Are you worth it?

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

The first instant response to this question should be “Of course I am”…and this was me, when asked why I had indulged myself with expensive perfume on a girly shopping trip – because I am so worth it!!! If this wasn’t your first response to this question, the question has to be asked as to why not?
Women today have more money, more power, more independence than ever before, yet some still feel undervalued or worthless? Maybe I am selfish but I have developed the attitude that I am well worth it. Maybe Witchcraft has done that for me, but I work hard to provide money and a home for my children and if I want some me-time away from them, it opens their independence, not my guilt.

Why can’t women go shopping for an hour with the girls or take a bath in peace? I am much calmer and can handle so much more when I have had my quiet cup of coffee, a lonesome walk with the dog or 20 minutes in a sumptuous oil bath. What’s more, I deserve what little time I award myself. I am not here to be at my family’s beck and call 24 hours a day. I deserve a life and, as a witch, I aim to live that life to the best of my ability…not merely exist as Wife, Mother and Domestic Slave.

When the kids are wee there is little choice, but you can still start your plan for when they are bigger, and take that first step sooner rather than later. Taking valuable time away from the kids teaches them the life lesson that parents ARE entitled to a life. Time to take a stand and get your life back on track!
It takes courage but all women should head for the joy in life and not the doldrums – things that make you happy and grow, not miserable and limited. Make your wish list for the future and start planning how to get a little of what you wish for yourself: if you don’t have a plan, it will never happen!

A wee note to the men & offspring who read this newsletter: give them a helping hand and help them to grow, not keep them slaving over the sink. Witchcraft is all about balance and, as I see it, the scales aren’t exactly in balance. All work and no play makes Jill a knackered domestic Goddess!! Whilst at home, pick up those books, and help keep the brain ticking. Take up a night class as the start to your plan for the future, or read every minute you get on subjects that interest you. A friend of mine took a degree whilst raising her kids, which is to be applauded and her plan was ready once the kids were all in school…it just takes a little focus!!

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