Carnelian is grounding and a stabilising stone which puts us in the here and now and helps us deal with it. It gives us energy and motivation with a positive swing on life whilst discarding fear, envy, hatred and greed from our psyche, releasing gently that which has been buried and replacing it with life. No more walking around with your head in the clouds day-dreaming with this stone…it is on with the job of living and making the most of life. This is all about taking a chance and giving it a go; no dilly-dallying, as it is all about manifesting ones dreams so go for it…make it happen – you can do it and this stone can help! Sometimes life has to be got hold of by the short and curlies and got on with, feet firmly on the floor, and this is just the stone to help make that happen. It will give you courage to overcome the tough challenges that may arise ahead but overcome them you will!!
Healing-wise, it influences the sexual organs so carry in your trouser pocket to give your libido a boost, your sexuality and sensuality a lift or if you want to get pregnant, but beware; it is quite a lusty stone...ding dong! It provides energy for the body filling it with that life-force one again. After all, your body is your temple and we need the body balanced and ready for action – life is for living so get living…now!!

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