Calm your home, Calm your life

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020
The chaos was driving me nuts. I was getting nowhere and all was madness and bedlum with the family. I could stand it no more and needed my environment to be calm. Here is what had to be done to bring it back…
1. Cleansed my home with a smudge stick, going round clockwise round each room, opened all the doors and windows for 15 minutes to let all the chaos and negativity out, then went round again after closing all the doors and windows again. All is now cleansed and the chaotic vibration removed
2. Lit a charcoal block, added Water incense and walked with it clockwise around each room then left to burn in the centre of the house with all inner doors open. All is now calmer
3. Hung a rose-coloured rainbow crystal over the front door in the hall to catch the light and spread a rainbow through the house, clearing stagnant energy and bringing joy, beauty and transformation to my home. I also hung a rose quartz heart in a pale pink pouch over the door.
4. Placed Rose quartz in every room with an oil burner and pink candle. Also used every other pink stone I had (kunzite, morganite, rhodonite, pink opa, pink tourmalinel and rhodochrosite) and circled the candle or burner but placed them with one green chrysoprase or green tourmaline. Also, I placed Chrysoprase in the centre of the home with large pieces of natural Rose quartz and kunzite.
5. Used the burner to vapourise ylang-ylang and geranium plus 1 drop Rose otto (bit OTT but needed to calm me too). On a daily basis, varied the oils by adding lavender, chamomile or palmarosa to the geranium and ylang-ylang to bring in the flowers… Aromatic pink flowers are another option
6. Placed rose quartz in the bra and selection of pink crystals in pockets and as jewellery.
7. Continued the oils and Celestial Rose incense on a daily basis and left the crystals to do their stuff
This has certainly worked both in my home and in the shop. The chaos has dispersed and all is well; arguments have ceased and Love is in the air once more. My castle is now at peace and I hope the same can be done in yours. Try one, some or all of the above and watch the transformation…
Calm it down with Rose Quartz
I don’t do pink but Rose quartz sends out a soft loving energy which calms and soothes the emotions to bring peace and harmony. It helps dissolve old patterns and habits and is a wonderful crystal to have around children, those here and those yet to be born so good for every home. Rose helps to manifest love in every manner, bringing love, compassion, tolerence and understanding to the family home. It allows people to unite in their differences and brings forgiveness in all areas including forgiving yourself. It calms stress, aids self-confidence and the pink brings the ray of hope even in the darkest of moments…
I reckon we all need some of the pink right now!!
Create your Harmony bowl…
Once the house is calm, find a small glass bowl (clear or pink if possible but pale green or blue will also suffice). Cleanse with a smudge stick/frankincense and fill with pink. You don’t need a large bowl or lots of stones, but fill with pink crystals, rose petals, pink buttons (if you have a button tin – or go see mum or gran), pink glass beads… whatever you can to vibrate the energy of pink.
When complete, sit the bowl on your altar, amongst family pics or in the centre of the home. Make your “love zone” in the home and keep the love flowing…
Language of flowers…
I have said we need to increase the feminine and we do this with the floral aromas. Flowers all have magickal properties to bring harmony to our home, as well as delightful aromas that simply make us feel better. Bringing in the flowers or using the oils in a vaporiser is all you need to do to attract their benefits. Choose…
Geranium for happiness and protection Magnolia for love
Lavender for health, love and peace Freesia for love and peace
Ylang-ylang for peace and love Rose for love, peace and beauty
Chamomile for peace and relaxation Lily for peaceful feelings
Jasmine for love, peace and restful sleep Yarrow for courage and love
Just some of the magickal floral aromas for to help bring calm to the chaos…which will you choose??
Keeping the calm all day…
If you want to keep the calm going through to work, then you need a portable zone. Carry a rose quartz in your bra/breast pocket to keep that calmness. Whatever’s your favourite aroma, take it with you on a tissue. You can also wear it as a perfume. To make your own magickal blend of perfume, create your working lovezone. Set your table with pink crystals and candles, burn floral incense and play calming music. Gather your oils, a mixing glass and and a perfume bottle. In the small glass, add 5ml Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is wax so does not go off and your perfume will keep longer. Drop by drop, add your favourite floral oils, swirling them into the wax as you go, inhaling the blend with eyes closed after every drop, until you get the blend that makes you feel peaceful. Combine upto 3 essential oils into the mix and max of about 50 drops. My perfumes are oils such as jasmine and rose at 50/50 with jojoba and this is the max you should aim for but less is more in magickal blends.
When complete, bottle into a clean aroma bottle or an old-fashioned perfume bottle and wear every day to feel calm at any point, whatever chaos is happening all about. If you don’t have time to make your own, then use my “Peace oil” for the same effect but it is much more fun to play and to put your own personal power into your blended perfume so go on and have a go.
The Gift of Friendship…let’s put it all together
To bring joy to others, it is time to make your “Pouch of peace”. Collect together some dried flowers, a glass bowl, a pink crystal such as Rose quartz, and a pink pouch for each person plus yourself and gather in your “work zone”. With your candle lit, sit your bowl within a ring of pink crystals and add a little dried lavender, rosebuds or petals, orange flowers, jasmine flowers, whatever you have available and mix together with your hands. Add a few drops of floral essential oil such as geranium or ylang-ylang or a few drops of your peace perfume, then mix again. Put some of the mix in each pouch with a rose quartz, all the time imagining those around you happy and smiling. Close the pouches and hang one in your home. Give the others to friends & let’s spread the love a.s.a.p!!
Your magickal Wish Box
I think making a wish box is an important step towards a happy life and living the dream, so to speak. Without dreams and wishes, nothing can materialise in your life.
I would normally suggest that you prepare this at Ostara or Mabon, but sometimes we cannot wait and need to change things now. However, you can review it at the two equinoxes and make any changes necessary.
Plan your fire, whether a bonfire in the garden or beach, or an orange sphere candle on your altar.
Beforehand, get a small wooden/pretty box, frankinsence resin, dried orange flowers plus a Lodestone, a Citrine and a Chiastolite. The Lodestone is your natural magnet, which attracts the good things and repels the bad; the Citrine is your sunshine stone for Health, Wealth and Happiness, whilst Chiastolite is your fairy cross for luck.
Take your dried Orange flowers and frankincense and mix together. Fill the bottom of your box with the mix.
Sit quietly and think carefully of all the things you would like to materialise in your life…and be specific: (don’t just write “pay off debts” – put the amount of money and to pay what!!). Write down all those things you wish for you and yours to take your lives forward over the next few months or even years. Put this list on nice, hand-made paper if possible and write neatly – this is your request to the Universe. Make two identical lists.
When dusk arrives on a waxing Moon, light your candle or bonfire, Sit and think carefully about what you have written (be careful what you ask for as it may just happen and may not be what you wanted at all…).
When the list is finalised, put one folded list in the box on top of the herbal mix and sit the lodestone on the top. Add a citrine (health, wealth and happiness) if possible too plus a Chiastolite for luck. Close the box.
Take the other list to your fire, set it alight and let it burn, whether thrown into the fire or carefully set alight by the candle. Take your wish-box and pass it through incense, (frankincense, fire or sun), saying out loud “By the power of Fire, please bring to me, these wishes and desires, so mote it be” and place the box on your altar or special place. Light incense on altar weekly until it be so.
Preparing for that bad day…get your Emergency kit ready to go…
Someday, we all get pushed to breaking point, even me! No matter how positive we are, we all need a back-up plan for that really rotten day. Here are some ideas that I use at the end of just one of those days:
1. We all have our favourite songs that just make you feel good if they come on the radio – those that make you stop and smile or sing or dance, because they transport you to another time and place. Prepare a CD or playlist of your special, happy, uplifting songs that simply make you smile. Then, when you have had a bad day, put those tracks on and twirl and dance around like no-one is watching.
2. Go for a walk in your garden, down the beach or wherever is calming for you, and use the elements to cleanse and calm you and get rid of the day. Come back and have a quiet drink of coffee, tea or your favourite tipple…whatever will give you that breather for a few minutes to get your head together.
3. Have a bath with geranium oil, my Euphoria blend or juniper berry to purify the day away.
4. Keep a special rose quartz or similar pink stone cleansed ready for such a day & carry for calmness.
5. Inhale from a tissue your favourite essential oil – something indulgent (rose, neroli, jasmine or melissa), uplifting (bergamot or Sunshine blend) or calming (geranium or Euphoria blend)
6. Exercise combats stress so fit in some Zumba, Marackattack or whatever does it for you and you will feel better, be calmer and get fit too. Learn to fit 20 mins “You-time” into every day to relax and breathe

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