can put a little magick and mystery back into their lives and show them there is more to life than computer games and the latest I-phone. This is about family…the best Christmas Alan & I spent was with all our kids and some stupid games…nothing like a magnificent dinner, a couple glasses of bubbly and then out with the games…Charades and quizzes are favoured in our house and you are talking kids & grandkids divided into male v female or oldest v youngsters…oh yes, us oldies showed them how it should be done!! Making fun memories is what this time is all about, even more so coming out of a war with a virus…fun, magick and mystery just to lighten the load a little for a week or two! There is no routine at this time and Christmas is what you make it. One year, as the Radio mentioned the smell of the Roast beginning to fill the kitchen, I realised there was no smell of cooking…yep, had put the turkey in and had forgot to switch the oven on …a major disaster in some homes but ‘lunch will be late kids’ in ours!! Christmas is not about perfection, it is about family, being together and having a laugh…this is the lesson of the pandemic: enjoy the day, chat with those who are not able to join you, eat and drink the best you can afford, only spend what you can afford, if visiting, take to share and simply live your best life!

The magick of the Yuletide Pine tree…

The Scot’s pine is one of my favourite trees and I simply love the aroma of the essential oil. It is our only native Pine tree and is thought to be the first tree to establish after the ice age. The young tree is a conical shape like other pines, but then the lower branches die off to leave a bare red trunk and the growth further up flattens out to give it its distinctive shape. They can grow up to 40 metres tall in lowlands but much taller on the mountains, and at one time, this fine tree covered most of Scotland till it began to get cleared for agriculture in the Neolithic period. It also allows for light so that life still goes on under a canopy of the Scots pine trees. It is traditional to bring greenery into the home at Yule and the Pine is the favourite tree to decorate as it heralds guidance at the beginning of the year. Its colours of red and green became the colours of Yule as the Scot’s Pine stood out in a bleak, grey northern winter. Its hardiness and vitality ensured the promise of life in even the harshest weather… and even in those darkest of days, it gave the promise of the Sun’s return, new life and regeneration …after all, cut down a Scot’s Pine tree and it may look dead, but new stems of growth will appear from its much-alive roots!

At Yule, we decorate the Pine tree – something we inherited from our Viking roots as a way of honouring the spirit of the tree and to help encourage growth to return with the Spring.

After Yule, the days begin their journey once more to the longest day and the Pine encourages us to break new ground and overcome problems, whilst the aroma of the Pine fumigates the air, refreshes the mind, stimulates the circulation, clears the house of stagnant energy and helps overcome bad luck, illness and depression. Boughs of pine would be hung over the bed of sick or weak people to ward off illness, and hung in the home to draw energy, vitality & strength (or I simply use the oil in warm water to clean my floors and woodwork – works just the same!).

Decorating our home with Nature’s finest…

Obviously, the main thing is home greenery such as the tree, mistletoe, holly and ivy, as they simply bring the very essence of Nature into the home, reminding us that the Earth is alive and plentiful, even at the darkest part of the year. When decorating your tree or home, we are looking forward, as the tree points to our future. Encourage hope and luck by filling your tree with symbolic positivity to bring a year of plenty for you and your family: tree lights, tinsel and baubles all represent the Sun at its darkest and weakest, and lighting the home helps attract a year of warmth, light and plenty for the household. Think carefully when decorating your tree – silver baubles are the moon, red, orange and gold ones are the Sun. Pine cones, cinnamon sticks, orange slices and nuts all make great tree decorations for luck and abundance, coins and chocolate bring luxury & wealth to your home and the Goddess or Star on the top of the tree oversees your festivities from on high. Think wisely how you decorate your home and it can help attract a year of luck, abundance and positivity and after Covid, we need all the help we can get!

Talking of Mistletoe…

Sacred to the Druids, mistletoe is hung over the front door at Yule to help protect the home from any misfortune and also hung over the bedhead for fertility, restful sleep and good dreams. This year’s mistletoe will be arriving and on sale by 15th. Keep the herb cool until Yule, spraying with a fine mist of slightly warm water daily. Then at dusk on 21st, light your yule candle (or candles in the yule log beautifully surrounded by holly, ivy and pine), pass the mistletoe through the flames quickly, and hang inside the front door. Remove the old bunch (carefully, as no doubt will collapse as soon as you move it) & burn if you have had a rough year or recycle if it wasn’t all bad!

Pagan Sachet for Yule…

It is customary at Yule to hang the Mistletoe, but this year we definitely need something extra. An old Yule recipe was prepared and wrapped in either green or red cloth and given as gifts at this time using 12 herbs for the 12 festive days. Using my own version of Juniper berries, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, rosemary, cinnamon, mistletoe, rice, orange flowers, lavender, lemongrass and Wishing Grains, all mixed together for love, luck, prosperity, harmony, and happiness. I have done this previously but think this year, we should prepare lots as we all need every bit of help we can muster to get life back on track. These pouches are something you can do too for friends and family. Simply light incense and candles on your altar and mix the blend of herbs and spices in a bowl with your fingers saying “Luck and prosperity, happiness and harmony” as you mix the blend together. Spoon it into green or red pouches and give as gifts to friends and family who need a little luck, love or abundance in their lives. They can then add wishes on paper, roll into scrolls and slide in before hanging. We all need a little more hope this year!

The Yule stones of transformation…Alexandrite and Moldavite…

It is a funny old world, but I purchased just a little of the rare natural raw Alexandrite some 10+ years ago and, because it was so expensive and just a little pack of them, put them somewhere safe so I didn’t lose them, and yes, there they stayed, having fell behind my old work bag, and waited until the aftermath of a global pandemic to resurface alongside the purchase of what may be the final Moldavite I will ever set my hands on! So why now?

         ‘Emerald by day, Ruby by night’

Alexandrite was named after the Russian Czar Alexander 2nd and was very popular with the Russian Aristocracy as it showed their imperial colours! It is an odd stone but immediately spottable as it is a blue/green in daylight but a red/purple in artificial light. It is a stone of faith, hope, love, success and transformation which attracts good fortune and prosperity…what’s not to like, rare and expensive as it is!!

The meteor stone from the Moldau Valley…

A meteor crashed to Earth some 15million years ago in Czechoslovakia and the melted material created from this crash was what we now know as Moldavite, from the Valley itself. It has to come from the Moldau Valley in the now Czech Republic to be Moldavite…no new find in the USA, or creations from China will be this transformative stone, so accept nothing less! This green ‘powerhouse’ is an amazing crystal, but don’t get some just because someone you know has some…do not purchase until you are ready for what it has in store for you!! Each person’s lesson will be different. It can make you feel hot, dizzy or even panicky when you first get it (known as the Moldavite Flush) so this is why you must introduce your two energies very, very slowly and allow both to get used to each other. Once you have got to know your new bestie, it will allow a greater understanding of where your life is going, what needs to be done and opens up the Universal world of infinite possibilities and helps you to tap into them! I have loved the stuff for years, once I found ‘my piece’ and hope this little pairing of ‘green mightiness’ might just give you the transformation you need to head on into 2022 with a new vigour for life and change…come on, you can do it!!

Festive aromas…

Annually, the festive four are made as usual. What I love about my yuletide oils is the variety of changing smells each year. Because the orange oil that year smells sweeter than last or the frankincense smells fresher, I never know which will be my favourite (last year was Yuletide Celebrations) so wonder what will be yours?

Childhood memories, made with mum’s kitchen in mind with orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, tangerine & clove

Winter wonderland is the smell of a market’s festive greenery with Scot’s pine, cedarwood, Cypress & nutmeg

Christmas Welcome is made to welcome visitors into your home with tangerine, geranium, cinnamon & sweet orange

Yuletide celebrations is my magickal festive blend of Pine, tangerine, cinnamon, frankincense, myrrh & clove

Festive Shop closure

Christmas falls beautifully on a weekend this year, so we will be open Mon – Sat 10.30 till 5.00,

then close up 4pm Xmas Eve,

re-open as usual 28th – 30th Dec from 11 till 4,

close for Hogmanay & New Year,

then re-open hopefully back to normal on Tue 4thJan, unless anything changes …so keep a check on our FB and website pages.

Moon times…

Full Moon:        Sun 19 Dec @ 04.36 hrs          New Moon:       Sun 2 Jan @ 18.34 hrs

Full Moon:        Mon 17 Jan @ 23.49 hrs          New Moon:       Tue 1 Feb @ 05.47 hrs

May your Yule be Cool and Happy 2022. Bright blessings & enjoy your festive fun from

Chris (alias the Green Witch)


Samhain 2021

Samhain Newsletter 31 October 2021

The mornings are dark on waking, the air feels damp and cold and the chilly wind blows the yellowing leaves off the trees and down the street… rustling leaves and skeleton trees mean it must be time for Halloween!!

Samhain (pronounced sow-in) signifies the start of winter, on the run-up to the shortest day. The Holly King has control over the Oak King as he stands proud with his leaves all in place and red berries bright for all to see, whilst the remainder of the broadleaf trees become naked until the spring. It’s time to bring out the thermals, winter coat and waterproof boots…yes, this is the beginning of the Celtic year, marking the start of winter.

Nowadays, we see Halloween as the night of ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night, but it is the night when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest and we remember those who have gone from our lives. The children may love to go door to door dressed as ghosts and witches in the hope for a treat, but this is the night witches seek to find out what the next year holds on our Celtic New Year’s Eve.

Decorate your altar and home with orange and black candles, burn divination incense, and light a jack o’lantern in the window to guide the good spirits to your home. You can use a pumpkin, but in Britain it should be a swede, using its contents for soup, and the face should be scary as possible to keep the unwanted spirits away!

Seeing the Future…

Samhain is the night to try and predict the future, and the link with the spirit world allows us to do this. People have done this gathered round the fire at this time of year to see their future love… everything from peeling apples to get the first letter of their first name from fallen peel to faces in the mirror in the dark!! Some odd games were made for this time, but the best way is to sit in candlelight, with incense burning, and scry with a crystal ball, shuffle and lay tarot cards or pick cards from an oracle and do a reading in the quiet whilst the veil is thin, and discover what the next year holds.

If all else fails, then this is the night of the pendulum…simple to use and easy to get hold of without breaking the bank…write your list of questions and let the pendulum answer them for you! We carry lots in the shop – don’t buy one online - it has to move first! The pendulum should be from natural material like crystal, wood, metal or seed, and when you pick it up, it should feel right in your hand and move freely.

You can also use dowsing rods but they are not for me. First used for finding water, dowsing and dowsing rods have been used for thousands of years, whether to find minerals, locate water or simply answer questions. This was supressed by the Christian Church during the Inquisition, as you should not be able to get answers from spiritual means without it being via a Priest! However, using this as a method to find water made it indispensable, so was not in question and made it through. Although thought to be mainly superstition to use this method in the 20th Century, it is still used today to find Earth energy such as Ley Lines and water under many sacred spaces. Why not find your method of dowsing, whether by metal rods or crystal pendulum, and keep yourself on the right track!

Catch a falling leaf and put it in your pocket…

One of my favourite autumnal past-times is to catch a leaf as it falls from the tree! There is magick in a leaf falling and then being caught by human hands before it reaches the ground…not as simple as it sounds! Once it hits the ground, the magick is lost but catch that leaf and to me, the next 12 months will be filled with happiness and good health. Try it yourself and see, because we all need every bit of luck we can get to get life back on track!!

The Samhain Flames…

I know most are used to bonfire night on 5th November, but it is a magickal night indeed when you can have a fire on Halloween (weather permitting). To the Celts, fire was very important and in days gone by, the fire was kept going 24/7, but would be extinguished on Samhain, then embers carried from the village fire high on the hill and used to relight the fire in homes. A symbol of anything that had plagued the community would be made and burned on the Samhain flames…can we make a representative of a Covid-19 virus?? Just a thought…

The allure of the simple Agate…

The Vikings used Agate with a double headed axe to find things whilst the Saxons thought it defeated the Devil. The Romans used it, crushed & diluted with sweet fruit juice, as was said to cure insanity & diseases of the kidneys and spleen, and the Egyptians used it to repel intestinal issues. In 1500’s Italy, Agate was used to ‘turn away lightning’ and ‘stop a storm’ whilst farmers hung it over the stable entrance to keep evil from the door. Most of all, in times gone by, brown agate gave victory to a warrior, protected them from poisonous reptiles, increased intelligence, repelled fevers and madness whilst attracting love, riches, happiness and a long life…what a stone!! Not an exciting crystal to look at in its natural form, but I love it. It’s generally used for strengthening, grounding, stabilizing & centring to bring balance & harmony to life. It boosts courage and gives support during conflict, anger and day-to-day issues, problems & stress. It is also helpful in setting goals and achieving a successful outcome, and when something or someone has outlived their part in your life, Agate helps support you in letting them go. It also attracts good things into your life and helps you give thanks for all that the Universe brings... what’s not to want!

Coping with change…

Our lives are continually changing, but this last 18 months or so, outside forces have brought more changes to our lives than usual during our lifetime. Someone like me who lives by fate, will deal with it in my own way, using the pendulum and tarot cards to check that all will be well…but not everyone is the same as me!! Even though this thing is not yet over, life must go forward, and this Samhain is a perfect time to begin that forward move. None of us like change, especially forced change, and for some, this has led to anxiety and insecurity, fear and sadness, so maybe a little witchy stuff may help!! Samhain is all about letting go of the past and beginning afresh with our best foot forward, so here are a few witchy tips that may help in some small way…

  1. Talisman of courage:

There are certain crystals I wear in certain situations…these are my lucky talisman pendants and can help me get through anything stressful. Choosing agate, carnelian, tiger eye or hematite, let this be your talisman of courage. Light a white tea-light in a holder and place in front of it 3 cleansed clear Quartz points or tumbles in a triangle.

Once chosen, this specific stone will be your talisman of courage and should be only used as such!

Hold tightly in your hands, close your eyes and visualise yourself facing whatever fills you with dread. See yourself surrounded by bright orange light radiating outwards like the Sun (think Teletubbies) and being triumphant.

‘I stand filled with Fire and Courage, and bravely walk into “…work/the town/the train/ whatever stresses you out…” & finish with “So mote it be”. Now balance the stone on the top of the triangle. That is its resting place for recharging, so use it when you need extra courage and replace when done. Recharge your triangle with incense and a tea light whenever you feel the need for extra help.

  1. Facing your fear…

Fear is primal and is part of us to keep us safe and alive. It helps us with fight or flight, but too much is really detrimental to health and can effectively paralyze us, the opposite effect needed!! A good stone for this is Seraphinite, helping us to overcome these fears whilst radiating well-being and allowing our internal compass to navigate our way out of the unknown emotions being turned upside down to a safe haven.

  1. A little bit of Ginger…

Ginger is an amazing root full of Fire. Find a ‘human-like’ piece of fresh ginger and a little box or bag to carry it in. Decorate the figure with 3 yellow ribbons tied around ‘wrists, leg’ or ‘waist’ (but not neck). As you tie each ribbon, kiss the knot to wish for luck and say as you tie each knot “In all the journeys in my life, keep me protected and safe from strife.” Place your little man of courage in its box or cloth bag and carry with you on your travels to keep you safe and protected whilst out and about in the big wide world.

  1. Don’t forget Ganesh…remover of obstacles…

Ganesh is Lord of new beginnings and he sits in my shop in the crystal window to keep me moving along safely. He is the elephant-headed God, ensuring success in difficult times. Simply lighting incense to him daily will ensure his help. Find a Ganesh statue or a small elephant and make a wee sacred space for him to sit and light Sandalwood incense daily. When asking for his help, bring your hands together, pointing to your forehead, and bow before him to enlist his help. With your need/obstacle written on a piece of paper, place it under the statue and say”

‘God of wisdom & strength, bringer of success, help me in these times

Mould them, shape them, bring them together and make these wishes mine

Praise be Ganesh

Bow once more. Daily burn incense and let him work his magic for you. Once a new way has been shown to you to overcome your obstacle, thank him for your good fortune and continue with his daily offerings. Works for me….

Normality at the shop…

We have now returned to normal trading at the shop as vulnerable customers began to not need special shopping as they began to adapt to the new normal. We are continuing with our 5-day opening now I have extra helpers to help this old bat manage running the shop. We have been so busy…I mean really busy…that we have been working flat out just to keep the shop shelves stocked, though I have problems finding some items including bottles… I am blaming Mercury retrograde as all down to transportation…we have bottles but no tops and lids but no jars so bottling is an issue which I hope to get resolved during November but you may have to wait for your favourite items!! I am however, doing my best to ensure the shop is well stocked and gaps filled with new ‘stuff’!

Moon Times:

New Moon:       Thu 4 Nov @ 21.15 hrs             Full Moon:        Fri 19 Nov @ 09.03 hrs

New Moon:       Sat 4 Dec @ 07.35 hrs            Full Moon:        Sun 19 Dec @ 04.36 hrs

Stay well and happy and make sure you look after you and yours…

Spooky Samhain blessings from the Green Witch

Mabon 2021

Mabon Newsletter 22 September 2021

Welcome to Mabon where I am writing this after my visit to Orkney! My trip over the UK’s most dangerous strip of water, the Pentland Firth, was painless and the weather on Orkney, sublime until the final day…and time to go back home, via a stop off at Aviemore. More on that later…

The nights are now pulling in, closing the curtains not long after tea, and when we begin to wake up and it is now longer daylight but barely dawn, it can only mean we must be at the Autumnal Equinox, when the darkness begins to overcome the light as the wheel of the year turns once more. Where did summer go? We have been so busy at the shop this year due to ‘staycations’ and greeting our returning regulars once more, a treat, but the shop is needing restocked now schools are back to get it looking fab again…it has been a mess and restocking a nightmare but hopefully, we will now get time to have a good clear up and tidy and all will be well again.

The Equinox is a great time to check out and update your wish box, especially now life is as normal as we shall get for a while. How will your life/career/relationship move forward? What needs adjusting, what needs releasing and what parts are ok? How would you like your life to come out of the winter looking? What would you like to learn? The winter was a time of study, creativity and making, so think about how you can spend the winter productively and what you would like to create in your life! Not got one? Find on my ‘Calm your life’ sheet…

Also, how are you going to look after your mental, physical and spiritual well-being over the winter? Although most restrictions here have been lifted, facial coverings are still mandatory in shops to keep infections down. With colds and flu having been in hiding since the Covid pandemic began, we will see them now run alongside, so it is imperative that you keep your body fit and well over the winter and your immune system boosted. Take Vitamins C & D, plus Echinacea or Thyme tincture, and add tea tree to your baths (Niaouli for kids), all to help boost your system to fight the onslaught of infection expected. Remember, it is also important to take time out for yourself. This is something I have now learned to do, and am no longer willing to work 60+ hours a week …a lesson from the pandemic is there needs to be much more balance in our work, rest and play. This balance is maybe something you can also address over winter. Use the winter to give your body a chance to relax. Maybe we all need a little family hibernation time over winter, even though we have had 18 months lockdown! Have a family ‘game night’ once a week or do a family jigsaw on the floor. Mum taught me to knit and to sew over winter nights as a child, so why not teach the kids a life skill. In the days of ‘power cuts’ we played a lot of cards as a family. There are lots of ways you can spend winter nights productively so don’t just fester in front of the tv… get crafty with the family!!

However, I think one of the main things we should all do this equinox is congratulate ourselves for surviving 18 long months of Hell. Well done!! Pour yourself a glass of your favourite tipple to go with your favourite food and give yourselves a big pat on the back because, as Barry says, “We’ve made it through the rain…”

New Feature: the Celtic magick of The Woodland

I need to mark these new times with a new feature to go with the new normal in our lives now, so decided on the magick of trees for support and structure. The Celts and Druids loved and honoured them, and used them as law, language and guidance, so is just what we need at this time to help us rebuild. If you think about it, some British trees have stood for hundreds of years, overseeing financial disasters, plagues, wars, and so much more and yet are still standing, strong and proud, so let’s turn to the magick of our woodlands for help, support and strength.  In season at the moment is the humble bramble, or blackberry if you want its proper name! No matter what I do, they insist on living both in my back garden and behind the shop! Their vines twist and bend and scramble and climb and survive any weather Scotland can throw at them!! Leave a patch of land barren and the bramble will take it over, planting many small babies from just one stem. We have all picked brambles as kids and remember those thorns scratching us, as we try to get hold of its delicious, sweet Vitamin C enriched fruit! It is said that if you serve a bramble and apple pie to your partner, it will inspire lusting impulses and pouring bramble sauce or jam on porridge will bring good health and abundance!! However, the fruit should not be picked after Samhain as they then belong to the birds and the Fairy folk!! The lesson from our humble bramble is to collect knowledge from many directions and explore many paths, but don’t get caught in the thorns of greed before tasting the sweet fruit of wisdom!

Bramble charm against poverty

On Mabon, find a bramble bush and cut a wee piece stem (thanking it for its help). Carefully strip it of its bark and thorns, tie a piece of gold thread or ribbon to it and hang by your entrance door. As each member leaves for their day, get them to touch it for luck and to protect all the household against financial hardship and struggle.

Quantum Quattro wants to play…

Every time I went to shift this big bag of stones, it came undone and chucked itself all over the floor. Sellotape it up, put big bands round it, whatever I did, the stones kept leaking out, so I gave in and decided this stone must need to ‘go out into the world’ so we’re popping a piece in every bag of shopping…but what does it do?

Take the adventurous qualities of malachite, the healing aspect of Dioptase, the serenity of chrysocolla and the spirituality of shattukite, mix it all up with earthy protective smoky quartz and you have this fabulous stone of transformation…well, look what’s in it, and the way it made its presence felt! It certainly seems to want to be out there working, not hiding amongst the masses in my stockroom!! I didn’t like this stone at first, judging by its hotch-potch look, but when I actually took time to look, play and spend time with it, I realised its potential!! It was certainly nagging at me to pay attention and get it out there!!

As soon as I held a piece and started to carry it with me, I didn’t want to be without it, yet I have never seen it in jewellery. This stone can help open things up and move life on, which is definitely the point of this autumn, yet it instantly seems to calm and comfort, which again is helpful, after the fears, upset and trauma of the pandemic. A stone of movement, I feel it can support folk into moving their lives forward. Even when you don’t know what to do next, it helps to clear the way, open things up, get rid of negative thinking and move onward. Past hurt emotions seem to disappear and I can even “go above” irrational and bad behaviour from others, and rise over it. A crystal brimming with loving vibrations, it is majorly beneficial to relationships with those close to you, and brings about a tranquility seldom felt, that I just want this stone with me at all times at the moment. As a healing stone, it can help leave bad thoughts, habits, destructive behaviour and addictions behind that no longer serve, and the stone to me feels like a tonic of well-being to the body, dissolving stress and fighting fatigue. I feel in power of my life to get it back on track as I want, yet serene in that I know everything will be ok. I hope it does it for you too!!

Turn the house into your gym…and avoid Sarcopenia!!

Before lockdown, I could sling boxes of crystals about the stockroom no problem…then the world changed. Suddenly crystals were not the call of the day and the shop became ‘magickal Amazon’ followed by the flood! When, 12-15 months later, things got back to normal within the shop, hauling boxes about now seemed much more of an issue!! Where had my strength gone? I had been reading a book by Dr Rangan Chatterjee called ‘The 4 Pillar plan’ over lockdown. Books like this usually get chucked rather quickly, but this doctor made sense to me, so kept on with my bedtime reading. It was here I discovered the reason my strength had disappeared and it’s all down to age-related Sarcopenia! Apparently, once we pass 30, we begin to lose muscle mass…who knew?? I have never been one for gyms, but always tried to keep my weight down, fitness & bone density up, and I have a busy lifestyle so thought that was enough! WRONG!! Over 30, you lose up to 5% muscle mass per decade…ok then! 50-60 and that turns to 3% a year, so over 10 years, that’s 30% muscle gone…and it doesn’t stop! No wonder I can no longer throw those boxes about like I used to a few years ago! If it gets really serious, you can be down to 50% muscle mass lost by 70, which can have a detrimental effect on longevity, health and mind. I am referring to this now, because I am laid up after a fall…once, I would have held on, but this lack of strength in my arms and core got me hurt! This is the 3rd major accident in 5 years, so I must now try and turn the trend and get my muscle back and the situation reversed. I had already begun my strength programme before the fall, but it’ll take years rather than weeks…not only by walking daily (I average over 80,000 steps per week) but also by turning my house into a gym!

When you watch a youngster, even when they watch tv, they are always moving! Lives have become too sedentary now, and in an effort to keep myself from becoming a “barrel” following menopause, I began to move more, but lockdown did nobody any favours, so I began to follow my grandson, who never stops, and do more to push my steps and active minutes up in my day, but following the Doc’s advice, then included strength exercises alongside walking! Turns out it is quite easy to do 10 x lunges and 10 x squats whilst cleaning my teeth, side lunges and toe raises whilst drying my hair, 15 minutes step with weights whilst watching tv and so on. Once you get a routine to move more, it’s really easy to do, but this accident has proven how quickly this situation ‘comes upon you’ and these ‘accidents’ are part of this muscle loss. This week, I can do very little and this was only a small fall, but can start a downward trend that only then aggravates the situation. Over this winter, take the advice of one who now knows: with winter coming, don’t fester in front of the tv, but find ways to move more, keep that muscle mass up and reverse that unseen ageing…turns out that getting older isn’t just about the wrinkles!!

Recycle your Green Witch bottles please….

Recycling these days goes without saying, but I just wanted to remind you that any bottle purchased from my shop can be brought back in and you will be given 10p back on the clear jars and bottles and 15p back on brown or green. Also, no need to clean them… you can rinse out in water but it is easier for me to get the labels off if they are not pre-rinsed in a dishwasher…it seals on the labels and makes it harder to then get them off again! Thank you

Moon Times:

Full Moon:        Tue 21 Sep @ 00.55 hrs          New Moon:       Wed 6 Oct @ 12.06 hrs

Full Moon:        Wed 20 Oct @ 15.57 hrs         Mercury Retrograde Mon 27 Sep – Mon 18 Oct (just saying…)

Brightest blessings to you all. Keep safe &stay well…

Chris (alias the Green Witch)

Lammas 2021

How quickly is the summer going? The weather in July is usually always below par in Scotland…in fact, it is a fact it is the wettest month of the year…warm, wet and very changeable…but something we get used to living here. Always layer your clothes so you can put on/take off as needed and all is well! The plentiful summer rain is what makes Scotland so green and pleasant and enables waterfalls to spring up everywhere. However, this year, St Swithin’s Day was sunny, hot and dry…woohoo…that rarely happens so it should mean that our weather should be much better!! We will see, but nice and warm and dry so far…

Who can also believe that it is a year since the flood on 11th August…we have survived, re-built, re-opened and are now well stocked and busier than ever, even with the current restrictions. Everyone is having holidays at home so extra business for all, which is much needed, and is very welcome to all village shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants everywhere and we all thank you for your business… much appreciated!!

Lammas is the beginning of Autumn and when we should ‘make hay whilst the sun shines’… the fields are golden and the crops sway in the warm breeze awaiting the first of the harvests. They have begun picking the summer fruits and this is the lull before the storm…time for fun before the hard work of getting in the harvest. The farmer will choose his days well to get the crops in, but ‘making hay’ is also a saying that we should live life to the full, and as we begin to see some form of normality returning, we can begin to embrace life once again, socialising with our family and friends. There is a middle ground to be found as we head along this road forward, and as with all good things, everything should be in moderation. Enjoy life, enjoy friends, enjoy socialising, but carefully, so we don’t have to go one step forward and two steps back!! Just saying…

Help…which one? White Sage, Palo Santo or Frankincense…? Which is best?

A question I am often asked, which is best? Which one do I use? As purifying/smudging/cleansing is necessary to keep negativity away, especially now after the negativity and anxiety from lockdowns during the pandemic, I figured I would just explain my thoughts for you to decide.

Frankincense resin is the reason incense is called such…because all incense contains a little of the transforming Frankincense, and has been used since Egyptian times where it honoured the Sun God, Ra. When burned, it releases powerful vibrations within the smoke to uplift those in that vicinity, but also to drive out evil and negativity…the reason it is used in Catholic churches…to purify the congregation! The Boswellia tree is found in Africa, India and southern Arabia and is best used on charcoal discs, the smoke then used to clear spaces, places or crystals. Other herbs can be added to the resin to create your own incense. At home, I simply crush juniper berries with it to purify my home and get rid of any negative energies from the day! Quick, aromatic and my absolute favourite!

The simplest method to clear your home of negativity is the smudge stick – the well-known sacred Sage from the Native Americans and they have used this smoke since ancient times to cleanse with a smoke bath either a room, a person, an object or place of negative energies. When the smoke floats away, it takes the negativity with it. Smudging with sage is quick and easy and can quickly uplift the energies. It’s like sitting on a beach with a salt sea breeze – it just makes you feel in a happier place! Like salt lamps or sea air, it releases negative ions into the air which uplifts the energy of a space and transmutes the negativity.

The final of the trio is Palo Santo – the Mexicans Holy Wood from their sacred Palo Santo Tree. When burned, which is slower than the others, they believe it to release medicinal and therapeutic healing energy, which comes from the fragrant relaxing sweet smell. I love the smell of our pine forests so imagine what a forest of these smell like…wow!! They believe it bestows blessings of good fortune on all who are lucky enough to use it.

Any clearer? Personally, I think they all cleanse and purify the place, object, person or space of negative energies and uplift an environment – same job and purpose, just from different cultures and continents, and would use any of the three…just a matter of actually doing it with the preferred tool of choice!

Other ways of cleansing can be with sea salt, with sound, selenite and salt lamps…the choice is endless. Whether blasting Beethoven, banging drums or ringing your singing bowl, the important thing is to keep your home clear.

Garden remedies to get your brain back working…

Anyone suffering from ‘brain fog’? For me, lockdown and then the flood has stopped my normal run of questions. Because my brain was not tested at the same level, I feel like I have forgotten more than I can remember, and my brain is generally even slower than usual…which is slow enough seems as retirement has so far passed me by!

So how can we help clear the fog, get our brain out of lockdown mode and back into work mode?

Rosemary is a European herb that features in most herb gardens…if you see rosemary in a front garden, it tells you that a strong woman lives here! As a folk remedy, it has been used for everything from fainting, nervousness, anxiety, exhaustion, lethargy, depression, dizziness, fading sight, feebleness, foolishness, drowsiness, convulsions, hangovers and even insanity, so it has been well tested over the centuries!!

It is an amazing tonic to the brain and heightens concentration, so add a few drops rosemary essential oil to a tissue and inhale to wake up your brain and clear the fog! Dilute the oil and rub into temples if lethargic or tired and get your kick back! (If Rosemary is too strong, try Basil or Petitgrain oil instead!)

Another cottage garden plant is Lemon Balm. It was a medieval tonic to lift the spirits and strengthen the heart! It is still used to lifts spirits, calm the mind and keeps anxiety at bay, that much we know, but can also improve memory and aid concentration. Make a tea from fresh leaves from your garden to clear the mind and aid study. I also like it in oil form (Melissa) for lethargy and melancholy…maybe even add both lemon balm and rosemary to that tissue or that cup of herbal tea and inhale or drink for a cheery and enthusiastic approach to the day.

Crystals for clear thinking…

As anyone that has met me in person will tell you, I always have crystals in my pocket, often in my bra and always jewellery in pendant, earrings and bracelet forms to provide help in whatever way I need it. I will wear something and if I have a fab day, will keep in situ and if not, then I will change it until I get the vibe I am looking for. To help me strengthen my memory and concentration but also my motivation and analytic function, here are some of my favourite stones to help me get my mojo moving again… and maybe solve a problem or two for you too.

Agate: improves strength & courage to begin getting out & about again and aids concentration and decision making.

Ametrine: improves clarity and concentration to help you think through the possibilities and find solutions.

Carnelian: helps improve analytic ability, concentration and mental tiredness & lethargy

Citrine: its sunshine revitalises the mind, aids concentration and confidence and improves motivation

Fluorite: my healthy do-all, it aids confidence, mental processing of information and promotes quick thinking

Hematite: boosts your survivability, so aids focus to bring the mind back to here & now so you can sort issues!

Lepidolite: helps you focus on what is important & make decisions, accepting change and what is, not what was.

Smoky Quartz: dissolves negative thoughts whilst promoting pragmatism and confident communication

I was also going to write about the Golden healer, something I had just got but hadn’t seen for over 10 years, but we sold all the smaller pieces before this could go to print…so no point now!

However, I have had Golden Topaz lying about my work area for a few weeks and, as it is such a sunny stone, thought it was worth a mention. If you are looking for motivation, confidence, generosity and good health, although Citrine is my 1st choice, Golden Topaz is my 2nd and often wear earrings as you feel the stone gives your battery a re-charge! It helps rid tension and fears whilst strengthening optimism and faith that all will be well and says ‘just put your best foot forward and go’! This stone of sunshine and happiness is for sharing your good fortune, helping spread it among others, so that is what I, for one, am going to do!

The magic of 7…

I love odd numbers and work with them in all I do. I live at No 5 and my shop is 59-71 which equates to 5 and 7…!! I was thinking about something to aid wish-making and came up with a list of 7 herbs, which seemed a perfect fit. After all, there are 7 days in a week, 7 colours of the rainbow, 7 natural wonders of the world, 7 chakras in the body, 7 continents on our planet, 7 planets in our solar system and of course, 7 deadly sins!!

It has been a tough few weeks with some not liking how I currently run my shop. On the other hand, I have had some very appreciative customers who value and adore my shop and for them, I am truly grateful as they far outweigh the ones that give me a hard time! One lesson I think is certain from the pandemic is that life is short and if your work/life balance is lacking, then time to think about changes. I for one am not going back to working all hours so watch out for updates…and ignore Google!! If one more person says… “but Google says you’re open…!! I decide when I open and close, not Google and my times are very (ish) – suggestions, not rules!!!

Times are still difficult and not back to normality yet. I know no-one likes wearing face masks or coverings but they are still mandatory in shops here in Scotland to help keep others safe. If you are medically exempt, then I really appreciate those who come in wearing their lanyard or offer up their exemption certificate so I don’t have to ask. We will get back to normal one day but doubt if it will be before 2022 so help me follow the rules to keep my customers & staff safe, and please give others space & time in the shop. There will be little magickal extras for those who follow the rules…as my mum would say, ‘reward for effort’. You make the effort, wear that mask or lanyard, there will be a little magickal extra in your shopping to say thank you and wish you well while stocks last.

Moon times:

New Moon:       Sun 8 Aug @ 14.50 hrs            Full Moon:        Sun 22 Aug @ 13.02 hrs

New Moon:       Tue 7 Sep @ 01.52 hrs            Full Moon:        Tue 21 Sep @ 00.55 hrs

May the sun lighten your load and bring happy vibrations to you and yours.

Bright blessings from

Chris (alias the Green Witch)

Midsummer 2021

Midsummer Newsletter 21 June 2021

We should be thankful that the opening up of our world has been happening as the days grow longer and here we are now at the longest day hoping that some form of normality will be forthcoming at some point through the summer. The weather for lockdown last summer was amazing but, as I emerged from the flood at the beginning of March, I was not happy that it came in like a lamb as there was only one way out, and it sure did last some… but at last, we have finally seen the sunshine return in June which I’m expecting to be dry, as March was dry…we’ll see!

The longer days have seen the shop opening for all on 3 days per week, and has been very busy, though Mercury retrograde has forced me not to react to criticism or rotten reviews… hey-ho, you can’t please all of the people all of the time and there will be clashes of personality and expectation of what my shop should be! All that said, it has been, on the most part, good to be back and most like the shop’s new look, even though it seems some would have preferred me to have stayed away, and no, I won’t move & go live elsewhere!!!! More on the shop later…

So, we find ourselves at the time of the year where the nights don’t get dark in Scotland – as the light is going down at one side of the night sky, the dawn is waking at the other meaning those birds hardly get to their nest before they are back out singing again! The best of the weather is yet to come but the light is at its highest point making everything seem much more optimistic. The whole of Scotland is filled with leaves and greenery, blossom and aromas, and is just an amazing place to live. We are so lucky…as long as you get used to layers so we can adapt to our weather as the day progresses (up to 4 weathers in one day sometimes…and if it’s not great, just wait and it will change in an hour or two…lol!)

This is a fire festival so a bonfire is a great way to celebrate. It used to be surrounded in mystery and magic, and houehold fires not let go out, as lighting them again was very difficult – no matches and firelighters back then!! It was only at beginnings and endings that the fire was extinguished and relit from the village fire. The Midsummer fire was lit by friction of two pieces Oak. The most magickal was fire lit by lightning strike…nature itself providing the flame but could also be done via a lens from the rays of the Sun. Every village would have lit a Midsummer fire. A lit log from the fire would be passed over animals to protect them from disease and people would jump the fire for luck. Each town or island would have had its own traditions and these were continued through the years. Maybe they lit their fire in a certain ritualistic way or made it from certain wood. Maybe they danced round the fire or lit torches and carried the flame through the town. Why not make your own fire traditions and keep them going? I like to gather my family together if possible but this is dependent on the day it falls on as we all work, but then Midsummer eve is good too!! Fire cooks food…so does a bbq so if you don’t have a fire pit like me, invite friends or family and have a bbq to which you all contribute…a fabulous Midsummer feast cooked by flame…perfect!!

Crystals ahoy…

Crystals and jewellery are a major part of my business and the bit I love to do myself as I love the stones, picking them all by hand, working, playing and displaying them, and we have been very busy with loads of new stock. Lockdown and Brexit are playing havoc with stock buying for the suppliers so I have been buying on mass to ensure a good stock as shortages may follow. It also gives the suppliers a chance to get out stock forgotten, and with no clue as to the next shows for trading crystals, thought better to buy now…Brexit will only increase prices of new stock to get it into the country!! I have had lots fun with box upon box of new stones. Once priced and stockroom sorted, I will begin photographing for the website and FB page (if people play nicely) but with crystals so much in demand, it has been amazing to see so many finding homes…I do love it when a plan comes together!!

The Beauty of Clusters…

Some of the fabulous stock I have taken is also some of the most interesting and most beautiful and three of the cluster varieties I have just purchased are Tangerine Quartz, Aqua Aura & Celestite.

Tangerine Quartz is natural and looks like the quartz has gone rusty, caused by the iron of hematite, and is energy and play in a point! It creates a hunger for knowledge, so a good stone on your desk for study. The vibration is bursting with creativity and playfulness so carry a point in your pocket if you want to be more adventurous …very helpful in a world just opening up as it will help you feel passionate towards living and life once more! No more inner turmoil – cast off those self-limiting chains, embrace the change, be inspired and feel the optimism of Tangerine quartz by carrying a opoint or placing a cluster in your home – it’s that hematite that does it you know!!

Aqua Aura is an enhanced quartz as does happen in nature but very rarely. It is natural quartz whose energy is exposed to vaporized particles of metal which creates a permanent layer of atoms on the quartz. Aqua aura is quartz with gold which then creates this beautiful blue pearlized rainbow aura, hence its name. It brings calm to stressful situations and just oozes peace & happiness. Place in the home to be rid of external forces or negative energy – the more problems invading your home, the more active it will be at transmuting them. Wear a pretty pendant and no more energy drains or vampires here!! Place in the centre of your home for a calm environment …looks pretty with a crystal ball on top too to spread that calmness throughout the home…what’s not to like!!

Celestite is a beautiful, sparkly blue-grey cluster of 4-sided crystals and has, in the past, mainly been used in an industrial capacity for such things as making fireworks (burns bright red when it flares – who knew!) It is also used in the manufacture of paint and glass too, yet is so beautiful with its pearly kind of lustre. Around the home, it calms the energy of the room bringing peace and harmony to the vibration and helps where there is anxiety and stress…again, useful for today! It helps us communicate how we feel, whether for mental health when we feel fractured or fretful, or will help you communicate what you need to say, whether through art, dance, or writing.

Let this blue cluster radiate its energy round your home and bring sparkle to your life like a crystal disco ball!!

Those pesky Vampires…

The first time I came across a psychic vampire was in my shop. I was chatting to a regular over the counter, when suddenly felt like my insides were being sucked dry. Fortunately, I have a metal counter and was able to lean down on it to stop play!! However, it proved there were such people around, even if they don’t know themselves they are doing it. We refer to them as vampires but it’s not your blood they are after…it’s your energy, your very ‘light’. When life feels good and full of hope and you are full of the joys of Spring with not a problem in the world…that is when they are likely to strike, because your light is shining and your defences down. It can be anyone: your family, friend, neighbour, co-worker …anyone! A psychic vampire is full of fear, full of jealousy, has a ‘victim’ attitude, are full of negativity & low in self-esteem, and they ‘prey’ upon your light and want what you’ve got. If someone feels powerless, they look for someone bright and shiny to lift their energy to make themselves feel better!!

I mentioned Aqua Aura above, but Black tourmaline is another crystal to defend against such people. If you become aware of your energy being drained when you are around certain people, then make sure you are wearing or carrying either or both stones and let them work to keep your defences up and keep the pesky vampires out!!

Harnessing the Sun’s energy with Hanging Crystals…

When I feel the need to lift the energy of my home and cheer the vibrations, I clean my hanging crystals to make them sparkly again. These are round crystals made from triangles and you hang them in a sunny window to make the sun’s light dance in your home. My kids loved them when they were wee, as the light splits, causing rainbows, and knocking the crystals made them dance around the room. This fills your home with happy vibrations and keeps kids amused (making mine dance for the next generation now too). You can also get them in different colours to add the colour vibration too (pink for love, yellow for creativity etc) and hang them in rooms to keep Chi moving and energy flowing. Some are available with actual crystals on the hangers for even more benefits…simples!

The new shop staff and openings…

We have returned with faces new and old. Obviously, the old bat is back (me), but poor Janey is also hanging on in there. She joined me shortly before the pandemic outbreak and lockdown, worked 3 weeks trying to learn the ropes to massive queues, before lockdown and shutdown, apart from playing Magickal Amazon…returned to begin again mid-July and less than 4 weeks in…the almighty flood!! The next 6 months was more cleaning, packing, sifting, shifting, unpacking & furlough than dealing with customers, but has returned and become one half of the madness now known affectionately by the customers as the Twins or newly-named Tequila Twins…as weekend mainstay on and off for over 15 years, returns to her happy place once more. Yes folks, Emma is back…again!

To help me on the Free-for-all days under the new Covid restrictions of cleaning, smudging, spraying, and head-counting, the dancing duet will be running the shop and covering me for my much-needed breaks too – apparently, I’m not 40 anymore!! On the whole, I will be in with them Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays when chaos will ensue and every music track becomes a dancing display or karaoke rendition between customers (or not!). Currently, we are open from about 11 (after cleansing) till 4.30ish but may extend as we get busier and back in the swing!

Wednesdays are for pre-arranged appointments only, but are also supplier days, & if I have no pre-bookings by Tue close of business, I will stay closed Wednesday to get other work done like newsletters, Vat, orders & website.

Thursday will also be pre-arranged appointments, but I will be in most of the day, as it has always been my candle making and crystal sorting day, so will be allowing the odd passer-by in if nobody is in or due in and someone comes to the door looking to buy something they need…or want!!

Sunday (my rest day) & Monday (my Mixing day) we are closed as we were pre-Covid.

That fills you in on our progress & how it is all working so far! All changes, closures and updates will be reported on our FB & website pages, so always worth checking in every so often to keep up-to-date in this ever-changing world!

Moon times…

Full Moon:        Thu 24 Jun @ 19.40 hrs          New Moon:       Sat 10 July @ 02.17 hrs

Full Moon:        Sat 24 July @ 03.37 hrs

Wishing you Midsummer blessings  and a little fun and frolic…life is too short not to enjoy life to the full

From Chris (alias the Green Witch)

Beltane Newsletter 2021

Beltane Newsletter 30 April 2021

Beltane: fun festival: Fire Festival: Fertility festival: Frivolity festival: and this year, the final stretch of cabin fever, as lockdown eases and we can begin to light our fire again! If all goes to plan, this month will see things opening up in time for Beltane and we can breathe a sigh of relief and let our hair ‘dangle’ a little rather than letting it down fully…just yet! It has been a tough winter, but finally, some let-up from lockdown!! Oh, to be able to go out and have a drink somewhere other than my garden, my kitchen or my summerhouse, and oh to be back on the road and be able to travel and see more than the journey walking from my house to my shop and back again.

Beltane begins at dusk, and tradition says that the fire should be lit before the sun goes down and burn through the night, partying till dawn. Yep, I think I can do that…social distancing with a maximum of 6 outdoors of course! Beltane begins as the Hawthorne flowers but I think it will be a lengthy celebration as we come out of lockdown… opening hospitality is timed with a 2-day Super Moon (closest angle to Earth) followed by Beltane the weekend after and Bank Holiday Monday – 8-days of carnage I suspect, but I too will be waiting for the beer garden to open Monday lunch…oh yeah…let the fun begin!!

The Art of Perfume…

I love aromas of essential oils and perfume, and I don’t feel dressed unless I have perfume on, and I think I get this from my mum who never went out without her bit of ‘lippy’ and a spray of Chanel No5. One of our 5 senses, the sense of smell, can trigger memories from childhood or a past love affair or summer holidays. It can make us sad or happy, can affect our well-bring and we don’t realise its importance until we lose it i.e. when we have a cold, and then our sense of taste dissipates too. It is primarily there to defend us against danger…without it, we couldn’t detect the danger of fire or gas, or food that’s off and will make us sick if we eat it! Like I mentioned, most of our taste sensations are actually from the olfactory system which controls our sense of smell which sends signals to the brain. Smell works on those signals and is part of our primitive brain, hence why perfume can trigger emotions and bring a blast from the past: lose that sense and it can lead to lack of enjoyment in life.

Aromatics have been used since time began…scented wood burned on the fire, incense in prayer, and anointing with infused perfumed oils to please the Gods in Egyptian times. Aromatic resins such as Frankincense are part of the incense route and cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and black pepper part of the Spice trail, such was the demand even back during the Roman Empire. Perfumes probably came about during the times of the Alchemist in their desire to turn metal into gold, they learned to distil and are maybe regarded as the 1st chemists! The art of the Perfumier was recognised back in the 12th century but it was Louis 16th that promoted perfume and its art from 1643. Charles 1 then put tax on soap, which encouraged the use of perfume in England to cover the lack of personal hygiene!! From then on, the perfume houses were launched and grew from strength to strength. However, they really found their value in the roaring 20’s, as women came out the corset to shorter dresses and bobbed hair and Coco Chanel gave us her No5. The popularity of the French perfume houses became history around the world, and since then, have reflected the world of fashion, their place in the world and any changes in the world.

I for one have devolved my love of perfume as I have grown. From Kiku, Tramp and Charlie as a teenager to Clinique Aromatics Elixir, Rive Gauche and ‘Anais Anais’ in the mid 70’s – 80’s, Opium and Poison in the mid- late 80’s, Channel No5 (like mum) and then began my relationship with Tom Ford: a friend gave me Black Orchid and have been a Tom girl ever since. This sound familiar? What memories do perfumes from the past bring to mind? My friend and I had great fun reminiscing back to the past…and all those different perfumes and what memories they brought back. Poison was a favourite, but after never used it again after my ex sent a bottle for my birthday with the note – “This is the last present you will ever get from me…and how apt the name!” Funnily, he moved further and further away from where I stayed until he was out  of Scotland where he deserved to be after that!!

The fabulousness of Honeysuckle

As the trees begin to turn green with leaves, and the aroma of blossom fills the air, we can look forward to the aromatic plants we love appearing for another season. I mostly grow plants for their uses and their aromas… growing roses that don’t have scent is a complete waste of time as far as I am concerned!! One plant that I love is Honeysuckle. The smell is amazing and I have a seat next to my front door to sit to view the Moon…on one side I grow night blooming Jasmine, and on the other, Honeysuckle, which tends to release more aroma at dusk to attract pollinators, so sitting in the moon surrounded by these evening aromas is pure magick! In the past, kids would have enjoyed seeking out the wild plant and sucking the sweetness at the base of the flower, which grew in hedgerows, and that’s how it got its folk name of ”honey suckle”.

Magickally, it attracts wealth and prosperity to the home whilst ensuring protection from illness too, if grown around the doorway…mine isn’t round it, but is in the near the front door…and has always been lucky for me!

In folk medicine, Honeysuckle flowers are good for asthma, whilst the leaves are rich in salicylic acid (active ingredient in Aspirin), so good for aches and pains, colds and headaches.

Honeysuckle Honey…

A good old-fashioned cupboard folk remedy was ‘Honeysuckle Honey’ – here’s how to make your own!

Fill a jar with honeysuckle flowers and buds, pressing them down as you go, and fill the jar with local runny honey, giving it a stir to make sure the air is out and all the flowers are submerged. Put the lid on and place in a dark cupboard for about a month. After the infusion has taken place, slightly warm the honey to allow it to be strained to remove the flowers, re-jar it and take a spoonful whenever you need it for coughs, sore throats and you feel a cold coming on. Very useful cupboard remedy for your ‘hot honey and lemon’ in the winter. Use within 12 months.

A new fancy stone…

You’ll all remember I named my daughter-in-law’s bump ‘Bumble’ based on his black and yellow pram…and it stuck. I have even a gift from him of a silver bee to mark my 60th birthday. Last year I discovered the random stone that is Bumble bee Jasper…a bright yellow/orange and black striped stone…who knew! I just had to get some for us in jewellery…and now I finally have it! It is a striking stone though they’re not sure exactly what its composition is, but they suspect the colour is from a red stone called Realger and the yellow Orpiment, but what it isn’t is Jasper!  

That aside, this striking orange-yellow & black striped stone is an energizer, and helps you to grasp changes (something enforced on all of us this last year) …even I have to figure how to move my shop forward in our new normal that works for both me and the customers! It encourages you to go out and discover what’s out there, get creative and make things happen in your life without those rash emotional thoughts influencing you… again, good for post-Covid as we try to get our lives back! It helps remove objects, whether self-made blocks or fears, and helps you move forward with positivity and confidence, leaving anxiety behind and emotions out of the way to make the relevant decisions …rather apt timing don’t you think? Enough now

New Moon for New Beginnings…

Sometimes, when things have been quite still, I will close my eyes and grab a book from my magickal shelf above my altar, asking for them to give me fresh inspiration, then I randomly open the book or books and see what opens up. It was Llewellyn’s Little Book Moon Spells that came forward, a new book, and randomly opened towards the end. Et voila…a New Moon spell for New beginnings! ’Thank you’ I whispered as it seemed so very apt for Beltane.

I usually head out on a clear evening at Dusk to see the New Moon show itself in the direction of the setting Sun. It lasts about 30 minutes on the 3rd night after the New Moon itself, which is invisible to the naked eye. Firstly, don’t look out the window to see if it is there…the 1st glimpse of the New Moon should never be through glass!! The times I have driven with my window down in case I accidently catch a glimpse of it as it appears! Usually, I go out with silver coins in pocket and turn them over x3 whilst keeping eyes on the Moon, following my first glimpse of her. However, this spell, you need to know where to look and keep your back to her direction so as not to see her. As you stand with the Moon behind you, think about your new beginning and what steps you want to take. See you taking them, (new job, new relationship, resuming a social life - whatever it is you need to do to combat your fears) and feel the joy this fresh new start in your life will bring you. What do you want to happen as normality returns? Embrace that happiness as you feel it happening. With a heart full of hope, look over your left shoulder to see the Moon, then with her in view, take a large swooping step to turn your body around to face her and know this was your 1st step towards your new journey!! With a confident smile and a heart full of joy, say 3 times over in rhyme:

Never too early, never too late, the Moon is the key to open the gate,

            I choose a new path, I choose a new fate, New roads & new doorways the Moon will create

As ‘singing’ this little spell, turn the silver in your pocket each time, then state “So mote it be” before withdrawing from her gaze and get ready for the new journey with the Moon. May she bring peace, joy and happiness to you.

Your post-Covid Shop:

On 24 April, I am closing to go off for a break. It has been a trying year for me and I need a rest to determine where to go from here. So far, the shop has been by appointment only once we returned after the flood in March, so you could collect your ‘essential’ shopping and had 15 mins to add to your shopping basket in peace. Now the world is opening up, what would you like to see happening? Do you want it as a free-for-all to turn up when you want or would you like it keep it by appointment, or a mix – maybe 2 days appointment only and the rest by queue? How many in the shop would be ok and how many would make you feel uncomfortable? I await the thoughts of those who use the shop on a regular basis, so let me know how you would prefer it to exist in our new world. I don’t think we’ll ever see a packed shop again but I want you all to feel safe and at home in my new-look magickal emporium.

Moon times:

Full Moon:        Tue 27 April @ 04.32 hrs                    New Moon:       Tue 11 May @ 20.00 hrsmegsmatey

Full Moon:        Wed 26 May @ 12.19 hrs                     New Moon:       Thu 10 Jun @ 11.43 hrs

Sending you all Brightest Beltane blessings

from Chris (alias the Green Witch)

Ostara 2021

Ostara Newsletter 20 March 2021

Welcome to this auspicious Ostara…well, for me anyway! I cannot believe it is 25 years since I signed the lease and Mystique Moments was born. Oh, my Goddess!! How much has changed since I stood there looking at a shop door with a key and wondering what I’d done? In the 25 years I have stood at the counter, I have seen two financial crashes, 2 threatened pandemics, an EU enforced shutdown, Brexit and now a global pandemic. Then, to top all, a freak 9-hour tropical storm last August, engulfed my shop in a devastating flood. It has been hard work but, with new floors, new kitchen, new walls and a new look, 6 months later, I am back by appointment only! If you are going to be closed due to a flood and have a complete revamp, do it with flood insurance in a global pandemic!

But, back to Ostara and the Spring Equinox…

It has been a long and hard winter, on more levels than just the weather, but finally, we have reached the Equinox, when day and night are equal, and which brings up back to the beginning of this whole pandemic and the very 1st lockdown! A whole year of fighting a war, with an unseen enemy, killing thousands of people in the UK and millions around the world…but hopefully we are on the way out with the vaccine, and we will learn to live with Covid the same as we live with colds, influenza, asthma and bronchitis. Oh, to get back to some kind of normality…I just want to go out for a meal and sit and be served on and enjoy a glass (or 3) of wine!! This year has certainly made the simple things of life more important, like just having a family round for a bbq on a sunny day in the garden!

Later this month, we spring forward into spring: clocks go forward an hour and the days begin to get longer. How I long for sunshine and heat…and things will seem better now we wake up and the sun is already up. We are hopefully though the worst, and things will seem better as we head to warmer days.

Spring clean the house, spring clean the body…

As the sun shines through our windows, time to start to spring clean. We have all been stuck in our houses over the lockdowns, adults working, kids schooling, and everyone living and breathing 24/7 within the same 4 walls… that staleness and heaviness needs to be removed and let the freshness and lightness of Springtime in! So, time to…

Clean the windows to let the fullness of light and sunshine in and clean all surfaces to get the winter dust out. Open all the doors and windows and let the air blow through…then fill the home with bright sunny flowers and uplifting aromas to bring that optimism back into the home so we feel like we are heading in the right direction!

Look forward to that 1st family bbq when we can all gather together in the garden like we took for granted we could do on any sunny Sunday! A fire outside is a great feeling… I love my fire pit built by my boys…nothing special but so many great evenings huddled around as families have always done…like a step back in time. I love a fire of fallen branches and dead leaves after the winter to make for a great garden clear-up. Also, burning a few wishes in the fire makes things feel so much better: life is renewing once more, like the Phoenix rising out of the flames…

At the end of winter, the body needs a little attention too, to shed the ‘winter coat’ which most of us ‘put on’ to protect us against the cold. However, this year, just to survive, I think we have all chucked away our health regime in some way and I for one have definitely needed that glass wine (or 2) at the end of each day just to recognise surviving another day in lockdown! Ostara is the perfect time to get back into your health routine, to get the body ready for the summer and its exposure to the British Sun, as doubt there will be much foreign travel by summer!

Here are some simple measures to get you started:

Start walking more and introduce a small exercise routine or plan one into your day.

Begin the daily after-shower moisturize to get the winter out and the moisture back into that body.

Lessen the alcohol and coffee intake and up your herbal tea and filtered water intake – the body needs extra water to shift toxins from the body. The added water can also help lose the wrinkles, brighten the eyes and help remove those aches and pains so you may even look and feel younger…win, win!!

Make your own shower/bath moisturiser… a lazy way of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising is to take cup Sea salt, add extra virgin Olive or Sunflower oil until an oily paste, add a few drops pleasing aroma oils and use in the shower to exfoliate and moisturise! Oils like grapefruit & Juniper berry are great for the battle against cellulite, so maybe add those as your aromatic oils to massage the winter lockdown out of those thighs!

We have all added those extra biscuits or chocolates to our daily coffee routine, so less chocolate and more fruit. I am not saying to go mad, but it is amazing what a few changes to the daily diet and routine can do to make you feel better and add more zest and energy to your life…Life is for living, so time to get a boost and live it.

We have been cooped up all winter and, just as our lives are starting to open up, so does Mother Nature. Get out and about. Watch the trees start to bud, trees gradually turn green and then blossom. See the buds begin pushing through the soil and then flower. It is amazing watching nature reappear after its winter in darkness, and for our mental health, we must do the same after our long winter hibernation in lockdown: remember, we have been locked down for so long now, it may be hard for some to get back into normality, so try these baby steps, get a regular walk in nature and watch your strength, courage & resolve will return, not to mention your sanity and love for life!

Crystals for support out of lockdown…

People are feeling trapped, hardly leaving the house at all for so long. I have used crystals throughout this whole process to keep me safe, keep me well and keep me motivated. My favourite has been Labradorite – the Northern lights in a stone! It is a positive stone of balance, energising when I was tired, motivating when I couldn’t be bothered, and transformative when I needed to put my big girl pants on and get stuff done! If you are struggling to get out and about and back started i.e. time to go back to school or work, try a combo of Hematite & Carnelian.

The Iron of Hematite is a confidence boost to get you motivated and get on with it, deflecting negativity and giving you your power back to make life happen, whilst the orange of Carnelian fills you with vitality and connects you back to your basic instincts…if your get up and go has got up and gone, this stone will get you up and going again. Wear or carry this duo to help you get your life back on track, because we have to find normality again!

If all else fails, and I need a lift of optimism, then my stones are Citrine and Peridot. The natural yellow Citrine is ‘Sunshine in a stone:’ a ray of hope, happiness and harmony and great for fresh beginnings…and that’s what life is now, a fresh start, after the year from Hell!! Citrine brings people together and advances growth in your life…you’ll often see me wear Citrine. but I usually always stick a piece in my pocket if energy & positivity is needing a boost!

The other half of this duo is Peridot: the pretty yellow-green crystal thrown out of exploding volcanos. It brings me comfort and fire, energy and a feeling of renewal. You can’t be angry with Peridot on you and it provides oomph when it is lacking. Wear these two stones together and life is full of hope, optimism and happiness! Use your favourite crystals to help support you through this time of major change, whichever you are attracted to … after all, gemstones have been doing this for millenia…supporting people through the hard times in life!

Ostara Prosperity box…

We have all had a hard year, whether on furlough, self-employed businesses closed or simply working at home with the stress schooling and working brings to the home, usually the place of family harmony and rest! Time to make a prosperity box and place in your money corner or on your altar, to get abundance flowing again…just as the country needs to get abundance flowing again. It only needs to be a little box, made from wood, stone or similar; natural not plastic and give it a cleanse in patchouli or Earthy incense. Leave outside to absorb the Sun’s positive energies.

When ready, sprinkle patchouli leaf in the bottom of the box (or other abundance herbs), add green crystals like aventurine and jade, acorns, pine leaves or a pine cone, and a few silver coins like 5p’s or leftover foreign coins.

With incense burning, light a green candle dressed with patchouli oil, and write a list in green pen, of what you need - and be specific: if you need money for debt, don’t say “some money” but how much. If you need your child to get into college for qualifications for their sought-after job, write it down. Whatever you need to bring prosperity and abundance back to your home or business, write it down. Next, using a brown pen, write what practical things you are going to do to help this prosperity happen and achieve your dreams – staying in bed gets you nowhere, you must be doing, not dreaming! When done, fold & seal with a drip of the green candle. Add both lists to your box. Put on the lid and cover with a lodestone or magnet to attract your needs, and daily, burn patchouli or prosperity incense next to your box and get the flow of abundance back through your door.

Moon times:

Full Moon:        Sun 28 Mar @ 19.49 hrs          New Moon:       Mon 12 Apr @ 03.31 hrs

Full Moon:        Tue 27 Apr @ 04.32 hrs

The Phoenix

As mentioned earlier, The Phoenix is a legendary magickal bird. It is a grand bird like an eagle, peacock or heron, brilliantly coloured in reds and golden shades with eyes of sapphire blue standing overseeing all. It eats spices and Frankincense instead of nuts and builds its nest of Myrrh and Cinnamon. When old and tired, it ignites the nest with one flap of its wings, & the fire consumes both nest and bird. 3 days later, it rises from the ashes and flies away renewed! This magnificent bird is an Egyptian Solar amulet of rebirth and immortality, and is associated with the floods of the Nile, which then brings new wealth and fertility to the area.

Think the Phoenix is going to be my new shop amulet – no matter what happens, freak storms, EU shut downs or pandemic lock-downs, I just won’t go away! “I’ll give her 6 months” were those immortal words in the pub when I opened, yet 25 years later, here I am, bold as brass, out of the ashes, still the Witch in the High Street and proud to be so. There can be no celebrations this time, except with family, as you can still only meet with one other household: certainly, no mobbed shop with ‘Witchcraft, cocktails and cake’ like we did at 20! I will celebrate lockdown style this Ostara, because I am proud that I made it to 25, but have I made it because I’m also ‘just that little bit too stubborn to give up and let ‘em win’! Maybe there are times when being stubborn just pays off!!

Good luck, stay safe, stay well and get back to living…cos as Frankie says in those immortal words: “That’s life!”

Ostara blessings to you all, The Green Witch

Ostara 2020

Ostara Newsletter 20 March 2020

Welcome to this special Ostara…what a challenging stormy new decade so far the 20’s has been! Far from filling us with new hope, it seems to have knocked us all for six! It is like some cleanse of biblical proportions going on – just missing the odd plague of locusts!! But, I digress…

Although it is still winter, the shop has been amazingly busy, even more so now I have gone down to 4 days. Looks like people are still needing my little shop, and we’ve been extra busy with oils, smudging, incense and crystals, so for now, I have my work cut out and Janey, my new trainee assistant, has been thrown in at the deep end, poor girl!

The Equinox reminds us that life is all about balance. On this day, night and day are equal, and from here, bit by bit, the light will grow and the days will be longer than the nights. Oh, how I need the light and the Sun to return. I have had enough of wind and rain and mud and slush and those long, long, grey gloomy days, and am sick of never venturing out without a windproof, waterproof coat, big boots, hat, gloves and 3 layers of clothes!! Enough now!

I always feel that Ostara fills us with hope, like the sunny yellow daffodils, cowslips and primroses that are now springing up through the mud! Eostre was the Saxon maiden goddess for Spring and for the dawn, and was given offerings of cakes and coloured eggs, and the hare and white rabbit were sacred to her. The Saxons exchanged coloured eggs as a lucky talisman for the forthcoming year to represent new life and new hope, and then consumed the eggs. The hare became the Easter bunny delivering chocolate eggs to the children for a treat after winter!

This time of the year is about renewal, rebalance and rebirth. The land begins to sprout fresh growth and the trees start to turn green and soon will fill the air with scented blossom. We have usually, seen the last of the frost and snow and the mud should soon start to dry up (my garden is a soggy disaster!) Hopefully, as the trees begin to regrow, they will help absorb all that moisture, as will the new plants and the growing strength of heat from the Sun. Ostara is the time to begin new projects, explore new business ideas and get projects under way.

With the sunshine comes the Spring cleaning…the sun begins to shine through my windows and just highlights the winter’s dust. I always begin with such enthusiasm over spring cleaning, then get busy with year-end etc and it usually all goes to pot. However, cleaning and cleansing are different! My nan always said that a bit of dirt never killed anyone and dust only gets so thick, then doesn’t get any thicker, but it is definitely important to keep your home cleared of the psychic dust and debris. Even if my spring cleaning goes to pot, my psychic cleaning always gets done, especially if it has been a long, tough winter and need my home to be filled with fresh energy!

Freeing your home of the winter debris…

Suddenly the wind stops, you dare to go out without your thermals and hat, you hear the birds singing, or the geese migrating, and you know Spring has sprung. The weather may take another dip but you wake up and it’s light, and leave work in daylight too and the never-ending darkness has gone!! Suddenly you feel like you need to tidy, put away and take to the recycling… yep, spring has sprung! My 1st step is to open all the doors and windows and let the spring in…just let some fresh air right through the home…and you will instantly feel an energy shift!

Wipe surfaces with warm soapy water to which you have added uplifting sunny oils. Selling well at the moment are Bergamot (uplifting and sunny), Sweet orange (fresh and warm), Lemongrass (energizing sherbet) and Lemon (nature’s antiseptic), but my favourite at the moment is Litsea Cubeba, which I discovered by accident. I had a new bottle stored and forgot it was there, and by the time I discovered it, it had gone out of date! I cannot sell it, so it gets used by the family…no wastage in my house! Cleaning is a great way to use up older oils as long as they smell ok and OMG, this oil smells amazing. Every morning, I sprinkle the oil on my dishcloth and wipe that kitchen down… what an aroma for filling you with uplift and enthusiasm for the day…whilst killing bugs at the same time. Known as May Chang, it means ‘mountain spicy tree’ and is used in China for dissolving negative emotional patterns and starting anew! Mix it with peppermint to aid concentration and with Sweet Orange to lighten moods. It is also well renowned for being used during such epidemics as flu season as a sanitiser (so looks like Maggie’s been playing as I discover this as Cov-19 appears) – add to a spray bottle with water for clearing the air, on handles, surfaces etc!!

Next, it is time to cleanse using a smudge stick or charcoal block with ground incense. Sticks are maintenance and should be used after clearing to put the vibration required back in…but they are not enough to clear rooms of psychic debris! It needs more oomph than incense sticks can produce. Try a smudge stick or Clearing incense, or if you like to play, mix ground juniper berries for purification with frankincense or Copal for upbeat clearing. You can direct the smoke with feathers. When out for a walk on a field or beach, collect dropped feathers you may come across. Clean them with salt water to purify them, tie them together at the quill end, then bind together with pretty ribbon! Knot the feathers 3 times saying something like:

“With feathers found, now cleansed and bound, A clean sweep I’ll make and a fresh start I’ll take”

Now you can direct your smudging smoke into those corners for a thorough cleansing and keep your magickal fan on your altar for future use! Once cleansed, light an incense stick in all the rooms to bring the vibration you seek for the new fresh start! Now you have cleared the psychic debris, time for the rest of the winter dust…maybe!

Life in balance…

The Spring is time to get life in balance. Time spent in the fresh air to clear the mind and get that work, rest and play back into proportion after the winter hibernation. This year has been especially tough, with the Universe forcing everyone to make changes, our Country heading off into the unknown and yet another Pandemic to ‘kill’ us all off! Let’s not feel the fear being fed and try to keep our life calm and balanced. Use crystals such as Citrine and Labradorite, or whatever stones you feel attracted to, to balance your life. When I am stressed, I love a nice, hot Juniper bath to get rid of the angst of the day. Juniper oil is for magickally purifying your energy field, so if I’ve had a day full of negative customers, they go away feeling better but have left their negativity behind. It’s a quick smudge of the shop, then home to clear my aura with a Juniper bath. Run a warm bath, add a lump Himalayan salt, then when it is ready, add 8 drops Juniper berry oil, swish it in the water, get in and relax. I also like to take a glass of gin and grapefruit in with me (grapefruit juice becomes alkali in your stomach & gin is my medicinal Juniper…!!) After 15-20 minutes, get out the bath into a clean warm towel, then let the water out and see all that negativity swirl down the plughole and be gone!! Now you can begin again, cleansed and renewed…

Himalayan Salt…

Lots of people enjoy the relaxing light of a pink Salt lamp these days, but above, I mentioned adding a lump to my bath too. The salt, when warmed, produces negative ions which combats the positive ions put out by technology, and can help fight stress and fatigue to leave you feeling more relaxed. It contains some 84 trace minerals and I’ve always put salts in my bath since childhood! The effects from mined salt has been known for centuries and I was reminded of this after my visit  last year to the Wieliczka Mine near Krakow. It was noted by a Polish doctor that those who worked in the mines had excellent health with no respiratory issues. Another doctor noticed the respiratory health of his patients improved after hiding in the caves during German bombings, so they began sending people for various treatment within the mines. These days, you can find Salt rooms for therapy instead of cold caves. However, I have used the salt at home for years and find that Himalayan salt, when added to my bath, leaves me and my skin refreshed! You can also use salt soap and deodorant stones too and in the kitchen, we grind it to add to our food. There is also a thing you can make called ‘salt sole’ which is ‘used’ to boost immunity, improve thyroid function and balances hormones. Personally, I don’t fancy drinking a glass salt water daily, but if I had an issue I thought it could help, who knows what I will do: some tinctures taste awful but I still drink them! Another thing I never fancied is inhaling salt particles (which is what the miners were actually doing) but you can purchase a proper salt inhaler to help respiratory issues if you have them and the therapy salt caves to sit in too.

Oils & Website

The bottle manufacturer has stopped making my 50ml carrier oil bottles, so be warned, as people seldom want to buy large amounts of the more expensive carrier oils. I do have recycled bottles, the last of my 50ml stock and a limited ability to cap tincture bottles, so, I ‘m going to reduce the price of basic 100ml carrier oils from Ostara, to save my limited supply of smaller bottles for the more expensive oils & encourage your help to buy others bigger!

Watch out also for the new phone-friendly website going live on Ostara! I am hoping to add the crystals and jewellery in a new and different way and you can learn about each one as we go. I will feature each new page on our FB page too… adding them stone by stone, and featuring the crystals in tumbled, raw and jewellery forms along with their many magickal uses…well, that’s my plan!!

Moon Times:

Full Moon:        Wed 11 Mar @ 17.48 hrs          New Moon:       Tue 24 Mar @ 09.29 hrs

Full Moon:        Wed 8 April @ 03.35 hrs         New Moon:       Thur 23 April @ 03.26 hrs

My new form of balance

As mentioned above, the shop has been so busy that I have been going home each night exhausted, having got no actual work done, just madly making stock, putting orders away, sending orders out, and filling shelves in between customers, no better than Tesco really, and I’m now in need of some down time and rest. I decided that this year, when I am tired and need to stop, the shop will be closed to enable me to catch my breath…so I’m away in the motorhome for a few days to recharge with Mr Mac and the mad mutt, to explore the North-East coastal areas of Scotland & get myself rested ready for the Easter school holidays and my tax year end. I’ve closed up from Tues 10th and will return rested to re-open on Tues 17th March ready for Ostara on the 20th. I have a few ideas that I am playing about with, so keep an eye on the Green Witch Facebook page for further updates, on some possible Equinox magick!! I think we all could do with a little light lift from the Corona frenzy! If you need help ‘Fighting the invaders’, my sheet is available for pickup in the shop along with plenty stock of Litsea & Witches Gold, Thyme & Echinacea, and lots of real soap…so stay well with your common sense on alert and keep smiling!

Sunny Ostara blessings from Chris (alias the Green Witch)

Imbolc 2020 & new shop times

Imbolc Newsletter 2 February 2020

Welcome to a new year and a new decade, and for me, a new beginning in the shop, as I make changes to be able to maintain the shop in the only form I can manage these days, so I have been travelling away from the village in order to have time and space in my head to think where we go from here (and while they also knocked the old pantries down in my kitchen, which had been in the planning for months).

Imbolc is the first celebration in a new Year and a new decade, and the start of the Earth beginning to wake up once more. However, most exciting, check out that date – 02.02.2020 – a rare palindrome…reads the same both ways!! It also adds up to 8, which is a good omen for anything new that is to do with career, business, buildings and finance – I did think about staying closed and re-opening on this auspicious date…but perhaps long enough closed, so will reopen Thurs 16th Jan but watch for closure shortly for a close family funeral, once the date is known!

Lots of people are finding they are having to make changes, whether they were in their plans or forced upon them from outside forces (like my shop). Funny to think that, not so long ago, I was a 7-day enterprise with 8 other staff helping to make it so, but now it is all change. At the end of the day, I created the shop 24 years ago, with the force of Maggie behind me…and although it is quite hard to face, people come, they add their little twist to the shop, leave their mark, and then they move on to go to the next part of their own journey, but without me, there is no Green Witch enterprise, so it’s onwards and upwards folks… as best I can for a crone in her 60’s!!

New hope at Imbolc…

Though frost and snow may still be around at the start of the year, life under the ground is beginning again. I have seen new growth already (quite early this year) and the snowdrops should be pushing through the anytime now. The pregnant ewes will be producing milk ready for the birth of their lambs and the circle of life begins again…spring is surely on its way!!! The light is also starting to noticeably grow and the dark succumb slowly to the light once more!

Imbolc encourages hope for the coming year and, with the political unrest, we definitely need as much hope as the Universe can muster! I had a look back to 2010, and we were knee deep in snow and needed much abundance, as we had been cut off with the central belt here in Scotland the worse hit! That decade certainly made its mark, and if we Brexit on 31/1/20, this one too will go down in history (but maybe not for the right reasons!)

So, what do you want the next decade to bring to you? As the Earth begins to waken, now is the time to start making your wishes to the Universe known! How did the previous 10 years change your life? For me, a friendship turned into a relationship at the beginning of the decade, and he is now my much-loved husband after eloping to Gretna with our kids. Our family have all got their own lives underway, all working, most in settled relationships, and the highlight of these was the birth of my little Beltane Bambino, Ragnarr. We also found balance with our little motorhome Meg and our Dalmatian Marshall so, much change, movement and fulfilment in our personal lives, with added stability in our working ones. How about you? How can you improve on the last decade this decade? Time to renew your ‘Wish list’ for the next 10 years…where do you go from here? To being, make the 1ststep…

Wishes for a boost

As I state yearly, Brigit gives us three wishes on her day, one Universal, one for the family and the last for you. Because of changes abound for the new decade, most of you need to do this, as it is needed by most even more, so follow this simple ritual on the 2nd Feb before dark…

Place 3 white flowers on your altar (snowdrops from the garden if possible) and light a white or natural beeswax candle dedicated to Brigit. From that candle, light 3 more (tea-lights are fine) and make your wishes as you light them. This must be done during the day of the 2nd and the candles allowed to burn to the end. Like I said, the 1st wish is for the World as a whole, the 2nd for family and the final wish is for yourself. Think carefully about what you wish for, as you only get the one chance annually, so make it matter!!

Abundance in a little jar

This is a small jar, that you add fenugreek seeds to, on a daily basis. If you have bills to pay or a business to run, this is a little growth spell that helps improve your situation. If you haven’t begun, then the time has come to do so. I recently discovered, after the shock of Helen leaving, that the mice had actually been in and eaten all my seeds…my little abundance jar was empty and my staff had all left! Time to begin again afresh and get the shop back running in a healthy way…and this little jar of seeds if one of the ways I am going to survive again!

Half-fill a tiny/small jar with fenugreek seeds, which represents your business, and every day, add a few seeds to the jar. This represents business growth. Do not put the lid on the jar, as prosperity cannot flow in if it is sealed. When the jar becomes full, take outside and empty the spent seeds to the ground, half fill the jar with new seeds and begin again. Remember, if you stop adding seeds, you are happy where the business is at and when things are going well, I seldom add to the jar, but when things take a downward turn, then we start to add daily again… but never, ever seal the jar with a lid, as businesses always need room to grow and not be capped and stifled. Good luck to all businesses at this time of uncertainty and may prosperity & abundance return to us all!!

Imbolc symbolism…

As we are usually frosty or snowy, the colours for Imbolc are white (for the ewe’s milk) and green (for the fresh greenery pushing up through the snow from the deep). Imbolc itself means ‘from the belly’, referring to the greenery from the Earth or the new lives waiting to be born from the animal’s bellies! The Goddess Brigid, is symbolised by fire, so candles are very relevant at this time, as is milk and lamb.

As we enter a new decade, here is a simple ‘Imbolc Ritual of Light’ you can carry out with your partner and family:

Firstly, gather some candles or tealights and matches on a table and sit round it in the family lounge or kitchen. Turn off all the other lights in the house then finally the family room. Spend a few moments together, holding hands in the darkness. Be aware of the dark and how it feels and, after a few minutes, strike a match and light a single candle to celebrate the return of light. Then, each light a light within the room, and as the light gets brighter, go through the house lighting or placing a candle in each room until all the house is illuminated. Rejoice in the light and thanks the Universe for bringing the light back into your lives. Smudge the house to bring clarity to your home and light incense around the home to clear away the negativity of winter and put positivity around each room. If you feel the need, have a cleansing bath with Juniper or Frankincense oil to cleanse the body too. You have now welcomed the light of the new decade into your home & your lives to move forward with positivity & hope!

Magickal hot chocolate…Imbolc celebration

You can celebrate Imbolc, after the ritual above, with a celebration of milk, & make luxury hot chocolate!! Up here in the mountains, hot chocolate is served with Baileys (Whisky Cream liqueur), an even richer milky celebration, which gave me the idea to include Real Hot chocolate…no, I don’t mean a pack of instant with hot water, but the real stuff people enjoyed before instant came along. If you don’t want the fuss, you can make original instant with hot milk, but here is a recipe for a simple luxurious Imbolc treat for you and your partner…

Ingredients:    300ml milk, 70ml double cream, 50g good chocolate, chopped, 1 x shot Baileys (optional)

Method:           Add the milk, chopped chocolate and nearly all the cream to a pan (saving a little for the top). Heat gently whilst whisking until smooth and bring to the boil. Pour into 2 mugs or liqueur coffee glasses & add Baileys. Swirl the cream and grate a little chocolate on the top et voila…an Imbolc celebration indeed

CBD Teas, oils and tinctures

I have struggled to maintain our CBD so, in December, changed to a new source from the Lothians. Not only do Loveburgh carry oils and tinctures, but teas too with more products to come. As we recently lost our tea supplier I was wondering where we go now, so I got a few of the CBD teas to add interest to my tea shelf. They began selling straight away, so check out our new CBD range when next instore if it is of interest to you.

New website coming soon…

With my new beginning comes a new website too. I have asked for a simpler, easier, mobile friendly e-shop to be created and we launch asap though I will have lots of work to do adding products etc, but hopefully it will be so much simpler for me to add to, new products etc and will be part of my weekly work from home (more later).

Shop hours 20’s style…

After much contemplation in the Tyrolean mountains, I have decided that, no matter what future help I get in the shop, I have to rely on always being able to work it myself to make it consistent, and any help that comes will be extra help to the normal running of the shop. However, I am not as young as I used to be, nor can I do what I used to do, so in the raging 20’s, in order for the shop to continue, I have no option but to go down another day to just opening 4 days per week. That way, I can maintain the shop and do all the other work on the days not in. There is a huge amount of work to be done that no-one sees: those bottles all need filling, creams making, stock re-ordering, Vat and tax done etc etc…meaning even though the shop will be closed when I am not in, I’m still working, just not instore! The times quoted are the minimum the shop will be open and if I am on holiday, ill, family stuff (a funeral, my disabled mum needs help, bambino unwell etc) or I just need a break, we will now have to remain closed.

The shop opening times will now look approximately like this:

MONDAY: Closed (mixing and making day at home a usual)

TUESDAY: Open 10.30am till 5pm

WEDNESDAY: Closed (website, book-keeping and extra bottling, plus paw patrol, at home)

THURSDAY: Open 10.30am till 5pm

FRIDAY: Open 10.30am till 5pm

SATURDAY: Open 10am till 5pm

SUNDAY: Shop Closed (actual Day off)

So, The Green Witch lives on into another decade…you can’t keep a good witch down for long (witchy cackle)

Brightest Imbolc Wishes to you all from Chris (alias the Green Witch)

Christine Macdonald, Mystique Moments, 59-61 High Street, ABERDOUR, Fife, Scotland KY3 0SJ

Tel: 01383 860106 Website: www.greenwitch.co.uk E-mail: [email protected] Green Witch Aberdour also on FB

Shop closure into 2020

Hogmanay and into 2020..

On 24 December I will be closing up for a few weeks, explanation within the Yule newsletter.

I expect to open mid-January once I have decided the future of the shop and how I can carry it forward into a 4th decade.

The Imbolc newsletter will be published with my decisions so keep an eye of FB and here.

Have a great festive season and Good Luck in 2020