Tourmaline Pink, Green & Watermelon – the emotional tourmalines;

Not common stones, these tourmalines have to be sought out, especially if you want jewellery, but they are well worth the wait. These colours of tourmaline are all Water stones so deal primarily with emotions & the Heart. 

Green Tourmaline is one of the weight loss stones so a boost at any time of year. Green is the tourmaline for money and success in business, so helpful with the credit crunch and cashflow!! It is also an excellent healing stone, and works well with nature and the plant world. It harmonizes the physical heart and its electrical impulses, which is the very centre of our being and without which, we are indeed lifeless. It also aids energy levels, giving us stamina to simply enjoy life!!

Pink Tourmaline deals with the centre of our heart and all things related to love and emotions. It is the feminine aspect whilst Green is the masculine. It soothing energy heals past emotional hurt whilst drawing love to you, helping turn you into a beacon of light and love and fun and laughter. It releases stress and anxiety, depression and worry and helps you recover that love of life you used to have. No more negativity…just go with the flow for a relaxed feeling of contented bliss!!

Watermelon tourmaline contains both colours of the heart – green on the outside and pink in the centre. It is a combination of both of the stones above so does the lot. This certainly prepares the heart for love and tenderness simply by wearing a pendant. If you have been hurt in the past and it reflects on relationships that follow, then this treats the emotional dysfunction. Happiness can be quite short term but the type brought about by this stone is a much simpler type of joy as in the joy within and being happy simply by living in the now and making the most of every moment. Life may have its ups and downs but that is all part of being and this stone brings the balance and harmony to your life to accept all, working on the love vibration and not the fear. What a trio…

Tiger Iron…

This unusual stone consists of tiger eye, jasper and hematite. Another male energy stone, this works on strength, stamina, willpower and courage (great for body builders and those on health and fitness programmes). Whatever the need in life, it will help you cope. It will help you move forward in a grounded and balanced manner and if you are spacey or confused, this will ground and balance you back into the real world and deal with any problems with your feet firmly planted on the floor.

Super 7

This is a little known and very rare crystal. Super 7 is a stone that, yes you have guessed it, contains 7 different crystals: it contains a mix of Amethyst, Quartz, Smokey quartz, Rutile, Lepidochrosite, Goethite & Cacoxenite – quite a collection and must be worn to be appreciated. The stone varies because of the mix of crystals and doesn’t always look that glamorous, as each piece is individual, but never judge a book by its cover as this little crystal is a crystal powerhouse. Once you have worn this, it is very hard to take off. Personally, it makes me feel that I can cope with anything and I have it in both pendant and bracelet form so I can wear it somewhere, depending on the other jewellery I need to wear. It is inspirational, comforting and joyful and doesn’t retain any negativity so never needs cleansing. I am sure it opens up all those stagnant arrears in the body and harmonises it as a whole, and not individual parts, stimulating the body to get healing and sorting out the wearer. I love it and wear it alongside Moldavite and what a combination…so hurry before the few pieces I have obtained disappear!! Oh yes… and you should see the Moldavite I have in too…the things I do for you lot!!


Sunstone has this wonderful orange fluoresce that lights up the stone – and don’t be confused by goldstone as this is synthetic sunstone made from bits of copper glitter in a resin and is nothing like sunstone. Others are reconstituted sunstone with the glitter in. Either way, you want the real stuff, as only that will do all this!! Not cheap but oh so worth it.

The stone is a great protective and energising stone and should be worn during times of stress or ill health. Wearing it relieves stress, cleanses all the charkas and brings luck, life, happiness and abundance – what a stone. To add to that, it is a great stimulator of sexual energy so wear to attract a perfect sexual partner or to wake up the relationship you have already!! Wearing this stone also brings alive that “spirito de punto” as told in that car ad – yes, it gives you that feeling of live life to the full – today as life is not a rehearsal so go for it!! It lifts moods and relieves depression too whilst bringing a sense of self-worth and confidence to those who lack it. This also brings about a sense of self-healing as when you feel happier, your immune system strengthens and the body gets well and the health issues disappear and you feel better – still with me? The downside is that it must be out in the open as in worn, not hidden in a pocket or pouch and hope it will work quietly in the dark, because it won’t. Allow it to shine and it will do the same for you.


A mix of dark blue and white, this is a stone of Venus and water and is a darker blue than lapis with no bright flecks of pyrite within. Magically, this stone dispels guilt and fear, and stress and anxiety, calming that inner turmoil, especially when self-esteem and thoughts are a little low. It helps heighten your own internal instinct or gut response, making working or dealing with others easier. Sodalite aids working on the now and not worrying about something you have done in the past or may do in the future. Alleviating this pressure, it is also a stone conducive to helping you meditate or dream for answers to questions about your current path or journey and which way to go next, so if you have problems that disturb your sleeping, this is the stone for you. We all need those fears melting away, so this little stone will calm you, and a bigger one can help calm the rest of the household, making solutions easier to find and such problems can be solved and life can be moved forward.

Smoky Quartz

A lot of today’s Smoky is actually heat-treated quartz, which is why I prefer to go without rather than have some that is not natural, so I have to work hard to keep stock. The colour varies from light mink brown to very dark and the majority of it is extremely clear. This crystal absorbs negativity whilst protecting and grounding. It absorbs psychic attack and assists in getting rid of people from your life who are simply unproductive. Emotionally, it eases depression and brings about emotional calm…something we all can do with. Placed around the home, the crystal will absorb negativity, neutralising the energies of the home and keeping everything balanced. It clears the mind, neutralising fears whilst promoting positivity. It can make your dreams a reality and your nightmares dissolve – what more can I say except it can transform your life – simply cleanse and let it do its stuff!!


An extremely rare stone to find until lately, this is a bizarre wee stone, made up of what appears to be a mass of opaque thin crystals that fan out from a central point. Just like the snow, it gives you a feeling of calm and peace. No matter what the chaos going on around you, it will help induce good restful sleep, deep meditation or a serene feeling of calm. Like all zeolites, Scolecite clears away the negative within your auric field and replaces it with utter tranquility…just as if someone has given you the most amazing massage!! If you are working with the higher chakras, then this is a definitely a stone for you. It will open the gates to those other dimensions, to the sweetest of dream space or the most enlightening of inner meditations. Just like mountain air will clear the head of nonsense & clutter, so will this snowy crystal

Rutilated quartz: my personal energizer

One of my turn-to crystals when I am really tired, is rutilated quartz. One of the Super 7 crystals, I have several pieces in jewellery and wear them often. The rutile is trapped inside quartz, which acts as a battery, and looks like pieces of hair caught inside the clear stone (known as Angel or Venus hair). It is sometimes so thin, you can hardly see it until its golden appearance is heightened by light. It can seem bronze, silver or gold in colour, and, although I am not scientific, this fine metal is the base ore to titanium!! The hair strands have been referred to as ‘captured sunshine’ in ancient times, and even back then, this was regarded as a magickal mood-changer. It helps restore a person’s vitality helps you feel better. Its titanium content helps give you strength to conquer your fears, and help you conquer changes and new directions. It has the ability to bring universal light into your very being via the aura, dispelling negative energies and replacing it with positive energy flow. It helps you let go of whatever may be holding you back, including the past, and helps you magickally overflow with renewed energy, feeling uplifted, and feel that you can overcome anything. I love it and it will be available as a Mabon exchange of energy gift on my return, to help us all get through this winter, along with a magickal cauldron divination…

Ruby in Fushite (Anyolite)

When I first saw this polished version of Ruby in Fuchsite (also called Anyolite), I jumped at the chance of buying a good stock because I knew I would probably never come into contact with it again so this is your chance to add a new crystal to your collection. I have seen ruby in natural Zoisite but never a combo like this. The ruby crystals of deep red sit in patterns of green and blue and are just wonderful. 

Now whoever owns a piece of ruby, wealth will never leave!! This alone is a reason to own some but I sleep with it under my pillow not only to keep my kids fed and with shoes but it also counteracts the effects of caffeine on the body (I have cut down to 2-3 cups daily of Fair Trade ground coffee but the ruby ensures it does no damage). Put together by Mother Nature herself, these stones are great detoxifiers and health promoting stones increasing passion and vitality for life and fighting against lethargy and exhaustion. It helps to increase ideas and creativity and show your uniqueness in this world and to utilise those talents you have to bring prosperity into your life.

Rose quartz – the stone of Love…

Rose is the stone of love and emotional healing and it is said to dream of this stone is to tell you that your true love is coming or even just arrived! It heals the emotional wounds left from past hurts and broken hearts. Sleep with a natural piece next to the bed to heal your heart whilst you rest, and carry a heart in your pocket or wear a rose heart necklace to attract love and lovely people into your life. Put your rose heart next to a pink candle inscribed with a heart and burn daily to add extra spell-power to your search. Rose also opens you to learn how to give and receive love – we can become very defensive when we have been hurt and rose helps those walls to slowly come down to let love in once again. It also helps you be who you want to be and teaches you that, to learn to love others, you must first learn to love yourself. Equally, if you are feeling unloved, carrying rose quartz will comfort and heal you whilst attracting nice people into your life. It will heal the heart when you lose someone you love and can also help to wipe out any hurtful memories from the past so that you can move forward. Placing a chunk in a teenager’s room will calm their emotions too and thus your home and help them to be a little kinder to the rest of the family.

Rose quartz sends out a soft loving energy which calms and soothes the emotions to bring peace and harmony. It helps dissolve old patterns and habits and is a wonderful crystal to have around children, those here and those yet to be born so good for every home. Rose helps to manifest love in every manner, bringing love, compassion, tolerance and understanding to the family home. It allows people to unite in their differences and brings forgiveness in all areas including yourself. It calms stress, aids self-confidence and the pink brings the ray of hope even in the darkest of moments…I reckon we all need some of the pink right now!!