Amethyst – the stress-free zone

It is said that the mortal Amethyst was on her way to worship at the Temple of Diana, when she came across Bacchus and his tigers. Annoyed at Mortals ignoring him, he vowed to have his beasts tear the next mortal apart and Amethyst was that next mortal. She cried out to Diana to save her and was turned into a pillar of quartz. Sorry for his actions, Bacchus poured red wine all over the stone, it turned the quartz purple. It is the birthstone for Pisces, which is quite funny as one of their vices is drink apparently, hence the saying “drunk as a fish” yet Amethyst was once used as a way of preventing drunkenness as it helped one “resist the vapors of the wine”.
Amethyst is a beautiful purple crystal from the quartz family and is regarded as a stone of spirituality. It can help calm the stresses of 21st century living and will try to help you attain that elusive inner peace. Hold a piece in your non-power hand, close your eyes and allow its vibrations to wash over you. Even better if your life is really stressful, wear a piece of amethyst jewellery, so you can keep your spirits lifted and your fears calmed throughout the day. Held between palms, amethyst allows calm to drift over you to aid and enhance meditation and for moments of quiet contemplation. Amethyst will help sharpen your psychic ability so use when reading tarot or scrying a crystal ball, as it will heighten your 6th sense or intuition for guidance and answers. Placing a cluster in your bedroom by the bed not only looks pretty but will help ensure restful sleep & peaceful dreams… what more can you ask for? A little Green Witch tip: when taking off your jewellery, lay it on the cluster by the bed to cleanse the jewellery overnight so it is ready to assist you the next day. Placing a piece under the pillow, Amethyst will help good sleep and dreams, as it enhances psychic vision, whilst keeping amethyst on your person will help intuition and inspiration. Apparently, it is also said that if you dream of Amethyst crystal, then your next venture will be successful. It is certainly a great spiritual stone, helping you to find your spiritual path, whatever direction it is that is right for you. It will also protect you on your journey, keeping you safe from harm. Its protection quality has been used by sailors and soldiers to bring them home safe and the Pharaohs had a heart shape wrapped in their bandages during the mummification process to ensure they were kept safe on their journey to the otherworld.

Chevron amethyst:
A combination of amethyst and quartz, chevron amethyst helps you find an answer to any problem you encounter, opening intuition and vision for the future so you can see where you are needing to go and what needs to be done to get there, whilst providing a cleansing shield of protection and keeping negativity away whilst you do what you need to do…what more could one ask from a little stone??
Spirit Amethyst
A sparkly cactus type of amethyst, this is a calming spiritual stone not only full of compassion and protection, but also full of positivity and joy. It cleanses your chakras to their optimum and as a meditation tool, it is very peaceful and can help that head to stop. Also for those in need, it will help those dealing with terminal illness, offering support, healing and comfort to all involved through this difficult time.
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