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Posted: 26th June 2015

How many of you had candles burning during the depths of winter and over festive season? As these lights glowed away in your home, making it feel that much more homely, did any of you contemplate how dangerous they could be?

I don’t mean if they catch fire but more what you are actually inhaling? I am also referring to things like tea lights as well as pillar, votive and dinner candles. Worried? Well, some of you should be!!

Now, those of you who use my own candles and tea lights, are perfectly safe, and are using the best quality products. My candles contain natural Aberdour beeswax, natural colours, pure cotton wick and pure essential oils and that is it!! As for my tea lights, they are good quality ones from Belgium, which are fine.  Now, as you use them, you can congratulate yourselves on your quality of choice and know you are using the safest of candles, but some of you aren’t quite so choosy! Those of you who scoff at the price and buy them much cheaper at a fraction of the price may be getting more than you bargain for. Tea lights and candles are like essential oils and herbs – you get exactly what you pay for.

So, what is the problem? Well, it seems that some of the candle makers from the East such as China or from the USA aren’t quite so choosy as to what goes into the candles.  Remember, things banned in Britain and Europe are perfectly acceptable in China and the likes and they don’t worry about this when selling items containing them as they sell them so cheap!!  I only sell you what I am prepared to use myself. Bad quality paraffin wax causes more soot – bad for asthmatics etc and the synthetic oils they are scented with can cause even more problems.

Did you know some synthetic fragrances include industrial solvents such as benzene derivatives and aldehydes? Some inclusions are even regarded as hazardous waste yet we are burning them in our homes. Even more of a worry is what they use as a wick!! Not pure cotton but such things as lead and cadmium. Yes, I know! I was horrified as well, as both these are toxic to the body and you are burning them in your home and breathing them in!!! Aahhgghh!! So, look at the labels on any candles you buy. Avoid those from the USA (no wonder I have people who only burn my candles in the States) and the East,  and enquire what the wicks are made from. If they cannot tell you, DON’T BUY THEM!! You have been warned!!!

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  1. Love your candles Chris and wouldn't dream of using any other's now. They are absolutely gorgeous and you get what you pay for. I'd rather pay a little extra for the gorgeous aroma in my home and they last for ages too! Worth every penny and would highly recommend them

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