An apple a day…

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!!

I love it when the shops are full with the new season’s apples. All the different types, old and new…

So, what does your average apple do for you then? Well, these pieces of fruit we take so very much for granted are a storehouse of essential nutrients that our body can use quite readily. They are anti-viral, readily keeping those colds away if eaten daily: they are helpful in lowering cholesterol and reducing blood pressure: they have pectin which can bind toxic metals and remove them from your body whilst their tannin acid fights the herpes virus and the polyphenols help in the war against cancer.

Not only that, they regulate stomach acidity and help the body digest fat and protein (hence why you eat pork with apple!!) and to top it all, they dampen the appetite so good for dieting too. Eating an apple around 4pm will keep those hunger pangs away and stop you heading for the chocolate!

My mother always made us eat and apple before bed and I encourage the children to do it too – now I know why!

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