Black Pepper…the strengthening condiment

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

We daily grind pepper to add to our food, but why? Is it to protect our food? After all, you mix it with salt to dispel negativity and evil so maybe the two condiments came together so you didn’t eat anything that was going to kill you!!

I adore the aroma of black pepper – there is a sweet overtone that I find energising. Black pepper is ruled by the planet Mars and the element of Fire. It is one of the oldest spices in the world, being used in India 4000 years ago, and was a luxury in Europe as it spiced up the bland European diet. It was worth its weight in gold in the Middle Ages when brought to Europe overland, so Columbus and other explorers set off over the Atlantic to find their own route to India for such as the trading of these valuable spices.

Black pepper stimulates our taste buds and our digestive system whilst boosting our immune system, enhancing our circulation and helping eliminate toxins too. It contains piperine which is similar to morphine so makes a useful painkiller – massage with the oil for nerve pain and painful joints and on the stomach for digestive issues.

Magickally, inhaling the aroma of crushed peppercorns or the oil will give you courage and determination to overcome any issue. If you have a daunting situation to face, whether going for an interview or daily having to walk down a dodgy street to get to your work/home, then inhale daily and visualise a spiral of power whirling around you and call on this whenever you feel threatened (but also ensure safety first at all times).

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