A gift of love in stone…

By: Green Witch
Posted: 28th April 2020

A gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune to mean something, so give the one you love a stone at this time to strengthen your relationship. If you don’t have partner at the moment, give yourself a stone to attract someone to you; emerald will attract love, as will moonstone, rhodochrosite and peridot. Rose quartz will stimulate love between couples, whilst wearing a rose or amethyst heart-shaped necklace will help draw love to a single’s life.

Give pearls to strengthen a relationship and amber to help increase the physical pleasures, whilst an exchange of amethyst, the stone of pure true emotional love, will strengthen a couple’s commitment to each other. To reconcile a relationship or calm those negative emotions than can destroy a couple, place a piece of Lepidolite and pink tourmaline in the bedroom, whilst giving a piece of sapphire to your partner will guard your love and help keep it safe and turquoise will help promote marital harmony – perfect!

Rose Quartz – to help her feel good about herself and promote peace & happiness

Fluorite – to bring about a flawless state of health & bring order to chaos (if she needs it)

Amethyst – for peace and tranquillity

Kunzite – for relaxation, it soothes tension & stress and gives you a lift.

Citrine – for health, wealth and happiness

Amber – for protection, strength, energy, to attract friendship, love and happiness, and enhance the cashflow.

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