Candidiasis – the Syndrome that “doesn’t exist”

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Ever taken more than a couple of doses of anti-biotics in any one year?

Ladies – are you on the pill and have been for a while (did you know the pill was a steroid?) Or HRT? (that is too).

If you answered yes to one of these questions, then chances are that you are one of the many that suffer from the non-existent syndrome of Candidiasis. Ask the doctor about it. I did, and quote ” I am a man of science, and if you can prove scientifically that this exists, then I will act on it, but as yet, there is no scientific proof that it does exist. Science can only prove that there is yeast present in the body, not if there is an overdose of it”.

Yeast lives naturally quite happily in our digestive system, being kept in check by the friendly flora that also live there. Why yeast is there is not known, just that it is. When we take anti-biotics or the pill, these conventional forms of medication sort out whatever needs to be sorted out and killed. The bad news is that they also kill the good stuff – that is how they work – they annihilate everything, good and bad. We have a dose of anti-biotics and yes, many of us ladies are then plagued with the follow-up of thrush, the first sign of an overdose of yeast. So, we are given Canestan to kill the yeast. If at this point, you eat plenty of live yoghurt and take a course of Acidophilus and garlic, the friendly troops are sent in and balance is restored. What happens if you don’t do this? Due to the fact that there is no friendly stuff left to keep the yeast in check, it regroups again and takes over the system – like a riot.

Then, all hell breaks loose. A change takes place and this yeast develops roots and metamorphoses into a new strain of Candida and travels out with the digestive system. Horrid eh!!

So, what are the typical symptoms of this syndrome, I hear you ask. Here are but a few of the ones that I personally experienced and seem to be the typical symptoms:-

1. Fungal infections i.e. thrush, athlete’s foot, fungal growth under nails (usually toes).

2. Skin problems i.e. eczema, psoriasis, itching skin, unexplained rashes, new skin allergies to metal, perfumes etc

3. Recurring urinary tract infections.

4. Unexplained aches and pains within the body, or arthritic-like pains in the joints (inflammation)

5. General feeling of being “unwell”, but no explanation – lethargy, exhaustion, tiredness, run-down feeling.

6. Hormonal problems such as PMT, irritability, mood swings, menstrual problems

7. Headaches and/or migraine type symptoms, when never suffered prior but now reoccurring.

8. Cloudy, foggy feeling in the head (not quite in). Lack of concentration. Memory loss or forgetfulness.

9. Cravings for sweet things (I could eat chocolate for Scotland)

10. Bloating, digestive upsets, flatulence, IBS.

11. Weight gain that cannot be lost but went on for no apparent reason.

That’s just to cover the most common symptoms. Things like ME are also being linked to this syndrome, as improvements are made when it is addressed.

How many of you have gone down the list going yes, yes, yes? Well, if you have, chances are that you are one of 85% that suffers from this syndrome “that doesn’t exist”. They also said that about PMT and SAD and now they are common occurrences.

Personally, things came to a head for me when I just couldn’t get up in the morning, as my joints were just too stiff. I was taking meadowsweet for the arthritis but to no avail. I was tired all the time, my head was constantly fuzzy or with a dull headache and was generally feeling old before my time. The doctor dismissed it but I knew I wasn’t going mad. These symptoms were real. I just had to find the cause.

Then, a bunion appeared over the period of a week and just kept growing (inflammation of the joints) and when it happened on the same foot as a fungal infection, I started to investigate on the net and, lo and behold, there was the answer. In America, it is well known but doesn’t exist, if you get the drift.

Well, it has changed my life. I got out of bed the other day and suddenly noticed that I didn’t hurt anymore. It had taken quite a few months but it was gone. The bunion is slowly shrinking. My nails are regrowing and the peeling skin on my feet has healed just about. I am bursting with energy, my mind is clear and I haven’t had a headache for weeks.

So, what miracle drug made this all happen? None. As it doesn’t exist, then no cure was offered. The local pharmacist said he could kill it with one dose of something, but explained that it would kill everything else as well, and he knew I wouldn’t be into that. Anyway, you kill the yeast, but without the friendly stuff to fill the gap, it just regenerates and comes back again.

So, what is the answer. Simple. You simply starve the yeast and kill it naturally, whilst also putting the friendly flora back into your system.

Getting rid of Candidiasis the Green Witch Way.

For a minimum of one month, (this is the hardest bit, but you get into the swing)

Cut out all sugar including sweets, foods containing added sugar, fruit and sweet vegetables such as peas and carrots, fruit juices.

Cut out all yeast products such as bread, crackers, biscuits, alcohol, soy sauce and other fermented products.

No mushrooms (fungus)

No meat or chicken (contains too many anti-biotics so feeds the yeast)

Minimum dairy products (I allowed myself just 2 cups of real coffee daily with milk) and butter

Minimum caffeine (I cannot live without my coffee, sorry, but it didn’t affect me)

Lots of organic live full-fat yoghurt (to replace the friendly flora naturally)

Lots of water to flush out the system including the dead yeast

One-a-day garlic perle (I chose odourless)

Acidophilus 3 times daily (from the Health food shop) to replace the friendly flora quickly to control the yeast

A good A-Z multi-vitamin & mineral which contains biotin plus

2000mg Vitamin C (yes, double the usual dose)

Echinacea tincture to boost the immune system and gain control again

Calendula tincture to gain control of the yeast and fight and cure the symptoms

Eat plenty of salads, potatoes, stir-fry vegetables (but no sauce) with fish, tuna etc

Eggs can be eaten every other day if you love eggs but only 2 max.

I found toast well-done and wholemeal was OK, as was cheese if well toasted and bubbling hot, so cremated cheese toasties became a staple working lunch instead of sandwiches – investment in a toasting machine was a necessity.

Remember, the cravings for sugar are not a breakdown of will-power as we have always been led to believe, but simply, when a female’s body changes over the month, the hormonal change enforce a die-off in the yeast (I think that is the reason). As the yeast lay dying, it screams out for sugar for it to survive. The sugar feeds the yeast, as any wine-maker will tell you. Starve the yeast and it dies. It is amazing how this little piece of information changes your perspective on this situation and you suddenly don’t pamper the cravings anymore. Watch the weight fall off without even trying. I lost a stone in about 4 weeks, just like that.

After the first 4 weeks, the die off and subsequent control of the friendly flora will be more balanced and you can start re-introducing some of the things you have cut out. But, don’t be surprised if you no longer feel the need to eat chocolate or drink alcohol. Also expect that if it still upsets your system, you will either bloat up or feel as though something is sitting like a lead weight in your stomach. Either way, leave it out a bit longer, then try again. You may find that some things generally upset you and just avoid them altogether. My favourite tipple of red wine is now a no-go for me. My system likes it no more and it has had to go completely for the time being, as it makes me palpitate and go hot and gives me a thumping head so I simply don’t push it and have found an alternative tipple which doesn’t upset me.

A normal daily menu for me would include:-

Organic muesli and live organic yoghurt for breakfast with coffee and grapefruit juice (and all the tablets which I still take 7 months later), cheese toasties on the hop for lunch and salmon, trout or tuna with salad, stir-fry veg or pasta for tea with fruit and live yoghurt for dessert. The occasional chicken is OK but it sometimes upsets me, depending on how it is cooked, but generally, my eating habits have been altered for the better due to this healthy diet.

So, there you go, Candidiasis sorted. You will be amazed who you know that will benefit from this info.

Update on Candidiasis……

I’m back on my soapbox again. Yes folks, it is a Candidiasis update for you. For those of you who have read my Candida leaflet, (keep on reading and you will come across it), I want to fill in a few more bits as to why this diet is a must and why we need to kill this thing affecting 90% of woman and a fair few men too. If you have children and your child suffers from eczema, asthma or other allergies, and they had cradle cap when they were wee, chances are both mum and baby/child have Candidiasis. So, you have to do your best to wean them away from sweet things that are simply feeding the yeast for a while, (and definitely no marmite fingers) and feed them plenty of organic natural yoghurt to rebalance their digestive system to fight the invader. The majority of children today that have a sweet tooth will suffer from Candidiasis in some form, whether slight or not. (I came up with the cradle cap link a couple of years ago and the Midwifery Association has now proved it).

Another aspect that is alarming is the current link to cancer. Cancer cells, like Candida cells, live naturally in the body. It is my opinion that one of the reasons that cancer spreads so quickly through a small amount of the population today, undetected, and why it travels in families, is the candida link. When the candida alters its structure and spreads throughout the body, it attacks the weakest area in each person. Every person suffers differently and, in some people, I firmly believe that it alters the cancer cells in some way and allows it to spread quicker through an area of the body. Don’t be alarmed as, of course, you will be now changing this situation after having killed the candida and restored the normal balance with the help of my diet suggestions. It is also being linked to M.S. and, the candidiasis diet is the only cure for sufferers of ME. So, for those of you who haven’t done this yet, it is really a health restorer, long term as well as short term so, for those of you who need this sheet, check out above on the News page here on my website, where it is permanently situated, because it is so necessary to get this info out there, and half the health issues that walk through my door are linked to this problem. And that is just my little domain.

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