I have mainly seen blue apatite but it does come in a variety of other colours including green and yellow too. It derives from the Greek word meaning “to deceive” but it actually opens the throat to speak “your truth”: great for communication skills and things you need to get across to others: that which you truly believe in. It is a stone to inspire you and help your understanding of situations/the meaning of life/our part in the Universe etc – a real “oh, right, now I get it” sort of stone. It clears confusion and emotional exhaustion and opens you to answers for the good of others, which is a real bonus to healers, therapists etc. As I have access to mainly blue apatite, this works on the psychic and spiritual areas of our life, re-opening you up to using intuition as we all would have had once but which has shut down in some. It also helps with guidance in dreams and meditation so pop under the pillow or hold for answers.
Physically, it raises our metabolism and calms hunger pangs and binges, whilst encouraging healthy eating – again for the good of all even if it is just your family and your waistline. It is also helpful for eyes, especially when computer bound – place on eyes daily for a few minutes to relieve eye strain if this is your daily working environment.
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