A pocket of calm and hope…

When things are not in balance or I feel out of sorts, I use crystals to bring the balance back. We have been selling lots of crystals lately to help people gain control, energy, balance & hope, so here’s my 9 magickal minerals:

Amazonite: dispels negativity to bring harmony, hope, growth and stability into your life

Agate: stone of good fortune and courage, it helps you weather ‘the ups and downs and storms of life’

Jasper: stone of stability and protection in times of transition; red adds luck & hope, yellow balance & success

Aventurine: calms anxiety to allow a sense of independence and a more positive outlook to attract luck & success

Garnet: with a calming energy, it strengthens personal power whilst dispelling negativity

Blue Tiger eye: helps get you out of the rut to soar to new heights (hence why it is called Hawks eye)

Golden Tiger eye: stone of luck & success, calm & strength to help overcome fear and worry over life’s dilemmas

Black Obsidian: attracts luck and keeps life in balance when undergoing transformation and change

Malachite: stone of support and hope when overcoming obstacles and negotiating life’s challenges

Which one do you need? We will offer a lucky dip instore for our customers so you can find out which one you need at this time and take it home with you to help you magickally move your life forward in the right direction!
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