What is Divination??

What is divination, I hear you ask?

Well it is the art of finding answers using simple tools, such as a crystal ball, runes or pack of Tarot cards. As a lot of you will know, I am a tarot reader. Back again to Lincolnshire – Tarot was considered evil, but ouija boards were fine. How things change as anyone who has tried to purchase a ouija board from me will know.

Tarot cards have been around for centuries and sometimes have good press, sometimes bad. They foretell life of man in picture form from birth to death, and act as a guide as to how to deal with all the problems and issues in between. The cards simply offer advice from the world of spirit and fate, but your life and destiny is in your own hands. Fate won’t go by you, but the rest is up to you. Tarot is very misunderstood, as anyone who lives near the shop will know. The church regard Tarot as the work of the Devil, but of course the Devil is not part of my religion so is therefore irrelevant to me. It is a simple form of enlightenment, that is all. All good witches can read the future in some way, whether scrying with a crystal, being psychic and gaining the information direct from the world of spirit, or by Tarot, which was the form used by the Romanies, and how Tarot travelled throughout Europe from the 14th Century till the present day.

A simpler way of finding out answers is using a pendulum. Now this can be a necklace, a pendulum, even a ring or a door key on a piece of cotton – in fact anything that will swing. It may take time to find a pendulum, but you will find one when the time is right. This is the device that your spirit guide will move to answer your questions. Simply ask a question, such as “Am I female?” and follow with “Am I male?” Obvious questions with all too obvious answers and the pendulum should give two different directions – mine goes in circles for yes and straight lines for no. All guides are different; they move the pendulum in whatever way is easiest for them, so you have to get the yes/no movements correctly determined. When asking a question, simply hold the question in your mind. Do not determine the answer for yourself. Keep your mind blank and let spirit answer. If the pendulum wobbles, it simply means that you do not need to know the answer at this time. Another thing to remember is that, if spirit thinks you will change the course of events by knowing the correct answer, they will give you another answer, knowing that you will change things, if you see what I mean. That way, the outcome is the same and you have not changed your future by trying to prevent something that is meant for you. I use my pendulum to determine not only my love life etc, but remedies for different people, what is going to be needed etc. I have often said that the shop isn’t mine; I am simply the person on this plane seemingly in charge. Maggie, the spirit of the shop, who was the wise woman and prescribed the lotions and potions in the last century from the same premises, has simply returned to continue where she left off. The premises have simply returned to what they always were. Fascinating, isn’t it!!

So, try a bit of divination for yourself, but remember to always treat the world of spirit with the utmost of respect, and never ask “Is there anybody there”, as you really are asking for trouble. Good spirit guide you, evil have to be invited in. Ouija boards are an open invitation to those mischievous and not-so-nice spirits, so just don’t go there please.


Tarot is the depiction of Man’s life from Birth to Death in picture form, encompassing all the trials and tribulations of life along the way.

The laying of the Cards depicts the position of the Questioner’s life at that time, and how to deal with the present issues, so that life can progress to the next stage safely. Tarot is meant as a guide, and is meant to be enlightening as to your next course of action. But remember, it is your life and as thus, these things are, in the end, in your own hands.

Tarot has been around since about the 14th Century, some believe invented by the Romanies, others the Knights Templar, but it certainly travelled around the East and Europe, courtesy of the Romanies, being in, then out of favour by the Kings and Queens of Europe.

At the moment, it is having an “in” time, with new packs being produced all the time. Traditional Tarot contain 78 cards – 22 Major or Fate cards, and 56 Minor which are simply equivalent to an ordinary pack of playing cards with one more court card in each suit. Some people simply “tell fortunes” with an ordinary pack of cards, but I myself prefer and sell only traditional 78 card Tarot sets.

Each suit is attached to a particular area of your life. Cups are emotions, wands work, coins money and swords trouble and strife. Simple really isn’t it. The fate cards won’t go by you, which means, good or bad, you will have to deal with the resulting actions, problems etc. But the minor cards are suggested actions – take it or leave it. Follow what’s on the cards, or not. Your life, your choice. Well, at least that is my view on the matter. Tarot simply advises you on what choices, decisions, actions may be around for you and how to deal with them. Forewarned is forearmed, so they say, and tarot simply forewarns you of what is round the corner – “it’s on the cards” so to speak.

Over the years, I have found tarot to be very useful, though to do my own I have to refer to a book otherwise I see the bits I want and miss the bits I choose not to see. For others, I use the New Age tarot deck but for myself, I have found the Sacred Circle deck and book very helpful, selecting to do the readings every sabbat to see what challenges lie ahead.

Someone else should not purchase your tarot cards, contrary to popular opinion. Only you can choose and connect with the cards, though someone else buying you a pack may get you started on the path. Seldom can someone else choose you a set that you will work with properly. Also, never use cards that belong to someone else or have had another owner. Your power goes into your cards. Use someone else’s and it is their power on the cards, not yours. Keep cards in a wooden box surrounded by black/dark velvet or silk to prevent anything dark or evil getting into them, and adding crystals will also help to protect and empower them. I have phantom quartz, moonstone and white calcite with mine and Oscar, my skull sits on the top for total protection. Another major point: if you get cards, do not let anyone else “play” with them. To use tarot properly, only you can use them to read if you set them up properly. Any ability put into your cards will be upturned if someone else plays with them and they will never serve you to the best of their ability. I never let anyone else lay down my cards nor do I let anyone shuffle them without I’ve shuffled them first then handed them over, giving permission for them to touch my cards. A simple rule but effective!! Once you have your equipment, you can begin your new challenge.

I will be passing on my years of knowledge and giving you an insight into the Tarot cards and their meanings and it will build up into a basic knowledge for those who are beginning this long journey into the world of tarot.

Tarot cards and how to select your pack…

I am always helping guide people about their choice in tarot cards and which set to choose, so here are a few tips. When I saw my pack of cards, I knew they were for me, even though I don’t know why and the worse card of the pack was on the box front. It is instinct or your psyche that just tells you they are for you as it is that part of your brain they have to connect with. If you are unsure, then don’t buy them and if they nag you all night, you know they are for you. If you don’t want to buy your own tarot because of the superstition around tarot cards, then select the set you want and get someone to buy them for you as a gift (birthday, xmas etc). Think carefully when you select your set – I have seen a lot of people buy a lot of cards before finding the right set, so if you pick without careful thought, it may cost you a lot of money. You have been warned!

Crystals to help decision making and focus

Crystals can be of great help to focus and make your life-choices. I use crystals for everything, as you know, and wear them constantly. When you have a problem and need to search your soul for the right answer, the right crystal can be of great support to obtaining insight to make the correct move.

Lepidolite isn’t a stone I would reach for very often but for decision-making, this lilac stone is very useful. Magickally, it eases the stresses and strains of everyday living and soothes and dispels negative emotions such as anger and hate, whilst mentally eliminates confusion and speeds up decision-making, sharpening the analytic qualities of your brain and removing distractions. Once decisions have been made, it encourages you to achieve your goals without outside help. That way, any advancement in your life is all down to yourself!!

Lapis is an extremely beautiful stone if you get a piece at its very best and helps you through the darkest days of despair and into the light. It will help you take charge of your life once again, by removing obstacles in your way. Lapis will give you focus and help you concentrate on what you need and then help support you to gain insight as to how to get there. Try sitting in the quiet and using it to meditate, asking the questions you need answers for and by knowing the stone will give it to you. It also helps self expression and value in your opinions and removes cruelty and suffering – no more the martyr or victim for you – you are back in complete control!!

Charoite is another stone not used very often but for spiritual insight and soul transformation, this is the one for you. It helps you cope with change by removing the fear that prevents you from changing your life. It gets rid of stress and worry and helps you relax so that you can work out your needs for the new you.

Major & Minor Arcana descriptions

The major arcana denote the fated journey of man from birth to death and we begin the journey with the first card shown with the number 0, and ending with No 21 – lets begin that journey…

Card 0 – The Fool

The major arcana denote the fated journey of man from birth to death, and we begin the journey with the first card shown as the number 0

Your card will show the wanderer stepping out to reach his dream with his knapsack on his shoulder. Following behind is a dog/wolf on his tail and he is just about to step over the cliff-edge. It represents something new being given to you whether a new beginning, new talents being discovered, a new relationship or a change in direction, but either way, a fresh start is on offer in some aspect of your life. Whatever is coming, the journey will be challenging and fun and so it should be, but it also comes with a warning. The precipice shows that you really shouldn’t head for things blind so don’t rush into the new situation foolishly (hence it’s name) or you may just fall flat on your face, or worse, so don’t just get an idea and head off into the sunset as it may not be that simple. Don’t be the fool…

No 1 – the Magician

With the planets playing as they are, it is really apt that we discuss the Magician. He is seen with a table of elements in front of him (earth, air, fire and water as cup, wand, sword and coin or whatever your decks are). He also has the sign of infinity (8) going over or around his head in some way. The Magician appears in your life to bring change. It can be a chance meeting with someone, a fleeting glimpse by accident of the perfect job, house, whatever, or simply hearing of a course that you go on out of boredom and it starts the rest of your life (that was me). Do you get my gist? The magician is here, then gone in a puff of smoke so don’t wait around long as the chance could be gone. If you um and aaghh over the pro’s and cons of that job you have heard about through the grapevine, someone else has got in before you get round to applying for it, so don’t wait about or the change can be missed – in my experience anyway.  When the magician is a man, he is there for a reason, so don’t go falling in love with him, or you will be broken hearted when he disappears, as he undoubtedly will.  He may be a passionate affair for 5 minutes to fill your life with pizzazz or bring a smile back to your face after a divorce (me again haha!!), but life-time love will never be the job of the magician. He has a specific job to do and when it is done, whether you have taken the offer or not, he is gone with his glitz and glamour never to be seen again. So, whether to opportunity starts you on your way to a new business, a new home, a new skill or a complete change of lifestyle, take the challenge of the Magician and see where it will lead as you just never know. All I did was go on a course for women that I heard by chance on the radio whilst at a friend’s house, to do something one day a week to get away from kids and hey presto! – 6 months later Mystique Moments opened!! You have been warned.

No 2 – the High Priestess

This is a card that is always appearing in my own readings. The High Priestess is depicted sat on a throne with a book in her lap. Sometimes she appears between two pillars and sometimes you will find a moon hidden amongst the symbolism – usually at her feet or on her head. The High priestess is the card of learning, of books and study and of the occult (hence why it is always in my cards – if only those books would stop and let me catch up haha!!). The card always turns up when it is time to begin a course or simply to read lots and teach yourself, (means knowledge from a past life being recalled in this one). The subject to study won’t be on computers or car maintenance (male domain & new trends) but on health (complementary therapies or training as a nurse but not a doctor), divination, magick or clairvoyance and the likes (female domain and ancient knowledge). It is these areas that she represents and she will nag you until she is happy with your progress (and it is real hard to make her happy). Then, just when you think you are done with a subject, she finds you something else to get you started again as she believes that women should never stop learning. She is the village wise woman who knows things but doesn’t have to have all those pieces of paper to prove she knows things – she just does. She helps you find answers in the back recesses of your mind and she stands for instinct and intuition. When she appears, it is all about gut feeling, not weighing up the pros and cons: going with your heart and not your head. Watch for her – she is a real taskmaster or mistress I should say…

No 3 – the Empress

We are continuing our journey through the Major Arcana with the 4th card of the series and quite an apt card for the sabbat. The Empress is depicted by the pregnant lady. She is a woman in full abundance. So, this is the card of birth and of new beginnings. It is the fated new beginning so can mean anything – you are capable of being anything or doing anything – and nothing should stop you from doing what you want to do. You are the voluptuous woman and ruler of the home. You should also be everything to everyone, wearing lots of different hats in one day (that describes all women then!!) – Mother in the kitchen, mistress in the bedroom – caring mother by day and sexy vamp by night. If you have been looking to get pregnant, a fated pregnancy is heralded, but equally, so can a grandchild, a new home, marriage or business – just a new “baby” to give your time & attention to. If the Empress appears and you are looking for a home, then it is more likely to be a country cottage with a garden than a high rise penthouse flat.  The Empress can affect every part of your life. This is a practical card about practical things, and is not referring to any spiritual level. The Empress is about home life, family and comfort levels and how to progress with the mundane things in life for a more comfortable future.

No 4 – The Emperor

Continuing the journey through the Major Arcana, the Emperor is card No 4. He sits proudly on his open-air throne, well dressed with an orb in one hand and a sceptre in the other. He is a man of power and authority and you cannot ignore him. This man is a man who can support you in one way or another, as he is strong and steady – a rock of some kind. He can take charge of a situation if you need him to for he is reliable and won’t let you down. He might not be as much fun as you would like or a natural entertainer if he turns out to be a partner, but he will be steady and hold you up when you need support. The Emperor may be an influence on you or in an influencing position such as your father or friend or boss but he is there for advice, support and help. He may equally represent an organisation that you may have to take on & defend yourself against. He may be representing a business, forcing you to assess morals or regain self-respect by standing up or thinking for yourself, becoming a leader, more self-reliant or simply learning to live equally in a man‘s world. You will recognise the emperor when you see him…

No 5 – The Hierophant

This is the card of the Pope and the church. He is viewed seated between two pillars, wearing a triple crown and carrying a sceptre. He is making an ecclesiastical sign and at his feet is the symbol of the crossed keys and two ministers kneel before him. He is representing the traditional ways of life, traditional systems and people. It is about honesty and trust, not lies and deceit. So, if this card comes up and you need advice, then you go to someone with an old-fashioned way of thinking, maybe a mentor or parent. If asked for advice, then you have to respond with honesty. If you are setting up home with someone, then it is through the traditional ways of marriage and not simply living together. Don’t think modern and updated and you will get the drift of this card.

No 6 – The Lovers

Following the above info, we can now continue on our exploration of the Tarot and we reach No 6, The Lovers. The Lovers card is usually depicted by a couple plus a third person and Cupid flying overhead, influencing activities on the ground.  The card is turning its sights on relationships both friendships and emotional relationships. It may be predicting a new relationship round the corner or marriage in the current one. If you have recently split up with someone, it can mean either a new relationship on the way or even making up the old one. Either way, a time of harmony is coming, whether in your business life or personal one. All will be well in the world…but it has another meaning too, and that is of choice. You could have a new relationship but the option of resuming the old…choice!! You have heard the saying, “You’ve made your bed, now lie in it”…well, when I did readings, this was the card for that. Once you have made the choice, whether between two men, two homes, two jobs, two choices, you have to settle with the decision. Fate gave the choice to you so you have to live with the choice because you made it. There will be no trial period or chance of going back to the other option if it is wrong so, be warned and think carefully when the Lovers card is around.

No 7 – The Chariot

The card usually depicts a chariot with rider and two horses, one black and one white or one male and one female (balance) speeding along. When this card appears, it reveals a time of battle ahead, a struggle and a challenge. However, fate presents you with this challenge to fight the battle and win the war, so it is worth the hard work and struggle, whether a new business or project, a battle with illness, or any issue that takes hard work, patience and skill to endure. The final result will be worth the fight and the feeling of victory at the end makes it so worth while. As the chariot was also a vehicle, there may be travel ahead or car problems/new vehicle too

No 8 – Justice

Justice is shown as a woman in white, holding the scales in one hand and the sword of Justice in the other, located between two pillars with a crown of wisdom on her head.

Justice is about balance, hence the scales, and weighing up the situation. Only after due consideration, can a decision be reached. It represents justice and fairness and is a good card if you are involved in a legal situation as it means justice will shine favourably. It is all about honesty so if you are accused of something you didn’t do, then the light of justice will soon be revealed and you will be shown to be in the right. It can also be a warning to attend to any legal things that may have been forgotten, so check all documentation carried is out and nothing legal has been overlooked (fines paid, MOT ok, insurance up to date etc)

No 9 – The Hermit

We continue along our path of fate with The Hermit. An old man is bent with age, holding a lamp to see the way beyond a myriad of pathways. He tries to light his way to make the correct choice in which way to go, which is exactly what this card is about – choices & choosing wisely. Fate is going to be bringing you loads of choices and where you end up is up to you, depending on the choices you make. Fate’s job is to bring the choices to you. What you have to do is deal with them with either yes or no but you have to decide which way. Once you have made your selection, there will be another and another and another until you decide you have had enough and once you have ignored a decision, there will be no more. However, you cannot blame fate if you end up somewhere you didn’t want to be – after all, you made all the decisions so you cannot blame anyone but yourself, so be careful of the choices you make as they really will affect the rest of your life!!

No 10 – The Wheel of Fortune

The past two newsletters have been so full that the tarot bit has been missed off so time to get back on track.

The wheel of fortune is usually represented by a wheel similar to a fairground wheel with people riding round it, which is ok on the way up, but somewhat harder to hold on, on the way down: in some packs, the people are visibly falling off. When reading tarot, I always viewed this card as an optimistic card because if people had come to me for a reading, they usually were not at the top of the wheel – otherwise they wouldn’t have needed a reading! The aim with the Ferris wheel is always to be on the way up and never quite reach the top because, once you get to the top, there is only one direction from there and that is down. The wheel always represents change but then nothing stays the same for ever, so watch for that stroke of luck, a chance out of the blue or simply a great opportunity in any area of your life:  you don’t want to fall now, do you!!

No 11 – Strength

Card No 11 in our journey along the major arcane is Strength but in some tarot decks, strength and Justice are exchanged but my deck is the traditional way which is No 11. It is depicted by a blonde woman holding open the jaws of a Lion with a rainbow over her head and a volcano exploding in the background. The card is all about mental strength, not physical, hence why it is a woman battling with the lion and not a man. It is all about being cool and in control no matter what is going on around you and no matter how difficult the battle may be. Don’t take the bait and all will work out in the end. The other aspect of Strength is finding where your real strengths lie – what you are good at. Do you fall at the first hurdle or battle on regardless? When the cold or flu hits, do you take to your bed at the first sneeze and have to let all areas of your life go into decline for a while or do you continue and battle along regardless of how ill you felt simply because the job must get done/kids must be fed etc. We all have different strengths and this card unveils the need to really discover your own personal areas of power – you just have to look deep within and you will find where your strength really lies.

No 12 – The Hanged Man

When looking at this card, you see a man on a gibbet hanging upside-down by one leg, the other bent at the knee behind the first, his arms presumed tied behind his back and all his money falling out of his pockets.

Depending on where it shows itself, this card often indicates that life is in suspension, or feels like it is on hold and going nowhere. Now this can be either of your choice or simply that things don’t appear to be moving forward. This limbo is fine for a bit but after a while, no one takes any notice of you anymore. The roots begin to climb the gibbet and hold you in situ and you stay in this chosen state of limbo like part of the woodwork. The suspension is fate, but how long you stay there is not – it is your choice. Maybe something terrible has happened and by staying in this state of limbo, you feel nothing else bad can happen. But neither can anything good…it is all a matter of perspective: even bad things that happen can enforce changes that turn out for the better.

Ok, so it also can sometimes be that you are trying to bring about change like moving house and the suspension is all the paperwork or the buyer’s hold-ups etc and this cannot be helped – it just means try and get through to the other side as soon as you can and try to avoid hindering anything yourself.

Card 13 – Death

This is the card that tends to scare the hell out of people in readings. We all remember what was depicted when the Death card was turned over in that bit of the James Bond classic. Contrary to popular belief, death does not mean death in the physical sense unless someone around you has been seriously ill and this would be a release for them. The only sure thing in life though is that we all die in the end and that is just life. The card is usually depicted by a skeleton or Old Father Time with his scythe and is unlucky 13 in the major arcana for obvious reasons!! However, in the majority of cases, the turning of the death card simply means death of the old and beginning of the new. It could be retirement or job loss, divorce or similar ends from which a new beginning can materialise. It is a time of change and transformation. Out with the old and in with the new: something good coming from something bad or unwanted or unexpected. Whatever the change, it is fate and not much really you can do about it except accept the change that is coming or has been forced upon you and leave the old behind. Do not try to get back what is lost as that would be a completely waste of time – what is gone should stay gone: time to move forward with your life and accept what is to come.

No 14 Temperance

Temperance appears as the next part of our journey through the Major Arcana. She has one foot in the water and one on land, pouring water from one cup to another at an angle that is impossible. Her message to us is all things in moderation and everything in balance – a lesson for life. Potentially it predicts a peaceful and harmonious time ahead but a time of moderation is needed now. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy or Jill a dull girl so no overspending, no burning the candle at both ends and quality food and drink in moderation – no excess of anything and a time of harmony will follow, especially if you have been having a hard time. The body is a machine and if you live in fight or flight mode most of the time (stress), then burnout will follow. You don’t have to be Superwoman! Women today try to run a home, deal with a family, chauffeur kids around and keep a job down and that will just end in exhaustion so learn to share the load with your family – teach them early and delegate!! Equally, if you like to work hard all day and play hard all night, but don’t fuel the machine properly, it will conk out as the reserve tank becomes completely drained. Look at your life and evaluate it. Make changes and say no occasionally to the demands of the day to bring things back in balance or you will get sick. I find that Temperance tends to strike people down to put them in their bed and make them stop if she isn’t listened to, so pay attention and heed her warning and all will be well. Ignore her and it is at your peril – you have been warned!!

No 15 – The Devil

People always think the Devil is a bad card but I always like him when I do readings. There is no nonsense with the devil, who appears with a reversed pentagram, thus showing the devil’s horns. He always has a naked man and woman kneeling in front of him, usually with their hands bound. He is all about bondage: being tied to things that are no longer good for you, whether a person, an addiction, a job or even guilt, which is emotional bondage. Whatever connects you to the thing that is bad for you must be broken! Now it is up to you to do it but if you don’t, he will break the ties that bind, but not necessarily in your favour!! He is the devil after all and generally likes an easy life so does what is easiest for him, not you. You might get free of that job but through sacking rather than redundancy…see what I mean!! Job done as far as the Devil is concerned but it would have been so much simpler to have found a better suited job yourself than going through a tribunal to get compensation?? So, when the Devil is in your cards, act before he does and gets those ties broken.

No 16 – The Tower

The Tower card is symbolized by a lightning bolt striking a majestic tower and blowing the top away. A naked man falls from the Tower to the ground. When I read the tarot professionally, which I did for eleven years, this card would sink the heart of my regular customers. To me this was the worst card in the pack, as fate was about to strike somewhere in their life – that bolt out of the blue – and it was there to be dealt with, no option. The only consolation was that it may not strike directly but may be a ripple from someone else’s life. Yet, wherever it strikes, time must be made to deal with it, What ever the disaster that has struck, it should NOT be attempted to rebuild that which fate has purposely destroyed. The old must be sacrificed for the new

No 17: The Star

To me, this is the most beautiful card in the pack and if it arises in a reading, something fantastic is on its way: the hard bit is over and you are in for a really good bit at last. The picture is denoted by a maiden kneeling in a beautiful stream and is pouring water equally from two chalices, back into the stream with the star shining bright in the sky above her. All is well with the world in her world – no stress, no money worries, just peace and calm and a sort of knowing that all is well and will continue to be so. This beautiful picture is an impression of what is coming for you and you should know that it will be so…

No 18 – The Moon

The Moon to me is the incredibly beautiful orb that rules the tides, comes into my bedroom window at night, and demands my presence in her illuminating light. However, it also can make people nuts as it also rules moods: there are two sides to the Moon. In the cards, she sits between two towers reflecting in the water, with a Scorpion, which is actually a harmless crayfish, in the foreground. The Moon is actually two-faced in the cards, with lies and deception not being unheard of. It is the card of illusion and all is not what it seems. By the light of the Moon, a place can indeed look romantic and wonderful. See it in the light of day and it can be quite a dump…things are not always as they seem under her disguising light. When she shows up in a reading, decisions should never be made if they can be avoided until the moon has run its course (28 days). It is always better to leave alone than make changes at this time, as things will be screwed up, someone will deceive you, things will not be as they first appear, and clarity on a subject is an absolute impossibility. So, don’t believe what you see or what you hear, as it may not be true and by taking the bait, the trouble can go on for much longer than her cycle…so resist her influence if you can or until you have yourself asked questions and are sure you are correct.

No 19 – The Sun

Perfect timing as the next card on our journey is The Sun. The card shows a big, happy sun shining down from the sky onto the people below and all is well with the world. Just as we feel great when we get up to the sun shining down on us, so when this card appears in the spread is all going to be likened to a fabulous sunny day: joy and happiness and all things wonderful are on their way. Any area can be touched by this card. Family life will be great and problems overcome, the kids will be settled and happy and not problematic (even teenagers!!), jobs will be great and achievements recognised, finances will be settled, relationship will be all sunny and golden, and there may even be a fab time in the sunshine (holiday), so what else can I say about this card…whenever it appears, there will be happiness all around.

No 20 – Judgement

The penultimate major arcana card is Judgement. Yes, we are nearly at the end of the journey through the major arcana. Considering what is going on around us all, this card is extremely apt!! Judgement is depicted with Mercury or an angelic figure heralding to figures on earth, climbing out of the rubble/grave that was once their life (usually a male and female or a family). In it, Judgement is saying that life may be crumbling about you, but something better is just round the corner if you learn from past mistakes, so just go with this new start but be practical, change behaviour and face facts. It is the card of major transformation – something is changing in your life – fate has decreed a 2nd chance. So, travel along the course you are being shown, let go of the past, and wake up to your future.

Judgement is also to do with judgement of deeds – what you give out comes back and you will have to account for all you have done, sooner or later, whether good or bad. A kind word goes a long way so be aware of your actions both to yourself and to others; remember, you are not responsible for others happiness, just your own

No 21…The World

It has taken a while but we are finally at the last of the Major Arcana cards. We have come full-circle since we began this journey of Mans life from start to finish, and now we are at the final phase and have completed our travels. The card is depicted with a world, circle or even laurel wreath and a female stood with one foot back ready to take the next step forward. The world signifies the completion of your journey and when one door closes, another one opens, so are you ready to go through the door into the next cycle? On this card, you can travel anywhere in the world, depending on where your journey is going to take you. This card is the only card that represents emmigration so if you are planning to go abroad for work, holiday or to live, and this card comes up, it is definitely in the cards for you. The big decision with the world is if you are ready for the next circle of your life. You cannot keep both feet in two worlds and the World is about moving forward, as nothing in nature stays completely still or it simply stagnates…and that isn’t good so put your best foot forward and start making plans as to where you want to go next…and go for it…because without a plan, you can’t begin that next cycle…

Time to visit the Suites…as we now move from Major to Minor Arcana

Now we have completed our journey through the Major Arcana cards, we meet the Minor Arcana which contains 56 cards, the same as a pack of cards with one extra Court card. The four suites are Cups, Wands, Swords and Coins: Cups depict our emotions, Wands our life outside the home, Swords are trouble and strife and Coins our finanial affairs. Between them, they cover all aspects of life, and the choices you have to make to take your life where you want it to go. The major cards are fate, but the Minor cards represent choices and decisions you have to make yourself through life, because, after all, it is your life:

Let’s meet the Aces

representing the new beginnings and opportunities…

Ace of Cups is a new beginning on the emotional front: a new relationship, love interest or pregnancy, or news of a birth, engagement or wedding etc but a promising emotional event is on its way

Ace of Wands is a new beginning whether a new job, creative spurt, a new house or a new romance – something that will bring about meeting new people with the promise of fun and laughter, so be enthusiastic and go for it

Ace of Swords is something that needs dealing with once and for all, so take that sword and meet the challenge head on. Your passion and determination will then lead to something new once the old is out of the way

Ace of Coins is a new way of money coming, whether a win, inheritance, payrise or grant but a successful beginning on the money front. Either way, a successful phase is about to be entered financially.

Tarot 2’s

The 2 of Cups is the card people want to appear in every reading, as it signifies a bond, a relationship or the meeting of the perfect partner, and when this card appears, the hope is there that you are moving in the right direction. There will be sexual attraction, romantic love, a harmonious time with another, reconciliation if there has been distance or commitment where there is foundation. A good card for lovers and relationships

The 2 of Wands signifies that the journey has begun and you are on your way…so where do you want to go? Do you have the courage to go where you would really like to go or do what you would really like to do? The choice, as they say, is yours so grab the bull by the horns and get on down that road…

The 2 of Swords is quite the opposite really as it signifies that you are stuck in a situation and you are either denying it or choosing not to face it, so you cannot move. Best thing is to wait a while and see where the flow is going and go with the flow but you cannot stay as you are, as you are being blind to your situation…

The 2 of Coins has the coins in a figure 8 – oh yes, keep that money spinning and don’t let it stop. Keep it moving, robbing Peter to pay Paul, whilst overcoming any financial problems, juggling where you can and changing where necessary. The finances must be balanced and changes made but don’t forget to finsd funds for fun too

Tarot 3’s…

As we are using 3 for Brigids wishes, quite apt that the tarot is about threes this time!! Threes are all about growth, expansion and completion of an important stage, showing the fruits of your labour/partnership…

Three of Cups is all about difficulties coming to an end and the start of partying, celebrations and having fun. Things will be turning around so time to let your hair down with family and friends.

Three of Wands sees a completion or turn around in endeavours or career with an optomistic outlook on the future, with partnerships and travel all sound with this card.

Three of Swords is a situation coming to a head – potentially for the better but heartbreaking at the time. Later you will see that this was an important change but not easy at the time to endure

Three of Coins suggests renovation on property whether commercial or the home, but finishing the job and working hard will prove worthwhile, as success will duly follow

Tarot 4’s…

Fours are all about reality, logic and reason. This is the material plane and reality cannot be ignored!!

Four of Cups is about grass and the other side of the fence; time for new plans but not to go after something just because it looks better from your angle. Plan carefully or you may end up with something you didn’t want…

Four of Wands is all about roots. Everything has gone up in the air, so time to look at home, job and relationship and decide what is ok, what needs changing and what has to go…when all is sorted, inner peace will follow

Four of Swords is all about rest and recuperation; time to let those batteries recharge!! It can be a rest you give yourself or one imposed on you such as a stay in hospital so don’t let things get that bad…

Four of Coins indicate that reality isn’t all about money; when making decisions and this card is around, do what makes you happy, not what you think you should do because it is expected or what you decide should be done because of money; money doesn’t make you happy – you’re just miserable with a flashier car, that’s all…

Tarot 5’s…

The fives in the cards are all about loss, instability, conflict and opportunities for change (so not all bad!!)

5 of Cups: this is all about loss and something to mourn whether you have lost your job or your relationship. Everything is fine but…?? You need to find ways to get through this bit of your life, get over the ‘but’ and find joy again. Don’t grieve over what you have lost but rejoice in what is on its way…your cup is always half full!!

5 of Wands; this card represents the competive world we live in and having to compete to grow. Do your best, build on your weaknesses, find your strengths and learn to help yourself. Overcome delays and pay attention to the small details because there will be a struggle or fight before the challenge is over

5 of Swords; this is the battle card so watch for arguments, violence and general aggrivation. Was the battle worth it? Is there an easier route? Something will be lost but there are new beginnings from any endings

5 of Coins; this is the card of financial problems and issues, so don’t take risks – if there seems to be an offer that is too good to miss, miss it!! Look for help and guidance and not a quick fix or loss will be the only outcome!

Tarot 6’s…

Continuing our journey through the minor arcana, we reach the sixes, which is all about solving problems.

6 of Cups; represented by 3 cups in a mirror and is all about learning from the past. A situation similar to a past memory or situation will present itself. Use the past to change the future, not repeat the past again.

6 of Wands; a hero’s welcome and the need to do something in your life that is just for you. You need a victory, a pat on the back and doing something that you want to do because you want to do it is just what you need.

6 of Swords: this is a problem you are facing and running away from it won’t solve the issue; it will simply follow you. You need to face up mto the issue and solve it once and for all.

6 of Coins: don’t waste money. Look to see where money can be saved and where it is really needed. Don’t just give away money because it makes you feel better – make sure it is needed and has value. Pay attention to where your money is actually going and get the most from it!!

Tarot 7’s…

The sevens are all about reflection and assessment – quite apt I think…

7 of Cups: daydreams are fine but they are not reality. Don’t get distracted by shiny, pretty things or while away the days. Find your path or opportunity and follow it. This is the real world so be realistic

7 of wands: you are being challenged and asked to defend your corner. Questions will be asked; if you are right, this will only increase your understanding. If you are wrong, then admit defeat and change your stance.

7 of swords: a problem has to be dealt with. A quick fix or poor plan is not the answer so no shortcuts, and if something seems too good to be true, it usually is!! Think carefully before acting and don’t get conned…

7 of Coins: time to make your long term plans – there is no harvest if you don’t sow the seeds!! You will never reach your destination if you don’t take that first step so time to make your long term plans and follow them one step at a time even if it is just baby steps – and if your plans have stopped, time to get them moving again…

Tarot 8’s

Eight is the sign of infinity, movement and action.

8 of Cups; emotions are going round in circles and yet nothing is being done about the current situation. Time for change so head for the light, face the challenges of the heart and get out of the emotional rut

8 of Wands: your boundaries have been limited so time to get up and push them back out and you will then get overtaken with enthusiasm and really get your life out the rut…time to get a life and party!!

8 of Swords: you may be stressed due to a current situation, but the problems are based on fear and can be dealt with if you look properly at the problem. Release the ties that bind and the end will be in sight

8 of Coins: time to upgrade skills for the future for long term prosperity – maybe a hobby or interest can make money in the future but you need to study first for the skills – hard work now but worth it in the long run

Tarot 9’s

The journey reaches the penultimate number as we discover the nines which are about things coming to fruition.

9 of Cups: a happy card relating to abundance, prosperity and success as well as good health: this is a secure card where you feel happy and contented with your lot and you should be pleased with where you are at

9 of Wands: things don’t go to plan so take time out to rethink your strategy before going back into battle. Don’t let delays and difficulties get the better. Learn from this situation and then resume the fight.

9 of Swords: problems and illness are the joys from this card. Watch for Gynocological problems and check on mum and the kids. Take time out to think problems through and get help if needed; don’t be too proud to ask

9 of Coins: you have much to be proud of and have a life you love both in and out of the home, and even if your choices have left you alone, you can change your lifestyle to find that someone to share your life with

Tarot 10’s

The 10’s are all about completion as we reach the last of the numbered minor arcana cards…

10 of Cups: this is the wish card – the card of contentment and happiness in home and family life. Anything you would wish for yourself is available with this lovely contented card with success assured

10 of Wands: the end of your task is nigh and your journey is near its end. Just a little more or do something to lighten the load and you can make it that last little bit…it will be worth the last effort!!

10 of Swords: the end of a hard time is near as the wheel turns. It has been a struggle and there may still be tears but things will soon improve. However, watch your back as there may be deception somewhere around

10 of Coins: no matter how much money you have, always keep some by for a rainy day – never spend every penny so when you want fun and frolic, you have the means to go and do what you want to do, so get squirrelling…

The Tarot Pages…

We are at the final stages of our journey through the tarot cards. The Pages represent both people and situations as the Pages are the youngsters, our children and child-like situations that may occur.

Page of Cups: this may be a blonde child who is naturally sensitive and also represents a course of study – someone is about to become a student and face new challenges within this study situation…

Page of Wands: this may be a red-haired, restless or creative child or be healding the arrival of someone we seldom see – either way, communication is apparent which can lead to success…

Page of Swords: a sporting, intelligent dark haired child who can be secretive or self-supportive, and can also be business dealings or a contract on offer – watch for those opportunities…

Page of Coins: a youngster with a business mind or money on its way. We need to learn something to enhance career prospects. There may even be promotion, a windfall or legacy – all good news financially…

Knights of the Tarot

Tine to investigate the young chivalrous knights on our journey – these are the young men that, once they have

learned their roles, will grow into the Kings of our Realm.

Knight of Cups is a young blond man always looking for opportunities or challenges and more occupied with having fun on his journey. This knight can signify a new love, an invitation or study of some form for a new job but changes of some emotional kind are afoot

Knight of Wands is a talker amongst talkers with charm to boot. He is friendly and fun and very social but not trustworthy so usually is a salesman of some kind learning his trade on his journey. His arrival signifies travel, meetings and the unknown around but watch for the scam somewhere as these guys have the gift of the gab

Knight of Swords is young, dark and mysterious, intuitive and clever – an honourable, brave and chivalrous guy who wants to help people and would never cause hurt by his actions. His appearance means being brave about a situation and finding the right person to help if you cannot deal with it.

Knight of Coins is business and money minded, hard-working and trustworthy, but is still to learn about business and how to make it work – he may be text-book clever but the skill of business is yet to be gained. This knight signifies the man with the money but not to be a backer yet, more the bookie…

Tarot Queens

Queen of Cups: an honest and trustworthy home-maker and friend, this is often a blonde woman who has an ear to listen with so great to have around as a friend in times of trouble.

Queen of Wands; a popular lady with plenty of get-up-and-go, this woman knows how to get the best out of life and plans to enjoy every moment, whilst also being practical and clever with a good business-head.

Queen of Swords; quick thinking with a sharp tongue, this dark haired woman can have a dark and lonely side to her. What you see isn’t always what you get and she would never let you know what lies beneath the facade

Queen of Coins: A generous lady who can give you chances as she holds the key to the money so whether she gives you a loan, inheritance or a job, this is a dark haired lady to keep on-side

Tarot journeys end – the Tarot Kings at Yule…

It has taken me some time but here we are at the end of the journey through the tarot cards. You now have the final set of meanings and a sheet for my customers to see what I interpret the tarot as.

King of Cups is fair haired with a kind heart and wise council. Home is where his heart is and this man can give you guidance in anything to do with home and heart and will be a teacher, councillor or healer.

King of Wands is a brown-red-haired man with the gift of the gab. He is a fatherly type of person who can make you laugh, show you how to have fun and give you a shoulder when you need to cry.

King of Swords is a slim, dark haired man who is the right man for the job but never shows his true self. He may be a solicitor, doctor or soldier but his job it is to help you or defend you in whatever way is needed

King of Coins is grey haired and the man with the money. He lives to work and money, property and stuff is his thing. He can give you that loan, advance you that mortgage or give you that job – a money-oriented workaholic…

And that ends our long journey through the cards.