A little spell for Peace…

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

You will need to select a special piece of amethyst and use this for your stone of inner magick.

Cleanse in your Water/Peace incense and dedicate it to the world of Spirit and your connection to it. Then take to your altar space and say (holding your palms upwards to the heavens above with stone sat in the power hand):

Calm and gentle energy, this is a loving place to be
In this room I now bestow soothing magick here for me
Let this stone be my connection to the Goddess up above
May her energy bless & protect me and fill me with her love.

Whenever you feel stressed, pick up this stone and connect to the Goddess for her help. Keep the stone on your altar when all is well and use it as an emergency remedy to find peace and harmony when 21st century living just becomes a little too much!

You might want to read the Magickal Housekeeping info to locate your Spiritual corner

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