Magickal stones of power

Ever wandered by the sea or a river and let your mind wander around all the stones on the beach or riverbank? Then, next time, use the time to look for an object of power – the witch’s holey stone. Holey stones cannot be bought. You cannot go out and purchase a crystal donut and expect that to work for you in the same way. You have to find one – a gift from the sea and a blessing from the Goddess indeed. They are pieces of stone that have had a hole worn all the way through naturally by sea and sand, and are very magickal indeed. My collection has pride of place on my altar awaiting their time to be used. If you visit the shop, you will see one hung above the door to protect my business. They would, in days gone by, be used to protect animals by hanging above stables and barns, be hung on the bow of boats to bring the sailors/fishermen back safely from the sea, be hung over beds to prevent nightmares, and be worn to protect from Fairie folk, the magick being that it enabled the wearer to see the enchanted folk and thus not be tricked by them. They we used to ensure a healthy pregnancy, to heal every ailment going, to bring luck to you, or solve your problems. A magickal stone indeed, what ever you decide to use it for. However, a holey stone is only effective if used by the person who found it, or if it is given to you by one who loves you.

To use a holey stone for healing, first find the holey stone given by the sea. This must be kept purely for healing and never used for anything else. Run a bath and place a handful of sea salt and the holey stone into the bathwater. Then get in and close your eyes whilst lying in the water. Now, visualise your health problem, see it being released from your body and absorbed into the water and into the stone. Continue with this magic as long as the ailment lasts and ensure the stone is kept in a safe place. Magickal indeed!!

Yule 2019

Yule Newsletter 22 December 2019

Welcome to Yule, the shortest day and longest night of the year, and the end of a decade. As we enter this new decade, there are lots of changes about. Everyone is undergoing some sort of change, whether by choice like moving house or job, or imposed upon them by others choices, so be prepared for the unexpected.

2019 has come and gone and we are here at the shortest day again!! The Moon is at her strongest at this time whilst the Sun at its weakest…but not for long! After this, the worst of the winter may still be to come but the Sun will slowly begin to gain strength once more and the darkness start to lose its grip on our land. At Yule, we welcome the return of the Sun as we begin another Solar year. I really enjoy hibernating in front of my real fire on cold nights, spending time with my husband as cosy up with the mutt. This is the time to share the best of food and wine you can afford), and enjoy them with those you love. My family always call by but now my boys both have their own homes and families, they have their own fire to cosy up in front of…but I am sure they will pop by!

To represent welcoming the return of the Sun, we light the home with fairy lights and candles in rooms where this is not the usual – up the stairs, in the hall etc and we hang greenery all over the home to show that the Earth will soon be springing back to life! The mistletoe gets hung over the inside of the main door at Yule, and the holly wreath hung on the outside. Then comes the pine tree in pride of place, glittering with lights, baubles and symbols of luck and prosperity, and a goddess, star or fairy on the top of the tree overlooking proceedings! To celebrate the Sun’s return, we exchange token gifts, meaning an affordable or hand-made gift, not spending money you haven’t got getting yourself into debt on credit cards: a morning of joy that can cause financial misery for months once those statements start to arrive!!

Yule is always full of hope. The dark is at its darkest and the light returns after this night. This is when you make plans for the next year. Most people are undergoing change as we near the end of this decade. Things are on the move & changes are abound, whether by choice or not. Time to work out what to do next year as we enter 2020. This is for the country as well as each household! Will we be Brexiting or will we not? Will we have our Indyref2 or will we not? Will it be one party in Westminster or a hung parliament? Will the UK remain as one or will there be huge division and split? Who knows what uncertainties will be abound as we enter the 20s, but we can try and be in charge of our own home & work lives. I know I too have decisions to make, so time to write a new wish box list for the new decade. If you don’t have one, check out the instructions on how to make one on my website and make one for Yule or New Year, and make those changes happen! Live the life you want, not make do with what you’ve got!

A Yule spell for new beginnings…using onions and twigs

I wrote about this spell as we went into 2012 at the end of the Mayan calendar when changes were afoot, so thought it would be useful again. It’s an old Russian spell, which will help ease us into the new decade and move forward, and can be done with the use of 2 small onions, 3 white or beeswax yellow candles, a little salt, 2 pieces red ribbon or cord and 2 birch twigs. Salt is a purifier, as are the onions, and birch symbolising new beginnings.

On the eve of the winter solstice (this year, the 21st), light the candles. In their light, peel the onions and thread with the red ribbon/cord saying:

Spirits of past and present, keep evil sorts at bay;

Let harmony and joy prevail at the turning of the day.

Hang the onions at the front and back door (if no back door, use a back window instead). Hang the onions until 24th, take them down and sprinkle them with the salt. Remove the cord and bury the onions in the garden or wasteland.

Hold the birch twigs to your 3rd eye for a moment, then tie with the red cord and replace above the doors.

The birch will help you begin your new cycle, and let your festive family fun be the mark of this new beginning!

Baltic Amber

Further to my inclusion of Jet on the Samhain newsletter, I promised to write about Amber on this one. We sell lots Baltic Amber, but my visit to Krakow really opened my eyes to the stunning amber available!

Amber is a fossilized resin resulting from the rapid burial of trees somewhere between 2-65 million years ago and the best amber is found near the Baltic Sea. It varies in colour from whitish(creamed) to yellow (honey), dark brown (Brandy) to olive green (with moss/lichen inclusions) and a reddish brown (cherry), and can have inclusions that got caught up in the fresh resin millions of years ago (insects, leaves etc). It is a mysterious object and one which I love!! It is warm to the touch and hardly noticeable when you wear it. Be careful though, there is a lot of fake amber out there…you can test it by rubbing it on your clothes and applying it to a tiny piece tissue or paper… amber, like jet, will build up static electricity and lift the small piece of paper!!

It has been worn since ancient times around the neck for use against throat infections and they would add a little ground amber to wine or honey for everything from distraction to childbirth, and from vertigo to the Plague. Over in Scandinavia, it was believed to be the tears of Viking Goddess Freya and worn for love and healing, whilst in the Far East, it was the souls of tigers and wearing it would bring courage. Even in Scotland, they used ‘Lammer beads’, always made of amber, to keep away evil and cure diseases of every kind. Magickally, Amber is used to protect men in transit so we’ve sewn this into coat hems for guys going off in the forces or on long journeys. I keep amber with moonstone and quartz in my cars, luggage etc for safe travel. It protects against negative energy when worn, whilst bringing a feeling of calm, healing and peace at the same time. If you just want to feel better, simply wear amber and it feels like the sun on your skin, transforming stagnant energy into positive and dissolving any helpless feelings of turmoil and chaos… now isn’t that much better and I think I’ll be looking out mine for 2020!

Mistletoe, aromas, candles and wine

Already I have been inundated with queries as to when the mistletoe will arrive. This has been a bad year so is less available this year and the price has gone up, but my usual supplier will get me my supply as usual. My 1st box will arrive, be bunched and go on sale on 12th Dec, and a 2nd box is arriving on 18th which should see everyone through. Last year we sold 25kg and still ran out, so hopefully 30kg will appear over the 2 deliveries (I have split the order for ease) and will hopefully be enough.

Once collected, hang your mistletoe somewhere cool until Yule, and, as it grows without roots on trees, don’t let it touch the floor if possible. Yule falls on 22nd this year, so pass it first over your Yule candleflame, then hang over the door on the evening of 22nd after sunset, or in daylight on 23rd if it is more convenient, to ensure a year of luck & protection of every kind and, for fertility, hang an extra bunch over the bed too!! Take the old stuff down after hanging the new and recycle it in your green waste. If you have had a bad year, you can burn it outside on a bonfire or in a cauldron or chemise (but never burn your xmas holly) and be aware that the fresh berries are poisonous so keep away from children and pets until hung in place where it will dry safely.

The festive blends are already instore. Each year, there is a different favourite and they always smell different as harvests change annually but there is always a choice of Childhood memories & Winter Wonderland, 5ml £3.50, 10ml £6.50 or Yuletide Celebrations & Christmas Welcome 5ml £4.50, 10ml £8.50. I have also managed to get a few beeswax festive candles made, on a 1st come, 1st served basis, so pot luck I’m afraid as time is limited!

For shoppers too, the Witch’s brew (mulled wine) will be served every afternoon at about 2.30 pm (got to heat up), from 14th- 24th Dec, to wish health and wellbeing for 2020 to my dear customers, if we aren’t too busy to serve it!

Changes are afoot…

The Universe is kicking and going into 2020 feels just like 2000. The shop has been really busy, I mean mega-busy and is, as always, my priority dealing with suppliers, customers and stock. I have had no time to do anything with the shopping part of my website (I know, what’s new I hear you shout!). To help me keep up with the store, I made the decision to shut down the shop part of my site and have ordered the building of a new, simpler updated one. That way, I can begin again, & use Wednesdays on Paw Patrol to incorporate work on the new site once it is built. The Book of Shadows will remain in place for access to all the information, newsletters etc as will our FB page.

Christmas closure and shop future…

Last Yule, with my ‘dream team’, we danced the night away looking forward to the year ahead. In March, my step daughter Amy decided to begin a new life in Australia, followed shortly by Emma, who qualified and began a new job in her legal career and now, on 21st Dec, my trusty sidekick Helen is also leaving to start a new adventure as an office manager! Her leaving means she won’t be taking over from me once I reach my shop 25 years (21/03/21). Fate had a fork in the road for Helen, her choice has been made and I head into 2020 alone once more.

Unsure of how I will cope next year and what my next step will be, I will open normal hours until 21/12, close 22nd, open Mon 23rd 10.30 till 5 and Tue 24th 10 till 4pm. At 4pm, I will close up, shut down and take time out to make decisions on my future course away from the village. Like my enforced closure in 2014, I will leave the bubble of Aberdour so I can think straight, put my trust in the Universe, and see what guidance Maggie has for me. There is no immediate issue in the short term, as winter into spring is easy and I will carry on as I can (maybe close an extra day), but fate and customers have always saved the day before, so will wait and see what turns up once more and let you know where we go from here. I will hopefully re-open on Thur 16/1/20, but keep an eye my website and fb page as it may change, and I will update you all with my plans on the next newsletter…so get saving folks if any of you fancy buying or taking over an interesting business in 2121…!!

Moon Times:

Full Moon:        Thur 12 Dec @ 05.13 hrs         New Moon:       Thur 26 Dec @ 05.18 hrs

Full Moon:        Thur Jan 10 @ 19.22 hrs         New Moon:       Thur 24 Jan @ 21.43 hrs

The 21st is our busiest day of the year, but after 4pm, we will have ‘happy hour’ to wish Helen well on her new path, so for customers who know her well, please pop in (I promise some fizz)!! If we don’t see you, good luck for the festive season and into 2020 & we will hopefully see you on the other side when it is safe to come out again!

Yuletide blessings from Chris (alias the Green Witch)

Mabon 2019

Mabon Newsletter 23 September 2019

Welcome to a later than usual Mabon this year…check that date!! 

Mabon is the time of the Autumn Equinox, when day and night are once again equal, and then we begin the long journey to the shortest day. We seem to have missed the summer this year even though the signs said it would be decent but, due to the change of the jet stream, we have been suffering more “Beast from the East” weather but summertime means rain, not snow! Indeed, here is Fife, we have had lots of Ninja showers…like when we were kids in April… one minute you have glorious sunshine, the next the heaven’s open and you are soaked in seconds, then back to sunny once again. Every time I’ve got to cut wood in readiness for winter, it rains within minutes of getting the saw out, and then you have to wait till the wood is dry again. We will have to see what this winter brings but I am stocking up on logs, coal and kindling, just in case!!

You know it’s Mabon when you get up and there is a chill in the air, and as one who goes out with the dog in the morning, I realise this even more! The trees are turning yellow to orange to golden brown, with the odd flurry of falling leaves in the breeze and the flowers are turning to seed. The wind is more noticeable at this time of year, when you can feel that Autumnal chill! The nights are pulling in and it is now dark not long after teatime and only just light when you get up. I like autumn, when the coal fires go back on and the weather though cold, can be lovely at this time of year. Walking the dog needs an extra layer now, but it is a fab time to be out and about watching the season change. Keep your eyes out for the conkers dropping, and spread them on windowsills to deter those spiders, who start to come in looking for warmth and a mate. They don’t bother me in the house, but the shop windows can soon look a mess with all the cobwebs that appear overnight in our 300+ year old building. They do love to build them over the crystals…must be the energy helping to attract insects to their webs! A few fresh conkers in the window kept them clear till spring last year, so we will repeat it again, with Helen and Abi on conker duty!! Cedarwood or peppermint oil sprinkled liberally near the windows also helps too.

Finding balance…

Day and night are balanced at this time before we head to the dark nights. This is exactly the right time to look in the mirror and see if your life is balanced? What changes can you make to make it more balanced? Do you work too much or play too hard? Life is all about finding that balance, with work, rest and play in equal proportions, and as I get older, that need becomes more apparent! I still expect to be able to do everything I have always done at the pace I have always done it, but am finding it is no longer possible. Add in an adorable grandson and a lively puppy and chaos rules supreme!! My aim this winter is to figure how I can balance the work I love with the wonderful home-life I now also have with hubby, grandson and pup, plus find time to fit in things like writing, reading, knitting for Ragnarr and get a full night’s sleep! Life changes all the time and we have to adapt to those changes. Living in the 21stcentury is 24/7 pace and finding quiet time within the madness is getting more difficult. Hubby thought I was doing too much and, as a thank you for the added work of the puppy, surprised me with a cruise which included Dubrovnik, from my bucket list for our anniversary. An issue just before leaving caused me to unpack my laptop to resolve the issue, and that is where it stayed…plugged in. In my menopausal head, I had already packed it and off I went without it. At sea, you don’t even have access to the net so I had a week work & computer free. It was most enjoyable but the work was waiting on my return! It is very important to find time for peace and quiet away from tv and phones to let your brain find quiet. It is amazing the solutions and ideas you can come up with when you let everything stop. Bath time can be thinking or reading time, but in these madcap days, people opt for the quick shower and seldom have time for a long soak. Use this time to sort some balance within your life for your sanity!! At least we can head off to the middle of the Scottish countryside in the motor home and find a little respite. 

A spell to find peace in this busy world…

Life in the 21stcentury is busy and stressful, whether it is your job, family commitments, living in a noisy neighbourhood or all 3, and never getting a minute’s peace in your day. I know because I have tried to get this newsletter going since late August but just don’t get 5 minutes peace for my head to think straight…so am beginning it again just days before it should be out…and hope the day is peaceful enough to finish it…

So here is a little spell to try and bring some respite to your life…

You will need: purple candle, 2 x tealights, Peace /Water incense, 1 x sheet Paper, a purple pen & amethyst tumble.

On a new or waxing moon, light the incense and find some quiet. Light the tealights either side of the purple candle and then the purple candle. Cleanse the amethyst in the incense and hold in your hand. In the candle light, focus on what you need to happen to make your life more peaceful and harmonious. What will bring peace into your life? With the purple pen, write a list of things that will promote peace in your life. Once complete, place the note under the purple candle, sit the stone on the paper next to the candle, and allow it to burn down (if it is too big, snuff it out and continue the next evening). Once fully burned down, attach the list to the back of a mirror on a wall somewhere in your home, and let the peace reflect into your life and home. Carry the stone as a calm reminder.

My favourite crystals for magickal balance – Labradorite, Kyanite, Kunzite and Amethyst

When challenged, I always turn to fabulous Labradorite first. This is the stone of balance itself, with work, rest and play in equal proportions, so if you are out of balance, this will help give you energy when tired, peace if your mind is overworking, new ideas if you are static or stagnant and faith and trust ion yourself if you are in doubt. 

Kyanite is another crystal you will see me often wear. It helps balance all energy centres and retains no negativity when doing so, so is always working and never needs cleansing. It calms stress, dispels anger, rids confusion, and helps you find that peace for inner thoughts and calm. When I want to scream at all the disruption that’s not of my doing around me, you will see me wear Kyanite, both on my throat and in ears to calm me right down.

If I am overwhelmed with life and so out of balance I can’t cope, then Kunzite comes out. Kunzite gives you this feeling of a carefree existence. No longer overwhelmed, it enables me to get on with each thing one by one with joy and not worry about the rest. I just love the pink stuff when I am up against it.

My last favourite for when I am out of kilter is Amethyst. I love my amethyst cabochon pendant and earrings when the mundane stuff is not working in sync with me!! A strong healer and cleanser, it is naturally tranquilising and instantly fills me with calm. I can play with its smooth surface and love the vivid shade…my go-to when my memory is failing (more and more these days) and I really cannot be bothered! It seems to rebalance my lows and regain motivation for life and living again. What are your go-to crystals? Time to look them out and get them on…

Zen burners for calm and balance…

Those who follow my FB page will note that I’ve shown photos of the Zen burners. In this mad, mad world, creating a little zen at the end of the day is of great importance, and these little burners help you find a little peace in a chaotic world. The small, black, glossy burners are backflow incense burners, and once the incense starts to burn then turns backwards, you cannot help but watch in amazement as smoke flows the wrong way, like water. For about 15 – 20 minutes, you are engrossed in this action, which gives your mind a little quiet, if you switch off the damn phone! From just £7.50 and £1,50 per pack cones, they make a lovely gift for those who need to find that space in their life for a little quiet…and if I am mesmerised by them, everyone will be. I was demonstrating them one day to a lady, and the whole shop ended up waiting for the smoke to flow…and all left with one! 

2nd Anniversary

I am supposed to be covering anniversaries, did the 1stand forgot! See…busy menopausal brain! So to continue…

The 2ndAnniversary is Cotton,its interwoven threads representing how the couple have grown closer together in the 2ndyear of marriage. Will the weave be strong enough to survive or weak when stretched? Gifts would have included white tablecloths & serviettes hand embroidered with flowers & initials. My mum was gifted one from her bridesmaid and was still using it on Sundays, as a precious present highly valued and always washed by hand. 

The crystal is Garnet, a stone that helps inspires love and devotion, promotes emotional harmony, balances sex drive and strengthens commitment in the marriage… a lovely red representative of a 2ndanniversary.

The flower is Lily-of-the-valley, one of my favourite flowers. It has 2 leaves from which the delicate white bell flowers appear on a single stem…maybe representing the children that may result from this marriage. The tiny flowers are sweetly scented and aphrodisiac!! Colours for this anniversary are red and linen white.

Your cup of magickal coffee in a morning

It is a well-known fact that 3-4 cups good ground coffee is healthy. My view is everything in moderation and a little of what you fancy does you good, so here’s how to turn your coffee into a magickal brew for the day …

You will need alongside your favourite ground coffee and a clean index finger:

3 pinches ground cinnamon, 3 pinches ground ginger and a pinch nutmeg…and here’s what to do…

  1. To your measured ground coffee, add the cinnamon and say “Cinnamon is for energy, money and love.”
  2. Add the ginger and say “Ginger is for success when push comes to shove.”
  3. Now the nutmeg and say “Nutmeg is for luck, good fortune, and wealth.”
  4. Kiss your index finger, stir your ground coffee with the finger like a love-infusing magick wand x3 and say “A kiss keeps you happy and glowing with health.” 
  5. Now with a coffee filter sparkling with loving vibrations, brew your coffee in the usual way

Now when serving up your coffee to you and yours, sugar adds sweetness to the day (I am plenty sweet enough) and a dash milk helps smooth the way (I use goat’s milk…anything in the way gets magickally booted out haha). 

Moon Times:

New Moon:       Sat 28 Sept @ 19.27 hrs         Full Moon:        Sun 13 Oct @ 22.08 hrs

New Moon:       Mon 28 Oct @ 03.39 hrs

Check your Wish box and maybe make changes for some added peace and balance to that too…every little helps!!

Bright autumnal blessings from Chris (alias the Green Witch)

Lammas 2019

Lammas Newsletter 31 July 2019

Autumn already…my oh my, hope we have picked up slightly with the weather by Lammas or we will be looking for an Indian summer!! The thing with Scotland is we are ever optimistic as far as weather is concerned!!

We have reached Lammas after a period of Mercury retrograde. It was quite ‘interesting’ for some of us but we survived and the worst of it is now done with for a while. I love this time of year when the fields are golden, the cherries are ripe on the trees and the flowers are bursting, filling the evening air with glorious scents. My Evening Primrose flowers are bright and sunny alongside the joyous St John’s Wort, and as I return home after a walk or after work, as I enter my front garden, the scents of roses, rosemary, jasmine and lavender are overwhelming, and a deep breath of this makes you feel good to be alive. Sometimes you need a wee break in nature to view the wonderful side of life…no phones, computers, TV or social media needed, just get out and about and listen to the sound of the sea, have wind in your hair, sand between your toes, and enjoy the varied aromas in the air, and it’s instant lift!! Those nights are drawing in ever-so-slightly too, meaning time to make the most of sultry evenings! This is the time for family BBQ’s and a nice glass of something to celebrate how good life is. It isn’t all about ‘stuff’ but about living…teaching our children to make memories. I spend a lot of time in the garden and down the beach with my little grandson, just as I did with my kids, teaching them to find fun in rockpools, woods & gardens and learning how to look after nature. It’s the only way to help them appreciate what we have so they don’t lose it.

A magickal bonfire…

I love lighting an outdoor fire in my garden on a beautiful, calm evening, especially if there has been a lot of issues or I am just not feeling myself. Lighting a fire outdoors is very primal and reminds us not only of how far we have come as humans, but also that life is for living and to enjoy the simple pleasures. Sitting round a bonfire with a few friends and a bottle of wine, chatting and laughing away the hours watching the evening light turn into dusk, and watching for bats…it’s the simplest of pleasures that put life completely into perspective. Sometimes I just like to sit and watching the flames dance to clear my head, whilst clearing the garden of rubbish and old wood, knowing this is all I actually needed to sort stuff. Other times, I make it more formal and include herbs and notes to throw into the fire. This is a spell I have used in the past from Ellen Duggan…simple, strengthening and effective… 

You will need a handful of lavender buds, a few rose petals and a couple heads yarrow, and can be fresh or dried. I have done it in the past but this time, I feel it will look more like a scene from ‘The Craft’, as the girls join me!! Repeat the charm and throw the flowers into the fire at the end of its mentioned line…                                   

Lavender buds bring protection and love, Goddess hear me and answer from above

 A cluster of Yarrow, the wise women’s herb, its all-purpose magick adds strength to my words

 Petals of roses for passion and power, grant wisdom and love in this magickal hour

For the good of all with harm to none, by fire at Lammas, this spell is all done

A toast in the darkness with a magickal glass of wine and know the next season will be full of love and positivity.

Stones for motivation…

The trouble with working hard to retire at 60 is that, even though this is no longer possible, my head thinks it is time to stop working! In order to overcome this, I have been using my crystals for motivation and they have been of great assistance, wearing them on a daily basis and jingling as I walk with pockets and a bra full of pretty little crystals, so thought a wee mention here would be useful for others needing energy, motivation or a push to get on. 

Citrine– the sunshine stone bursting with energy, optimism and creativity, this really helps activate you like a sunny day as opposed to a grim, grey one. It also happens to be a merchant’s stone, brimming with great enthusiasm and ideas…so win, win!!

Ruby– another favourite of mine in jewellery like Citrine, Ruby brings back not just motivation, but also that much needed passion for life and for living, but also in what you are doing too! A real get-up-and-go-get it kinda stone but another merchant’s stone too – who ever owns a piece of real Ruby will have a rich, full and rewarding life!

Carnelian– funnily enough, a stone I never wear in jewellery but often carry in my pocket when I am tired, as great for not only motivation, but vitality too

Red Tiger eye– seldom seen in jewellery but great for in the pocket, this grounding stone full of movement will get you moving too, so when you are in that ‘really can’t be bothered’ mode, put a pretty red Tiger Eye in your pocket and watch that lethargy go right out the door

Apatite– discovered by accident, I always felt more energized and enthusiastic when I wore my Apatite pendant, which I wear for my constant fight against post-menopausal weight (I will not become a barrel, I like my hourglass shape thank you!) Turns out, Apatite is also a great motivation stone…but then if it helps you eat better and feel more motivated to move more, it’s a no-brainer, as you, your life and your figure all win with this stone!!

Just give the crystals of choice a thorough cleanse in incense smoke or an overnight stay on a crystal cluster every day, and they are good to go to help you in the daily challenge to live life to the brim!!

The Scottish Selkies…mysteries of the deep

My visit to Ireland and the magick of the Leprechauns, fairies and warrior women intrigued my imagination and made me thing back to magickal beings of Scotland… say hello to the Selkies! Being never further that 60 miles from the coast wherever you are in Scotland, they have always had magickal, mystical beings of the sea and, like Nessie…we like to believe and hope that they are actually real… you can’t help but watch ripples in Loch Ness…just in case you are that one watcher that sees him!! Maybe living by the sea all my life intrigues me that these people of the sea have also always been ‘about’!! Selkies, Orcadian for ‘seal’, are definitely a Scottish mystery brought from Scandinavian mythology to Shetland and Orkney but spread through the coastline of Scotland…anywhere where seals are close to the beach. 

Have you ever seen seals as they bob about in the water, with seemingly human eyes that inquisitively stare at you? Seal people want what they don’t have: when in the sea, they want to be on land, where they can shed their skin and walk humanlike, but they eventually yearn to go back to the sea. This they can do as long as they have their sealskin safe…they can just put it back on and slip into the sea to return to their seal family. There are many stories about Island and Highland men who find seal-women bathing without their seal skin, manage to find their skin and keep the women as their wife and bear children. The only sign the mixed-race children are ‘different’ is webbed fingers and toes, and if this is snipped, it just grows back but much rougher and scaly! The seal-women are true to them and give them children but eventually will locate their skin and return to the sea, never looking back. It seems to stem from travellers from Iceland and Finland that travelled in kayaks made of sealskins. These submerged to just under the water surface but must have seemed really strange in their seal skins, then walked on land. Life back then was very short and very unpredictable and the sea held a mystery that has fascinated Man forever. Selkie folk were calm and gentle like a still, calm sea. Men also cast off their skin and went in search of unsatisfied women. Women who wanted to call them had to head for the shore at high tide, and shed 7 tears into the sea. The Selkie man would then come ashore, cast off his sealskin, stashing it carefully and then would ‘satisfy’ wanton women, single or married. If a girl went missing after heading for the beach, everyone knew she had been taken by the Selkie to join him in his watery domain! Spooky…

Your very own herbal vinegar…

Cider vinegar is a health-boosting condiment used for centuries and held in high esteem like honey. Add some home-grown herbs and you have a healthy combo to add to food. A splash of herbal vinegar on your chips will add a mineral-laden boost. Vinegar helps free up minerals within your food so why not have a go and make your own. It really is quite simple. Harvest herbs such as rosemary, coarsely chop and fill a mason jar. Pour the vinegar at room temperature over the herbs until the jar is full. Seal the top with the lid (don’t use metal as vinegar will degrade it) or use waxed or greaseproof paper and an elastic band. Make up jars with different herbs so you can find which is your favourite. Label, date and put out of direct sunlight. Strain after 2 weeks et viola! 

Add to your salad dressings, cooked greens, stir fries and anytime you would use ordinary vinegar. Also remember that rosemary or lavender vinegar make great hair conditioners so use after a hair wash for your final rinse…! Once you get into the mode, you will wonder how you managed without them…

Meg, Marshall, and the Witch

Sounds like it should be a book or a movie, though someone did suggest a few more and I could be known as Cruella, I figured there wasn’t enough to do in my day running the shop,the home and helping look after my grandson, so why don’t we get a puppy too!!! A dog (not puppy) was always on the cards when we retire, to go in our motor-home and travel around with us seeing those remote places we’ve never seen. I have already told you about Meg, our magickal motorhome but now meet Marshall, our Dalmatian puppy. His real kennel name was ‘Lucifer’…the Devil Dog but, with my little grandson being a fan of Paw Patrol, when he saw a photo of our new addition, he asked if it was Marshall. As they will be growing up together, seemed only fair that we just went along with it… makes life easier!! As I have never had a puppy before, expect tips along the way as I experience this new phenomenon!! At least I no longer have to worry about the post-menopausal weight gain! Since getting Marshall, Alan and I have seen our daily steps take a giant leap to at least 100,000 each per week. Nothing like a dog to get you out and about walking more and being generally more active. A leisurely coffee in the garden now turns into a game of football and a walk to the shop a 3-mile hike… and on the days Ragnarr comes to see Marshall, we just don’t stop for a second!! Such fun!

Moon Times:

New Moon:       Thur 1 Aug @ 04.12 hrs           Full Moon:        Thur 15 Aug @ 13.30 hrs

New Moon:       Fri 30 Aug @ 11.38 hrs            Full Moon:        Sat 14 Sep @ 05.33 hrs

Enjoy the sun with blessings from Chris (alias the Green Witch)

Midsummer 2019

‘Midsummer’ – Nature has a great sense of humour!! We have seen a lot rain lately in Scotland, but not as bad as some in England, and our holiday in Ireland got rained off after just 9 days!! Last time we had a June so miserable I think was 2012…we had been on a road trip in the US for hubby’s 50thwhich was so hot, then after our return, the weather was so damp and cold!! The winter this year seemed to finish early, with February being dry and sunny, but I knew winter would return! Then Easter weekend was fab, so I put all my winter stuff away, and then came a hot, sunny bit in May, but since then, the coats are back out and my new summer shoes haven’t met my feet yet. Even my coal fire in the shop is back on after a couple weeks not being used!! June is often quite wet, so we are having our normal weather up here, with seasonal rain cleansing the Earth and watering crops to aid growth after a few dry months, at this important time in the farmer’s calendar. Nature appears to be catching herself up, giving us rain she forgot to drop earlier, all at once…but we so need the summer to appear. I get seasonal colds, but seems to be monthly as my poor body doesn’t know which season it is actually in! Stormy weather is often the norm too, as the God of Thunder makes his presence known, all leading to the longest day. In Scotland, we hardly get dark now, going to bed whilst still daylight. Hopefully, summer will begin soon and bring the sunshine and we can begin to enjoy heat once again to our bones!

The only thing important at this time that you need to do is to harvest your St John’s Wort from the garden and hang up …preferably before noon, but definitely making sure any morning dew has dried before cutting, then bless over your Midsummer flame, whether candle or bonfire, and hang over your front door to attract a year of joy and sunshine. Take down and recycle the previous bunch. However, the question is definitely will it actually be ready? I somehow doubt it… a little delay perhaps before the sunny, yellow flowers appear! If there is such a delay, just leave the old bunch up till it is ready and replace it later… it has never been an issue for me in the past… as long as St John’s wort is hanging over the door, all is well and happy!

Insect repellents

The time is coming when the beasties start to appear and as it is so damp, I am expecting an invasion…and so must the ladybirds be too, as I have seen an unusual abundance of them flying about, so, a few tips to deter them…

Buy a couple basil plants from the supermarkets and keep on your windowsills to help keep insects and flies out of your room/kitchen, if you have the window open daily. Herbs hung drying in front of the window in the sun will have the same effect. If you use a lot of garlic, then hang a string of bulbs up, like the French do, to keep the blighters away. Burning Cedarwood oil in your kitchen vaporizer is another good idea as houseflies, spiders and mosquitoes hate it - spray them with a weak dilution and they will hopefully depart from your premises!! 

If you are troubled with ants coming into your home, find their suspected point of entry and surround with peppermint oil and no more ants…they won’t cross it. Any beastie bites … apply neat lavender oil or Echinacea tincture to them to stop the reaction. If you need home help, then simply apply crushed garlic or cut an onion in half and apply to any type of bite or sting as an emergency kitchen remedy.

Having a BBQ or meal outside – then for those in Scotland, apply after-sun with added lavender spike to keep the midges at bay. Also burn citrus oil in melted tea-lights to keep them away from your picnic too. Keep wasps away in late summer by filling a jam jar with water and adding some jam to it to attract them into drowning themselves (they are going to die at the end of season anyway and if they are buzzing around you, then they have completed this year’s tasks and are just bored!!)

If you take allergic reactions to stings, consider taking 1000mg Vitamin C x2 daily all through the summer, and carry the tablets with you to take some immediately on contact, as Vitamin C is natural anti-histamine and will help calm your reaction before it begins, as you already have the ‘anti’ in your body ready to go into action against any invader. Apply my ‘B-Gone’ or neat lavender to the bites too. Chamomile tea is also helpful…make a warm tea and use for children as a skin wash for bites, followed by a few drops neat lavender oil. Hope this helps

My obsession with water

My latest holiday was a motor-home trip was to the very green Emerald Isle, shortened by the rain! Our holiday confirmed why Ireland was indeed green. Like Scotland, it is lush and green due to the constant fall of moisture. On the road-trip in the US, I became obsessed with having enough water with me due to the heat…and the size of the country. We carried it everywhere, buying it whatever the cost at every stop, and its necessity grew, and was much more important than food, especially when travelling long distances in the car. It also turns out that water is also rather important in a motor-home and again, I just seem to obsess about it. We travelled to the remoter parts of Ireland and did a few nights away from sites…and water for washing, cooking and drinking etc again became an issue… life can be simple if you just have enough water for your needs. Filling the kettle and water bottles for drinking and the tank for washing etc became my obsession on a daily basis. For motor-homers etc, what was interesting was that garages in Ireland (not N.I.), as well as filling the tank up with cheaper government-sponsored Diesel, had motor-home areas where you could empty the tanks, fill up with water, wash the van and even 3 sizes washers and tumble dryers (6, 12 & 18kg) so you could launder your clothes, bedding & towels…whilst you had lunch in the cafe and did the shopping in their supermarket…brilliant!! 

A sea spell on the Causeway…

Our trip to Ireland filled me with excitement as their standing stones are amazing and I wanted to see the Giant’s Causeway, which goes all the way to Scotland under the sea and reappears at Staffa. Magick is easily done, without anyone else knowing, when you are by the sea. When I finally got to the Giant’s causeway, I walked as far along it towards the sea as I could, and with the power of that sea crashing around all sides of the causeway, and everyone else actually staying back for the duration…I did the following spell:

With a stone that I had picked up earlier left by the sea in my pocket I sat on the rocks. Holding the stone in my power hand, I visualised my need, put all my power into the stone and saw my wish coming to fruition. Sitting on this mighty set of basalt rocks by the sea, where Earth and Water meet, I knew it was a very magickal place indeed and an opportunity that simply could not be missed. Concentrating on the wish and the sound of the power of the waves, I simply said “By the power of the mighty sea, please bring my wish to me” then threw the stone to the waves crashing the rocks at the side of me and finished with a simple “so mote it be”. A mighty wave then nearly hit me on the rocks and I knew…it was done!! Simple but effective magick is my favourite, so, if you find yourself at the rocks or cliffs (not beach), where earth meets sea, don’t waste the opportunity! I never ever do…

Beach-combing…and a beachy tea light

Most people will find themselves at the seaside at some point over the summer as it is traditional to head for the water for summer fun and frolic. I love walking along a beach, and an overnight stop off near a small village with the sea in front of us was far too tempting to me. So, whilst he was fixed on something to do with technology, I went for a walk to the beach. The seashore is that magickal place between land and sea, but this was a surprise even to me, as the beach was made up of small quartz pieces. I found it a place to sit and recharge my batteries whilst selecting special tiny quartz. A simple walk along the shore for even 10 minutes helps me chill but this beach kept me mesmerized for several hours. I always walk looking down for shells, pebbles and holey stones to take away home but I found these beautiful stones to make my magickal holder for tea-lights. I added the tiny white quartz to the bottom of a couple small jars, a couple pretty little shells too and added a tea-light on top, bringing the power of the sea to my motor-home! If I add essential oil to the tea lights when burning, the little holder will bring protective, elemental magick to dining on our travels.  When you live by the sea, it is natural to reflect that around the home with goodies found washed up by the tide. Start your collection this summer if you don’t have one and make these magickal lights for your outside dining. It is amazing what nature provides for you. Look for holey stones too – truly magickal stones provided by the sea to protect you and your home. Another remote beach, after a wild stormy night, presented 5 holey stones to us which I brought home with pride and placed one on the altar, 3 around my home and the baby one in the motor-home for protected magickal travelling!

The magick of Crystal jewellery…               

The rain came in Ireland, before my trip to Connemara, as I wanted a pendant to match earrings I have had for 20 years. Wherever I travel, I bring something back made in local stone… Peridot turtle earrings from the volcano of Hawaii, a peridot necklace and bracelet from Lanzarote, an Inukshuk in British Columbian Jade from Canada, bronze snake goddesses for my altar from Crete…get my drift, so I am always reminded of my magickal travels. 

I love my magickal jewellery and feel quite undressed if I go out without it and always take a collection with me when away. Jewellery was originally created for magickal purposes, invented to protect the wearer against various hazards, and was also put in graves to guard the dead. Rings were primarily a symbol of eternity, the circle of life, mainly used to marriage in the past, and to bind you with power (symbolic, magickal, ritual rings). The index finger was considered magickal, as was the ring finger (3rd) but the middle finger unlucky. Betrothal rings always went on the 3rdfinger as it contains a nerve that is directly linked to the heart. Necklaces and pendants are worn over or near the heart, so used to attract or strengthen love, and protect and help with emotions. Earrings are worn to balance the brain but hoops later became a sign of slavery (technically rings worn in the ears…). Maybe next time you put on a piece of jewellery, you’ll select with care and use for more than adornment to help improve your life!

Moon Times:

Full Moon:        Mon 17 June @ 09.31 hrs         New Moon:       Tue 2 July @ 20.24 hrs

Full Moon:        Tue 16 July @ 22.31 hrs          Mercury Retrograde from 7 July until 2 August…but playing already!

The newsletter is late, as Word locked me out of all my documents saying ‘no right to access’, and took days to solve, so be careful out there…we are already noticing that the miscommunication has already begun!!

Sunny Midsummer blessings from

Chris (alias the Green Witch)

Beltane 2019

Beltane Newsletter 30 April 2019

Beltane is upon us once again. This is my favourite Sabbat and time of year, as it is all about fun and frolic, friends and family. Get-togethers are rife as we get the fires and barbeques lit, the salads tossed and the drinks flowing. The weather should be better now and we are full of hope once again as to what the summer will bring this year! This is the one Sabbat I celebrate away from the calendar, for which I blame King Arthur, my favourite legend. Maybe it was from my childhood, when Camelot was one of my favourite films, and you see Guinevere checking the May to begin the summer celebrations, or maybe it is somewhere within the Mists of Avalon, my favourite book again featuring the Arthurian legend, but I celebrate Beltane only when the May-flower tells me summer is here, opening their coats to reveal a change of season. There is something mysterious and magickal about watching the hawthorn on your daily walk, knowing which bush flowers 1st, and waiting till they tell you it’s Beltane, a tradition that stretches millenia, so although the Calendar date used for Beltane is dusk on 30thtill dusk on 1st, and why we have May-Day holiday to celebrate, I wait until Nature herself tells me it is so, the real Witch’s way to celebrate.

Beltane is one of the joyous Celtic festivals, also known as May eve or Walpurgis Night. It celebrates the union of the Lady and Lord, the Greenwood marriage. Fires are lit at dusk to celebrate the strength of the sun, who now has the job now of warming the seeds and ripening the crops that have all been sown. Fire is at the centre of the celebrations and betrothed couples would commit to each other by jumping over the embers of the Beltane fire. Cattle would be driven through a track between the fires to help keep the milk safe, seeds held over the fire for blessing for a good crop, and fire embers taken home to light the hearth for a safe and happy home. Anything could be blessed or consecrated over the Beltane flames, so don’t waste this opportunity, and as my precious little grandson Ragnarr was gifted over my Beltane fire, the magick of the real Beltane truly does work.

What to do at Beltane

If you are going to have a Beltane fire, it is traditional to wear a ring of flowers in your hair as your Beltane circle or place a basket of flowers on your altar or more traditionally, your hearth – the fire centre of your home. Decorate the altar with yellow or red candles, and if they are beeswax, even better, as honey and the Bee are a traditional part of Beltane. It can be as simple or spectacular as you want it to be, as long as it is safe. It can be a simple yellow candle lit in salt within your cauldron, the candle representing the male and the cauldron the female, or a bonfire in the garden attended by family and friends. The important thing as far as I am concerned is the lighting of the fire/flame before the sun sets and keeping it going through the night if possible, which represents the magickal energy of the sun and the beginning of summer as we head for the longest day!! The magickal flame can be used to bring things to you or take them away. Write down what you need to come or go to or from you, preferably in symbols, and have the paper engulfed by the flame, whether in your cauldron or in your fire, and state something simple to the flames such as 

‘Fire, fire, take (bring) this from (to) me, this is my will so mote it be’. Simple but it works!! 

If you want a partner, job, baby, good health or to lose a bad habit, use this night to help solve your problems, and then celebrate in a manner that it has happened…and begin making plans to move forward with your life!! 

Spell for Beltane…a little extra help

Between now and when I declare Beltane has arrived in Aberdour, you can leave a duplicate spell in our pot, and when we light the Beltane fire in the shop, we will burn it within our fire, and help you set everything in motion!!

The Fire – an essential part of Beltane

There is something so magickal about a real fire, especially outside in the open air. As everyone knows, I have one at the shop in ‘my office’, one at home which still heats my home and water, and a fire pit in my back garden. Fire is the element of transformation and can destroy everything in its path. It is alive, jumping, leaping and crackling away to itself. Fire is elemental in every way; the smoke rising into Air, the flames fluid like Water, the remains becoming ash to return to Earth and the transformational flames being Fire. To make a real fire, it needs fuel to consume, a spark or heat to light it and oxygen to keep it alive. 13 sticks of wood make it a magickal fire, and always how I begin mine, and it takes love and care to keep the flame alive. No two fires are ever the same and, even I get tested by fire (and just like children in every way). At times, there is nothing cosier than a fire on a cold night or if you are not well, and after a bad day, outside under the night sky burning debris from the garden… clearing my garden of rubbish is like clearing my soul and I always feel better after a good old bonfire…always!!

There are all sorts of materials that I use to get my fire started…the cloths used to wipe my beeswax pots make great magickal fire-starters. You can use old egg cartons and get the kids to help you make these: fill the sections with bits of used cotton wool, lint from the tumble dryer, wood shavings from cutting wood etc and put some in each section to fill. Collect old leftover bits of candle and the wax from used tea lights in a can and melt in a bain-marie, carefully pouring over the dry materials in the egg compartments. When cool, break apart and store in a tin et viola!! You can also collect pine cones and dip them in the melted wax bits too for great natural firelighters.

Beltane fire safety:

There has been a lot of wild fires lately and, when lighting barbies and fires, safely should be paramount so as not to unleash a disaster on the area, as even the slightest of spark or warm ember could begin a fire if dry enough! Enjoy your bonfires as I do, but be sensible too. Here are some points to remember when playing with fire…

1. Light small fires in a pit surrounded by stone or on a beach below the high tide line (tide will put it out)

2. Make sure you are not too near trees as the flames can rise and set them alight

3. Leave as much space as possible around your fire

4. Don’t put aerosols, cans or tyres on the fire (yes, I’ve seen it done!!)

5. Don’t leave a roaring bonfire unattended… put it out before leaving, by using soil, sand or water to dampen and cover the flames, leave for a few minutes, then check again – hold hand over area to make sure no heat is left!

These are just a few safety suggestions so use your common sense. Another fire hazard that I have done myself is to not place crystal spheres anywhere where the sun can shine through. My shop is on the north facing side of the street but just before and after midsummer, we get the sun in our windows at teatime, and I have burnt material, a journal & 2 sets of tarot cards from the sun catching the crystal balls, so imagine what can happen if you display a crystal ball in a sunny window!!! Use your head and make sure have a fun–filled but safe Beltane…thank you!! 

Finding Bog Myrtle

Nature provides a remedy for everything somewhere, it is just a matter of finding it, and this truly Scottish plant is the perfect remedy for those little biting beasties. The Highland & Island folk used sprigs of fresh Bog Myrtle for strewing on the floor to keep the home clear of ticks and fleas from pets, and in bedding and linen cupboards to repel insects and moths. Clansmen, fishermen and hill walkers knew something when they always wore a piece of this plant in their hat, kilt or hair, to drive away those pesky midgies when out & about. It is found in peat bogs and by lochs, midgies favourite haunts, just like dock leaves are always found near nettles. The midge must be up for an award for being the most annoying little pest. It may be tiny but there are millions of them, hence why I love bats…they eat their body weight in them every night; there’s definitely a need for bat caves around Scotland as they would never go hungry and would give joy to campers and hikers watching the pesky midge being consumed!!

I never go anywhere, including abroad, without my trusty ‘Midgie B-Gone’, tested on the banks of Loch Ness and containing the oil of this little plant. If you find you are being bitten by the little pests, then look for the little aromatic leaf and place within your clothing. If you want to know what it looks, check out your local Botanical Garden as they will to have it somewhere! Edinburgh’s Royal Botanical Garden has a Bog Myrtle display hedge in the Queen Mother’s garden to walk within…go see it and have a sniff…as this little leaf smells absolutely amazing!!

Quartz family – Sceptres, the fertility quartz of Beltane

I managed to get a few of these little rarities, so thought I would mention them for you collectors of crystals. I found mine years ago and love it, and also have a mini one for my pocket when feeling ‘out-of-sorts’ too, to bring me back into balance! A Sceptre is a crystal point that has grown on top of another crystal point, creating this bulbous tool for fertility and for energy direction. The really powerful ones will be large and quite clear, but their rarity makes it a tool you would want for your collection, clear or not! I carried mine with me when I wasn’t as confident in where I was going as I am now, and really found it a courage-boosting, energy flowing crystal. Each one is individual and attunes to your needs, so these are ones you find for yourself, not just send for off from some random website, as the energy and connection between you has to feel right! It will help you see what you need in your life and what you don’t, and will help unblock blockages in your energy pathways, spreading that energy through your nervous system like the branches of a tree. If you wish to find balance in your life, then find your  symbol of power, your sceptre, and once cleansed, carry with you to allow it to find your balance & direction in life. 

If, however, you are the sort of person who simply gives your power away, a reversed sceptre will help you find your balance and harmony and to help you get your power back…these have tiny tip and bulbous base!

Moon Times:

New Moon:       Sat 4 May @ 23.46 hrs            Full Moon:        Sat 18 May @ 22.12 hrs

New Moon:       Mon 3 June @ 11.02 hrs           Full Moon:        Mon 17 June @ 09.31 hrs

I began writing this on the full moon overlooking Lock Earn on our 1stmotorhome adventure to check out camping off road, but am finishing it laid up having hurt myself instore moving boxes of crystals – feels like another month, another issue, so am taking a couple weeks off in mid-May to head with Meg, our magickal motorhome, to Ireland to explore stone circles, the Giant’s causeway and whatever else the faeries put in our path. The website and FB will foretell any shop closure when decisions have been made, but also, I sense some Midsummer Madness coming, so let’s see what unfolds during our adventures in the land of the leprechauns and will update you as it happens!!

Wishing you Bright Beltane blessings from Chris (alias the Green Witch)

Christine Macdonald, The Green Witch, Mystique Moments, 59-61 High Street, ABERDOUR, Fife, Scotland, KY3 0SJ

Tel/fax: 01383 860106 [email protected]Also as ‘The Green Witch, Aberdour’ on FB  

Scottish Witchcraft trials

Me in Salem...wait for the rant…

I recently returned from a trip to Salem, a place where I really thought as a witch I should visit, but was more than a little disappointed to find that the world knows about the Salem Witch trails yet not a witch in sight…that Witchcraft was merely a scapegoat to things going wrong, and just 22 people died! It was more fear of the Devil in their staunch Puritan Christian community, yet the town attracts thousands to honour them and buy tourist tatt!

Here is Scotland, there were 5 main Witch hunts…1590-91, 1597, 1628-31, 1649-50 and 1661-62., led by the ‘Kirk’ party. Responsible for finding witches and ‘pricking’ them for the Devil’s mark, ‘Witch-prickers ’were Ministers of the church, their Bible stating “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”! The most famous locals were Rev Allan Logan of Torryburn and Rev Walter Bruce of Inverkeithing in Fife! In 1649, there were over 300 executed just in Fife, Edinburgh and Borders! These men of the church stripped, pricked and tortured women into confession and were paid 20 shillings per guilty witch…nice!! The guilty women were then either drowned or hanged then burned, but a favourite in Scotland was the barrel. After days or months of torture, they were dressed in a rough hemp coat, rolled in tar, put in a barrel and burned! They may have not always recorded the poor women’s name but the bill was always recorded and charged to the family or community in £,s,d…here’s one example from Kirkcaldy… and to put it in proportion, the average labourer would earn about £15 per year

Barrel 14s Coal             £3,6s,8d Rope 6s,        Hemp coat 3s,6d,         to make coat 8s, 

Executioner expenses 16s,4d,  Executioner for their pains £8,6s

On my travels, I found a concrete marker in a private area of land in Dornoch. My nose made me follow the story and discovered this was a marker for the last witch burned in a tar barrel…Janet Horne in 1727. In the “Lowlands’ of Scotland, there were estimated 4000+ trials and at least 2500 executions including 12 in Aberdour, 7 from Burntisland and over 45 in nearby Inverkeithing, mostly women, certainly not all witches, but included Catholics, widows, healers, and anybody practising local ‘folk’ magick, & those not following the staunch Presbyterian ways! That is a lot in a population of around 650,000!! Time this gobby, outspoken witch, who overcame her minor skirmishes with the Church and Council, did something to mark these tragic events! It was only my trip to Salem that brought back how bad things were here in Scotland, yet this grim history remains largely unacknowledged.

What I CAN do…

I used to display a list of the names of those witches killed in Aberdour during the Witch trials for all to see, and for me to acknowledge those who sacrificed their lives so I had the freedom to do what I do. It is time to bring back & acknowledge all those who lost their lives in the name of Witchcraft. For those who became victim and died due to the cruelty of the time, we will have an Altar of Light. I also want to begin a cauldron memorial. A Gaelic Cairn blessing “Cuiridh ma clach air du charn” means “I will put a stone on your stone”. Scotland was Europe’s biggest persecutor of witches, yet these Scots have no stone, no mark for respect, no grave for flowers and I think it is time they bloody well did!! When climbing a mountain in Scotland, you take a stone from the bottom and place it at the top. Let’s start a ‘Cairn in a Cauldron’ (well, just till we can get a site for it). Bring a stone to add to our cauldron & light a candle. I think our Waste to Woodland scheme has just found its purpose…!! OH YES!!

Your Magical Box

Everyone needs a Magickal box…

I was looking for inspiration for this newsletter and went to my 3 magickal boxes under the bed. One is full of herbal snippets, one full of magickal snippets and one full of spell ideas/poems and thoughts and ideas, all written on bits of paper. These three wooden boxes match but another is really bright and colourful and is full of all other ‘stuff’…like a bucket box of ideas and things to do. The winter is a great time to make your inspirational or magickal box or boxes. You might even get a box for Yule or Christmas that contains something, but the box itself could be very useful for this…or someone might give you a beautiful box as a gift. Maybe your dad will have an old cigar box or mum has an old wooden box that was too good to throw away but has never been used?

I have left my boxes as they are…one was a beautiful box that contained a gift but the others are plain wooden boxes, but you can paint or decorate your box to please you and personalize it for whatever it contains.

Maybe you want to make a portable altar, containing all your elemental pieces to create an altar for travelling or outdoors. Another idea is to keep all your magickal candles, crystals, bits and pieces to use for spell work…the list is endless. A magickal altar box can be decorated with a pentagram and elemental signs etc, spell box with a Book of Shadows, you get my drift, but just make them yours.

When ready to consecrate, hold your box in copal incense, fill with its contents, close the lid and draw a pentagram on the top with your finger to protect your box until it is needed. Your magickal box can then be stored in a closet or, like mine, under where I sleep. Simples!!

A Witch’s Bucket Board

If you don’t ask, you don’t get…

A couple of years ago, I made my ‘Bucket board” and placed it in my career and life path area as part of my Magickal Housekeeping. This was to provide inspiration for my time off and consisted of lots pictures of all the things my partner and I want to do and see before we die, so a long-term project. When deciding on holidays, my only request is that it includes something off our board.

Since building my bucket board and ensuring it was in the correct magickal area of our home, we have travelled a lot more and I have removed quite a few completed things from the board. It is almost like the Universe has made more space and funds available to help fulfil my travel requests and we have been on more than our usual holidays. Since creating the board, I have been lucky enough to have been up the Eiffel Tower, on a steamboat down the Mississippi, seen the grassy knoll in Dallas and the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. I have climbed among the cooled path of a volcano, and overcame my fear of gondolas by going peak to peak in the Canadian mountains. I really believe that, if I hadn’t spent time putting my dreams on a board, these trips would never have been done. It provides focus, so every time you pass and glance at your board, you are putting energy into your dreams.

So, what does that mean for you?

Is there anything you want to do in your future? Maybe you want your dream home? Maybe you have that dream job in your mind or want to set up your own company because you have a great business idea? Maybe you want to climb every mountain or take a swim in every ocean, or move to another country? Then you too can make a dream board to help make it happen! Here’s what to do?

Firstly, you need a pin board or, if wall space is limited, then you can use a picture frame. Depending on what the board is for, select the area of your home you think it best located. Start collecting a file of pictures and words to depict your dreams. Mine was obviously from travel and holiday magazines, but if you want a home of your dreams, then collect pictures of aspects of your dream home you want in it…roll-top bath, patio doors, garden swing, dream kitchen…you get my drift? Include things like the security it offers, who will be living in it, where it needs to be… all the things that matter and build the vision of what you want the new home to do for you and yours!! Are you following me?

Your dream board should offer what your dream means to you, and build up the collage of your needs and wants!! Once you have you’re a plethora of picture in your file, you can start to build your board on the next new moon. Burn incense of your choosing, depending on your chosen subject, and concentrate on your wishes and dreams. Start to pin your pics on the board and over time, add to it to build your vision and let’s see where is takes you!!

Your dream Journal

You need a journal to write your dreams into – whether a lockable diary-type, a beautiful spiral book or a Leather-bound Dream Book – whatever pleases you, plus a small note book and pencil which will live by your bed or under your pillow for you to jot down notes on waking. Dreams are vivid when you wake up, whether through the night or with the alarm, but fade very quickly. You can use the pad and pencil to scribble down as quickly as possible as much information as is vivid when you wake, even in the dark, before getting out of bed. Write down as much detail as possible –sensations, feelings, places, colours, smells, objects, etc and date each entry like a dream diary.

The reason I suggest a pad and pencil as well as a book is that I wake up through the night, sometimes twice, so I will be scribbling stuff down in the dark – it will be untidy and disjointed. I can then copy the notes/symbols down into the Dream Diary in the morning, with the notes reminding me what my thoughts were on waking, even if it was only briefly. If you just want to use a journal, then do so. When you refer to your notes/transfer your notes in the morning to your diary, let them process and recap, then try to interpret what they mean underneath.

There are lots of listings and books out there, though I always found that my brain didn’t necessarily follow someone else’s thoughts so you might need to check a few out. Make notes at the bottom of the page as to your interpretation. These might mean things, or they might be your brain re-filing stuff that have happened through the day! By creating a Diary of Dreams, when things happen in your life, you can refer back and see if you were psychically aware of it before it occurred.

An example for you…I always told my guides if they wanted to pass a message through dreams, make it obvious. I dreamt it was Christmas day and my shop neighbour rang to ask why all my stuff was outside on the pavement, and had something happened? I ran down to find that my landlord had sold the property to someone who had given it as a present to his wife as a surprise, along with the Landlords spare set of keys. She went along to view her present and decided she didn’t want a witches’ shop but would create her own thing, and was putting all my shop contents on the pavement. My shop was no more! I awoke panicking and for a moment, didn’t know if it was real!

Shortly after the dream, another village business had a problem with his roof and the landlord asked him to vacate whilst structural repairs were carried out. A long-forgotten Scottish law was then secretly used to sell the premises and he lost his business overnight! Remembering the dream, I went into panic mode again. It could also happen to me so I began negotiations with the landlord and my bank, and bought the shop premises a few months later. The message had been very clear and I followed the instructions and guidance given!! Panic over!

So, if you want to learn about your psychic side of your brain, start a dream journal  and see if you can make your brain magickally work for us while you sleep!

Crystals and oils to enhance good sleep and dream recall

Most people know lavender is a good restful oil for sleep but that doesn’t close off the psychic side of the head. Also adding a drop Clary Sage to your pillow should help enhance your dreams and your ability to remember them.

A lot of crystals can help good dreams and dream recall. The one I would recommend using is Amethyst but Dream Quartz, red jasper or Herkimer diamonds can also be effective. Mine will be a nice large tumble that fits nicely in my hand, but I also wear an amethyst bead bracelet to bed. Programme your dream crystal by cleansing in incense smoke for a few minutes, then hold in your dominant hand and request it help you with your dreams.  Hold or place under your pillow nightly for a dreamy night, and hold when writing/recapping in your journal. Happy dreams