Calcite family

Calcite is a much ignored crystal but one that can be extremely useful and is cheap enough for everyone to have. There is a calcite of every colour of the chakras and they balance and harmonize them all. Placed in any room, calcite will harmonize the area, removing stagnation and stress and releasing energy and calm. No laziness when calcite is around so use in study situations!! Stormy times can also be stabilized with calcite…and people ignore this poor little stone!! Any colour is great for the home but, individually…

Clear Calcite is often known as optical calcite and the best grade of this can be extremely beautiful. When placed on top if writing, you will see double. This is showing you hidden meanings behind what is seen.

Green calcite is one I use in water to keep my kidneys healthy. It can rid the body of bacterial infections and calms and cools, helping inflammatory conditions and can help absorb and get rid of any disease programmed to so do. Magickally, it attracts money and prosperity if a good size chunk is sat in the home. It will also help you lose those comforting things/habits etc that are no longer good for you and restore balance and harmony.

Orange calcite is a great energizer. It balances the emotions and helps overcome fear and depression and all those things that bring us down. It is fire, ridding us of any problem we require to be rid of to keep us safe.

Honey Calcite is a wonderful golden colour and, like sunlight, helps us to see life as it really is/could be. It is uplifting and energizing, and good for helping us attune to the higher planes for guidance or insight.

Red Calcite uplifts the emotions and brings us vitality and energy, helps willpower and rids us of negative emotions thus enabling healing. It is good for joints and helps us willingly move forward in our lives.

Blue Calcite helps us rest and recover, relax and recuperate, thus balancing body and emotions. It balances the throat, so helps you communicate any issues that need to be talked about, calming anxiety and lowering blood pressure. Place with blue candles for healing but just stroking the stone will instantly calm

Black calcite helps to see the truth in all situations and to make plans to move forward whilst releasing trauma from the past. It can also lift depression and ease any dark situation.

Pink Calcite is all about heart, love and the angelic realm. It lifts nervous tension and anxiety and helps us feel good about ourselves in the world of emotions, accepting ourselves as we are, bringing love and self love to all…
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